Hair History: Part 1


When I first thought about doing this post I thought it would be pretty funny, but looking back at these pictures it can only be described as mildly embarrassing, at best. I've also discovered that I've had way more hairstyles than I thought I had (although, to be fair, they're all pretty much variations of the same thing) so I've decided to split this post into two parts. This one will cover the early (i.e. most horrific) years, and the next post will be all about my more recent hairstyles. So let's travel back to 2004 and let the awfulness commence.

hair history 1
1. From when I was a child until the age of about 13 I had a straight across fringe. Became a rebellious teenager (erm) and spent ages growing it out. Had really long layers, it looked a bit boring but not too horrendous.
2. Wore my hair in bunches a lot. Also had terrible eyebrows.
3. Dyed my hair a slightly purpley colour, which wasn't really that different to my natural hair colour.
4. Dyed my hair a bit red instead. Still looked the same. (Bonus picture of some puppies).

hair history 2
5. Hair stayed at this rubbishy shoulder length for ages.
6. Was a bit moody. Didn't bother to do anything with the grown-out fringe.
7. More evidence of bunches. Nope, I've got no idea what is going on here either.
8. Finally decided to cut myself some kind of fringe. Also decided to cut my hair a bit shorter for good measure.
9. Put pink streaks in my hair using a home dye kit from Boots. Hooray! Also did a bit of posing in the kitchen, life was good.

hair history 3
10. DISASTER. Did not bleach my hair first, so the pink streaks turned orange. And stayed that way for the best part of two years.
11. Luminous ginger. Ugh.
12. Dyed my hair black to try and cover it up. (Look at how GIANT my computer in the background is).
13. It was very, very black. In fact, it was actually blue-black. The blue tinge tended to show up even more on the failure stripes.

hair history 4
14 & 15. The black dye started to fade pretty quickly. The ginge made a reappearance. Oh no. (Side note: apparently I put A LOT of effort into my philosophy notes. Time well spent, yeah?).
16. Tried cutting myself a choppy fringe and a bob. Ended up just looking a bit like a boy, really.
17. I must be about 15 or 16 by now, hair was starting to look a bit better by this point, the bob had grown in slightly and the straight across fringe was not too shabby. (Side note: really liked my English notes too, apparently).
18. Trying to use curlers was a bad idea, however. This monstrosity happened and I never curled my hair again for about 4 years. Eyebrows are also slowly starting to look a bit better.

hair history 5
19. Actually quite like my hair at this point. Almost back to my natural colour, messy fringe looked alright. Those pesky ginger streaks still tended to show up, however.
20. Those fringe-quiff things that used to be all the rage were definitely not my forte. Also thought I was good at makeup. Turns out, I was not good at makeup.
21. Practising my makeup for the 5th year prom. Look a bit like I should be in an 80s new romantics music video. Or, you know, an asylum of some sort. Hair looks not too bad, though.

hair history 6
23. Then it came to the actual prom and I decided to dye my hair pure black and not style it in any way shape or form. Why why why. Also, these eyebrows make me sad. :(
24. After that disaster, decided to cut in a straight across fringe again. Didn't look to bad apart from the rather harsh blackness. (And the orange eyeshadow. WOT.)
25. Kept my fringe like this for a while, had a slight side sweepy thing going on. Pukey green eyeliner this time, nice.
26. Had been straightening my hair pretty much since straighteners were invented. Started to leave it natural sometimes.

hair history 7
27. By now I'm 17 and this is the longest my hair has been in years. Got a side-swept fringe and some layers, looking not to bad.
28. Then it's time for 6th year prom and another hair change. Got a 'pob' which was super-fashionable at the time (it was, I swear). I really liked it at the time, but looking back I'm not quite so sure. This was also the first time I'd been to an actual hairdresser probably since the start of this post, the rest was done by myself (can you tell?!). Oh and hello Mo'adore!

By now we have reached the end of sixth year. So, in conclusion, from the ages of about 14 to 17 I had pretty terrible hair. I dyed my hair quite a few times, but it was usually dark red, purple, brown or black - so not that different to my natural hair. I had a fringe for quite a lot of the time which I had actually forgotten about! It was also pretty short for most of the time. I love my long hair now, but I often get urges to chop it all off again. Stay tuned for part two of my hair history, from around 2008 to 2012!

PLEASE tell me you all had awful hair too? That would make me feel better.

Gillian x


  1. Well firstly, go you for showing your hair disasters, you're so brave!
    And talking about hair disasters, I've had a few.... REALLY short hair aged 18, blonde/brunette hair aged 17 (cringe!), dying my hair mahogany aged 14, trying to like my natural hair colour but it looked like a mess all the time... being ginger at my brother's wedding.... awful!

    It's only now that I'm a dark brunette that I really love my hair colour! The length... not so much... but I'm working on it! :)

    fab post!

  2. Haha I love that you've posted this, I had awful hair in my teens too, plus I was pretty tubby so those photos are never going up haha!

  3. "Also did a bit of posing in the kitchen, life was good"... I DIE. love seeing your hair history but ADORE your commentary throughout! i dont think your history is too bad really, some of your cuts are quite cute :) although the orange... yeah, i feel your pain.

    when i was growing up, i remember the trend was bit fat yellow and red streaks (no matter what your natural colour) throughout the top layers of your hair. and also having two fat streaks of yellow framing your face. not to mention the suits and colourful leggings worn as trousers, so much fail.
    idea for new series of posts, fashion history?

  4. Ahahaha oh my god, what an incredible post. I love looking bad at mad teenage hair decisions & your commentary was excellent. I might have to steal this idea for a post! x

  5. For some insane reason when I was about 12 I decided it was super lame and 'young' to have a fringe so I decided to grow it out. HUGE mustake as I have the largest forehead in the world! I also plucked my eyebrows to buggery so they were like little worms on my face. Pair that with the giant forehead and I just cringe so much when I look back at old pictures, plus I kept that hair for about 5 years! Why I never listened to my Mum about the fringe thing I'll never know! I expect it was the rebellious teenager in me that decided Mums don't know best (they actually do.) Really enjoyed this post Gillian :) xx

  6. I love this. I went through a terrible time where I bleached streaks in my hair to make some purple highlights show. The purple colour washed out and I was left with blonde streaks in my hair that turned a copper-ish orange colour. I went through a hysterical dying my hair stage and then I decided to let my hair grow out. I thought about dying it again, then a guy told me that he liked my natural hair colour and there it stayed the same. I'm kinda fickle like that :)

    Love these pictures though! A nice walk down memory lane :)


  7. Hahahahahha. ORANGE TIGER STRIPES.

  8. This is such a great look back and for cutting your hair yourself you did a great job!

  9. You have pretty great hair!
    And you are gorgeous, I also do my own hair.. So YEY us :)


  10. I really loved this post! My hair story also has early attempts at dying it red and purple! I inflicted myself with blonde streaks too, that turned orangey and wouldn't go away! A few years after that I put in darker streaks in the underneath sections - Avril Lavigne has a lot to answer for! Then I cut it really short and looked like a boy! Oh, teenage years why are you so embarrassing?! :) xx

  11. I love a good ol' hair history! If I were to do mine, it'd probably span a few posts. I was (& still am) one of this fidgety peeps who just can't stop doing something (mostly dyeing) to their hair. When I was 16 - back in't day - I got into a habit of doing all the cutting myself, even the bits I couldn't see at the back. Everybody said it looked school, but now I reckon it was probably only cool for art school. I was mostly a bit of a bad blonde dye job, namely because no blonde dye seemed to take on my already blonde hair & just went 'honey'-coloured (read: GINGER) instead. Did my own pink flashes too, I LIKED THEM. These days, I seem to have a rotation of blonde, red, brown and more recently added in to the mix Proper Purple. I grow it out because, "this time, I really AM going to have long mermaid hair," until I get completely bloody sick of it & hack it all off in a graduated bob that I always hate a day later. I NEVER LEARN.

  12. I had a bob that had grown out and curled at the bottom :////

  13. Amazing! You actually carry them all off very well! I used to model for my hairdresser at shows quite frequently and had all manner of mullets, pixie-cuts and tri-colour creations going on. After everything I've put it through, I'm lucky I've got any hair left! Looking forward to part 2 :)

  14. Some brilliant photos here, when I was in second year I have brown hair with a blue straight across fringe, BAD IDEA x

  15. I absolutely love this, because I too have had some crazy hair over the years. Although I've never dyed mine I have had some pretty horrendous haircuts which is why I absolutely haaaate going to the hairdressers now, simply because I always seem to come away with tears in my eyes and an overwhelming desire for my hair to grow back...

  16. oh i love this, you should make this into like a tag, so we can all do it, it would be really funny lol, but u look ace in those photos, i remember in high school i would vertally dye my hair nearly ever week, ive been ever colour under the sun, also i tried to dye my hair from black to blonde, and ended up GINGER! but i have to admit, it did really suit me, i think i have a picture somewhere, i would love to do this as a post

  17. Aww this made me smile, I have never dyed my hazir but I have definitely had some disasters!

    Maria xxx

  18. OMG this is my favourite post ever, such a good idea!!!

  19. I love this post so much! I luckily didn't have any dye disasters but I was also pretty lazy with my hair so from being about 13-16 ish I just had crazily long hair in a low ponytail, not pretty.
    Can't wait to see part 2 :)

  20. Oh Gillian this has made me chuckle so slightly, but also massively congratulate you for posting these.. my snaps are awful. like big bulky wild hair (that yes went in bunches too.. because it was SO COOL BACK THEN!!) haha.xx

  21. I loved this post, I absolutely adore looking at pictures of younger versions of people! I did a similar post here if you want a giggle (green hair!?)

  22. Love this post - made me smile. I used to be so boring with my hair, poker straight and in a pony tail. Hate looking back at pictures of it, def more into the natural wavy thing now, although in terms of style my hair hasn't really changed much! Considering you cut your hair yourself it looks good, much better than I could have done!
    Lianne x

  23. Haha this is so funny! I don't think I dare log back in to my old photobucket accounts where they all are... You look so young in the 2nd photo!

  24. you look really lovely in picture 22 ! xx

  25. hahaha i loved this!! can't wait for part 2! x

  26. When I discovered you had posted about this from your second instalment (with the crazy d-list celebrities!!) I was terrified I'd see me with my own weirdo ginger/red/blonde streaks. Thankfully it was just our prom photo which could be worse. The only thing I think looks different about me is my no-make-up face. :P

    Also, in as non stalker way as possible, pictures 19-25 were never used publicly, were they? :P

    Morag x

    1. hahaha yeah those photos were from when i used to post a lot in livejournal communities/message boards so they're probably on the internet somewhere, but i don't think they ever made it to bebo ;)


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