Outfit: Skulls


black dress skull necklace 1
black dress skull necklace 2
black dress skull necklace 3
black dress skull necklace 4
Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Belt: New Look
Necklace: River Island (mens)
Boots: Ebay

I can't quite believe this is only the second time this dress has featured in an outfit post as I wear it all the time. At least half of my going-out outfits are made up of this dress! It is literally the best dress IN THE WORLD and I'm very reluctant to throw it out, even though it's looking a little bit worse for wear and it seems to get shorter every time I wear it. I keep checking Ebay every so often to see if I can find another one, but I've had no luck so far. It's black, has pockets, is fitted but not bodycon, is comfy and stretchy - what more could you need from a dress?

I have been using my Enrapture Totem Styler lots lately and am loving having curled hair. I used to reserve curled hair for nights out but since I've got the hang of using the Totem styler I've been doing my hair with loose waves for the daytime too, as it only takes about 5 minutes more than straightening my hair would. I've been falling out with my fringe lately though, it never seems to sit right and is always either too short or too long! I've been debating getting a straight across fringe cut in, but I can't decide if it would suit me or not. What do you think?

As the weather has started getting a bit colder, I've been wearing more red lipstick. For some reason, wearing red lipstick in the summer always seems a bit wrong to me! The lipstick I'm wearing here is MAC Russian Red and it's probably my favourite red lipstick, it's a really nice deep colour and goes well with my pale skin.

Have you got a favourite dress that you never want to part with?

Gillian x


  1. I am in love with that dress! Black dresses never date I find! :-) I think I'm in love with my wee Zara LBD that I got in the sales in the summer! I will be wearing it come Christmas time! :)

    Oh and I love your curly hair! Hair Envy R Us!

  2. You look beautiful in red lipstick, suits you so much! Your hair looks amazing too, I can never get nice waves/curls like that. I love when you find a dress that's just perfect, so good for when you can't decide what to wear! xx


  3. I hate it when favourite clothing items become past their best, but hopefully you get some more wear out of this one as it still looks great! When it comes to classic styles like your dress, a lot of stores will re-issue similar versions year after year so it's maybe worth having a wee look at DP's current stock to see if there's something like it :)

  4. Love it! The dress really flatters you. :)


  5. Love your outfit, especially the necklace!

  6. I'm in love with your hair, your make up, and this outfit! it all works so, so well together, beautiful :) I'm yet to find a dress that I've really fallen in love with, hopefully soon I'll get my hands on one as lovely as this! x

  7. You also look so gorgeous! I have a Topshop leopard and bow dress I haven't worn in over a year, but 'cause I remember how much I wanted it when it first came out, I've not been able to let go! xo.

  8. Your hair looks so lovely! I haven't used my wand in ages (not a rapture one, a cheapo one haha!) but this is reminding me to dig it out again.

  9. I've got Russian Red but snapped it on a night out after a few too many cocktails... might get a lit brush to use it though. A black skater dress is always something I reach for when I don't know what to wear. Good for nights out or work x

  10. Your hair definitely looks fab, loving the red lippie too, mine never seems to stand out as much in posts! xx

  11. mens departments are my fave. love this so much. also your eyeliner is flawless x

  12. I love your hair at the moment and that lippie is such a lovely colour!

    Maria xxx

  13. your makeup is flawless ! x

  14. I reallly want to try the Enrapture curlers, your hair looks gorgeous!
    I'm also loving your red lip


  15. You are so bloody gorgeous! Love the lipstick on you and the dress is lovely - I love when you find that one dress you know you can always pull out and feel good in.

  16. Beautiful! I hate it when favourite clothing items begin to fall apart, it sucks! I hope you can find one on eBay soon! Xo

  17. your fotd looks so flawless :) im a new follower !! ps. love your blog layout hun.. xx


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