Sunday Summary #42


1.Ceiling 2.Gold smokey eye 3.Going out 4.Homemade chicken katsu curry 5.DVDs and chocolate 6.Practicing Halloween makeup 7.Pints 8.Jacket 9.Autumn evening sky 10.Watching Say Anything

Ah, another week, another hungover Sunday Summary post. I was out last night for a friend's birthday and had a few too many of the aforementioned pints (as well as an unfortunate tequila-related incident, oh dear) so I'm feeling a little bit worse for wear. Luckily my flatmate went to get us some supplies of fizzy juice and sandwiches, so I'm feeling a bit better now that I've got some Lucozade!

Aside from last night, this week has been fairly boring. I've got so much reading to do for uni at the moment, it's not exactly difficult but it's SO time consuming reading endless journal articles and book chapters. My class on Thursday was cancelled though, so I spent most of the day catching up with blog designs. If you're still waiting in the queue at the moment I promise I haven't forgotten about you, I'm slowly but surely working my way through the list! I'm planning on doing the second part of my blog design tips series soon, so let me know if there's anything HTML/design-related that you'd like to know how to do.

I've started doing some preparations for this year's Halloween costume as it's somehow half way through October already! I've decided to go as Cleopatra this year so have been practicing my over-the-top eyeliner skills. I've still to get my costume together though, trying to find a white maxi dress with short sleeves is proving rather difficult. Even trusty Ebay is failing me! Might have to go for a tshirt and skirt instead, but I don't know if a white maxi skirt is going to be easy to find at this time of year either! Halloween is my favourite "holiday", I can't wait - have you decided what to dress up as this year?

I've also been busy filming some videos for my Youtube channel this week. I've done a what's in my bag and a getting ready video this week, plus I'm in the middle of editing another video which will be uploaded soon! I never really used to watch many Youtube videos unless I was looking for a specific tutorial, but I'm a total convert now. Let me know if you have a channel so I can stalk you!

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


  1. Your halloween make-up looks great!

  2. I've been loving your videos! You have such a nice voice. I can't wait for your new post with design tips. :)x

  3. That curry looks delish & I love your jacket!

  4. I have no idea what to wear for halloween and I need to get an outfit together now if I need to order from ebay aaargh x

  5. Loving the gold smokey eye - it really suits you too! Looking forward to your second blog design post, will be keeping my eyes peeled. xo

  6. your halloween idea is amazing!! And hello i want some of your homemade curry please!x

  7. I have always been amused to be here....simply an awesome post..

  8. Can't wait to see your halloween outfit, sounds like a fab idea!

  9. Your eye make up is amazing! x

  10. i love your hair ! xx

  11. Your Cleopatra eye make up looks fab! I love Halloween and think me and my friends are going as trolls this year, which should be fun :)
    Lianne x


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