Sunday Summary #41


1.Honey and sesame chicken stir fry 2.Cocktails at the Candy Bar 3.Waiting for my seminar to start 4.Frozen yoghurt from Frisky 5.Birthday drinks 6.Ciabatta sandwich and banana milkshake 7.So many clothes and nothing to wear

Autumn seems to be a busy season for birthdays, two of my friends have had their birthdays this week and I've got another one to go to next weekend. On Tuesday a few of us went out for drinks and a meal at Indigo Yard to help one of my friends celebrate her birthday. I had never been before but it was really nice inside and they had a "dine out for £10" promotion on which meant it was nice and cheap! Almost all my friends chose the special which was a Greek lamb burger, but I opted for the Thai green curry for my main course as I love Thai food. It was all quite civilised and we were home by 10 o'clock, but the same can't be said for last night's birthday celebrations! I'm writing this post snuggled up in my bed with a hot water bottle and a very sore head - when will I ever learn that wine (and cocktails and vodka and goodness knows what else) is not my friend? I had a great night though, made even better by the discovery that Subways is open until 3am so I had a massive sandwich to nibble on as I walked home in my bare feet.

The rest of the week has mostly been filled with university work. The week seems to fly by without me even noticing, even though I only have class three days a week. Monday is usually my "work from home" day, I have class Tuesday-Thursday, Friday I spend at the library or catching up on reading from throughout the week, and before you know it it's the weekend again. I'm really enjoying my course so far though, really glad I made a bit of a last minute decision to do a Masters!

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


  1. Same as you, lots of university work! That stir fry is mouth watering. x

  2. I was away this weekend! Currently having a few glasses of sparking to cap the weekend away from ma & pa off! :-)
    Oh and before I forget, that stir-fry looks seriously tasty!!
    Love, LMG xo

  3. I really need to go to Friskys, that looks yummy! x

  4. food ! this made me very hungry ! xx

  5. Mmmm, that frozen yoghurt looks amazing!

    Your week sounds ace, my friends mostly have birthdays around Summer, it's just mine that's next at the end of the month so I'll have to wait 'til then to go out and let my hair down! xo.

  6. That stir fry looks lovely!

  7. That stir fry looks soooo good -drool- x

  8. mmmm all the food! I've been going mad with the unidays student discounts and now I'm skint boohoo xx

  9. that frozen yoghurt looks amazing! glad the masters has started so well! xx

  10. I don't know where the week goes either, they fly by! I'm snowed under with Uni work at the moment too, but that's okay, it means weekends are full of fun! <3

    Jennie xo |

  11. I need to get some more frozen yogurt in my life!

  12. I have been to Indigo Yard once before for food and thought it was lovely - didn't know about the dine out for £10 thing though, thats great! Sore heads and walking home minus the heels are always signs of a good night :)
    Lianne x


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