Sunday Summary #45


1.New duvet set from Ebay 2.Homemade gnocchi with rocket and tomato & chilli sauce 3.Hello 4.At the museum 5.Roast dinner 6.Halloween sweeties and True Blood

This seems to have been another week in which I have been really busy but have nothing to show for it - where does the time go?! There's only 7 weeks until Christmas now, that's a bit of a terrifying thought. It really doesn't seem like almost a whole year since last Christmas, I swear the older you get the quicker time goes past.

This week my flatmate moved down to England to start a PhD which is very exciting but also a bit sad as we've lived together for over 4 years now so it's going to feel a bit weird living with someone else! We had a roast dinner earlier in the week to celebrate, and we also had plans for a last night out together but never quite got round to it - will have to save that for the Christmas holidays! I'm currently quite enjoying having the flat to myself - nothing better than walking around in your knickers and singing along full volume to the X Factor, and having a WHOLE FRIDGE TO MYSELF AHHH - but will have to start looking for a new flatmate soon. Anyone want to come live with me?!

I ordered a new duvet set from Ebay this week too, and I love it! Ebay was never really a place I would have thought of looking for bed linen, but this one is so pretty and cheap, and it seems like quite good quality too. I've asked for a new duvet for my birthday from my parents (definitely a sign I'm getting old) so can't wait to make my bed all cute and cosy for the winter nights. My current duvet is super old - older than I am! Madness! - so it's definitely in need of replacement. I've also been thinking of buying some nice homewares for the flat, any recommendations of good shops or online stores to get homewares from?

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


  1. mmm look at all the tasty food. I've had a quiet week but got to go to the launch of the Vivienne Westwood store in Cardiff which was pretty exiciting. Hope you find a nice housemate xx

  2. Oooh I do love a roast dinner!!
    Homewares? Erm, you can try bhs or Dunnes Stores, cheap & fab quality to boot! :-)

  3. I am actually getting quite worried that Christmas (and then 3 important birthdays) are coming up very quickly! I'd best get saving!

    I love your new bedding and you look ever so pretty with a fringe! xo

  4. Your new duvet cover is so nice! Love flowery ones :) Jealous of your gnocchi dinner- looks super yummy! xx

  5. I love the duvet cover, looks so cosy!
    I can't believe how close Christmas is! Time to start thinking about presents I think :) x

  6. I've been living by myself for nearly a year and its a dream, don't want to find a flatmate due to aforementioned knicker dancing and exclusive fridge use!
    The bedding is gorgeous btw. Love a wee bit of new bedding
    Also homemade gnocci - TEACH ME YOUR SECRETS WISE ONE xx

  7. Your duvet cover is gorgeous and what a great price! It looks lovely :) I love looking at homewares, you should check out Achica because they've had some really gorgeous sales lately. It's just a case of checking every day until something pops up that's perfect! I'm so excited for Christmas, but time is going sooo quickly! It definitely seems to go quicker as each year passes by! x

  8. 7 weeks until Christmas?! Arghhh! Slow down time! You should check out Fab Uk for homewares and stuff, they have flash sales on things but have so many nice things in all the time.

  9. LOVE your duvet cover, such a pretty print ! xx

  10. Love that bedding, I would kill for cute bedding like that my boyfriend puts his foot down saying it is too girly! I guess he is a little right though. And yes, where has this year gone?! It has flown by so fast, Christmas and the new year are creeping up so quickly! Though I cannot say I'm not a little bit excited because I definitely am! xo

  11. I may just have to invest in that bedding! xo

  12. Well want some gnocchi now...

  13. I can't believe it's only 7 weeks till Christmas.. this year's gone so fast! I LOVE that duvet cover.. so much so I think I might have to order one for myself :) I've been looking for one like that for a while and I'm thinking buying it should spur me on to sort out my room! Sass&Belle is one of my favourite places to shop for homeware.

    Caroline x
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