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Cauldrons // Happy Halloween // Party food // Boo! // Pumpkin cupcakes // Gingerbread skeletons // Pumpkin buckets // Brain cupcakes and Frankenstein & vampire marshmallows // Pumpkins // Cauldrons full of punch // Bat lamp // My Cleopatra fancy dress costume // Cleopatra accessories // Cleopatra makeup

Well let me start by saying well done if you managed to scroll through all those photos, it seems I got a bit snap happy! Halloween has always been a favourite of mine as I love everything spooky and occult, so I was absolutely in my element when planning how to decorate the flat and what food to make. We had our party on Saturday as we're all getting old now (sob) and have university/work to go to through the week - although as it turns out I think I might be going out on Wednesday anyway!

My flatmate and I spent a rather disproportionate amount of last week decorating the flat with all things Halloween related. We cut bat shapes out of black paper and stuck them to the lamp which was really easy to do, and I thought it looked really good! We also cut out garlands of ghosts and bats to stick around the walls (you can just about see them in the top of the mirror photo!) and bought some of those fake cobwebs to drape around the room. Plus there was Halloween tinsel and confetti, fairy lights shaped like bats and skulls, and our lovingly carved pumpkins!

As well as the buckets of sweeties and crisps you would expect to find at a Halloween party, I also did lots of baking. I think my favourite things were the Frankenstein and vampire marshmallows - I melted some white chocolate and dyed it with gel food colouring, dipped the marshmallows in them and then, once they had set, piped faces on them. I also made gingerbread skeletons by making a normal gingerbread man then piping the shape of a skeleton on top. The orange cupcakes are supposed to be pumpkins - although I'm not sure if they actually look like pumpkins! - and the pink ones have a spoonful of strawberry jam in the middle and the icing is piped to look a bit like brains.

No party would be complete without some rather deadly alcoholic punch! We bought the cauldrons from a fancy dress shop the last time we had a Halloween party, and reused them for this year's "swamp punch" and "blood punch". I'm not entirely sure what was in either of the cauldrons, but the green swampy punch had lots of rum, midori, pineapple and orange juice, lemon and lime wedges, and assorted gummy worms; and the red punch was full of vodka and triple sec, cranberry and raspberry juice, orange slices and strawberry laces. If we hadn't had such a ridiculous amount of punch to get through, I definitely would have tried out some of the Sourz Halloween cocktails which I had an email about recently. I love the sound of the Apple Bob and Dracula's Kiss ones, think I might have to try them out on Wednesday so I'll need to think up another costume to wear!

And finally, on to my costume. I went as Cleopatra this year, which was a pretty simple outfit to put together as my hair is already pretty Cleopatra-like and I had a white dress in my wardrobe which worked pretty well. I then ordered a collar and belt from Ebay, and I also ordered a headdress thing but sadly my head was too small for it and it kept slipping off, so I abandoned it pretty quickly! The makeup was (worringly) not that different to my usual routine, I just added some blue eyeshadow, exaggerated the liquid liner, put on some gold pencil liner on the waterline, gold lipstick and a tonne of bronzer. Since I didn't wear the headdress, I quickly added a few small braids to my hair instead.

I feel I can't end this post without including this photo - no idea what's going on but it makes me laugh every time I look at it. The random couple behind me seem to be enjoying themselves! Happy Halloween!

Gillian x


  1. Love the Cleopatra makeup! Its AMAZING!!!!

    Debs x

  2. Ooh I love how you did your makeup Gillian!! And I love the bat lampshade too!!

  3. Your costume looks amazing, especially your makeup! Love the vampire marshmellows :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  4. I love this! You were so creative with the food, especially those little cute!


  5. haha your outfit is awesome! looks like a right little nice shindig.

  6. Love all the decorations, can't wait to go to a party on Wednesday, love the zombie-mallows x

  7. Looks like a fabulous party! I love the polka dot pumpkin, I've done that before, it's such an easy design but very pretty looking.

  8. your make up looks fab! those brain cupcakes look really good, will do that next year :) x

  9. Aww everything look amazing and you looked beautiful Gillian! Love the makeup! xx

  10. You've done such a great job here, seriously! I think the brain cupcakes are my favourite! Your costume looks amazing, you look beautiful! xx

  11. Aww it looks amazing! I used to have halloween parties but not had one in a few years :( xx

  12. such a nice halloween party ! the brain muffins are amazing ! xx

  13. you look amazing gillian, that makeup actually really suits you! lol i love the little brain cupcakes xx

  14. Everything looks fantastic, especially the food!!

  15. Everything looks so good and I love your outfit, the end photo you included made me laugh! xx

  16. OK you look amazing as Cleopatra, this party looks like a lot of fun!

    Maria xxx

  17. Awesome looking party! Yummy food :) x

  18. Super-awesome party. may you need a real fur coat in winter. Womens Slim Fur Leather Coat is saling in i have bought one some day ago..

  19. This looks amazing - you went to so much effort!! Love the sounds of both types of punch (deadly sounding mind you, but probably tasted amazing!) and I'm so impressed by your baking skills - especially the 'brain' cupcakes ;)


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