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Native Union Pop Phone // £24.99*

When I first saw the words 'phone accessories' I immediately thought of those naff little phone charms that everyone used to thread through that tiny hole in the top on their Nokias back in the day (what was that hole even for?). Since then, however, phones have become much more sophisticated and accessories have also become much less tacky and a lot more useful. There are lots of accessories now available for android phones like my HTC Wildfire S, and I was kindly sent a pop phone to review.

It's basically a full-sized phone handset which you can plug in to your phone to make calls with (a bit like the opposite of a hands-free bluetooth headset). At first it might seem a little bit gimmicky, but it's actually SO useful. I've only had mine for a few days and I've used it loads already. My phone is pretty small (pretty much half the size of the new iPhones!) so if you're having a long conversation your hand can turn into a bit of a claw, but the classic shape of the Pop Phone receiver is really comfortable to hold. I also have a habit of accidentally pushing buttons mid-phonecall with my MASSIVE FACE, but this solves that problem as your face is nowhere near the touchscreen. This also means you can use your phone to check messages or look things up while carrying on with your phonecall.

I'm not sure if I would bother taking the pop phone out and about with me as it's a little bit large to fit in my pockets, but it's definitely something I will use a lot when making phonecalls at home. You can also use it with tablets or computers, so you can easily make calls with Skype. I wasn't really aware of what pop phones were before reviewing this, but now I can't believe I hadn't bought one years ago! I had a phonecall with my mum recently in which we hung up on each other accidentally at least 3 times and I also dropped my phone at one point (I swear we are actually functional human beings and not as stupid as we sound), if only I'd had a pop phone to help me!

Have you tried using a pop phone before?

Gillian x


  1. haha it looks awesome,such a geat idea! :D

  2. I saw them earlieri n the year and actually dying for one. Black or hot pink please! x

  3. it looks so funky ! xx

  4. That is so cute! I might try one for my iPhone since I use it a lot to call my clients!


  5. this would be good and stop me from getting make up on my phone. My face always get too warm when I hold me phone to my ear for ages too. Handy!

  6. OK this sounds amazing, it would definitely stop me muting my phone with my ear, haha!

    Maria xxx

  7. love this :D
    and you do not have a MASSIVE FACE lolol xx

  8. That's brilliant! I'd never heard of them before :D


    Wendy Xoxo


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