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I always find that my smaller makeup brushes tend to get lost amongst my big powder, foundation and blush brushes when they're all shoved together in a mug on my dressing table. When I was tidying out my kitchen cupboards the other day I found an almost empty jar of crushed chillies and was suddenly struck with inspiration. I remembered seeing this DIY tutorial from The Beauty Department on Pinterest ages ago and thinking it looked good, so this is a sort of smaller and easier version of that. The jar is the perfect size for little eyeshadow or concealer brushes and will make trying to find things in the morning much easier. Even better, it can be made for free with things you no doubt have lying around the house anyway.

You will need:
Empty dried spice/herbs jar (thoroughly cleaned and label removed)
Masking tape or sellotape
Assorted nail polishes (at least two colours)

How to:
1. First, wash out your empty jar and remove the label. The easiest way to do this is to leave it soaking in a bowl of hot soapy water for a few hours then peel the label off. You may need to scrub it a bit to make sure all the sticky residue is gone.
2. Once the jar is clean and dry, mark out the outline of the first colour with tape. You could do any design you liked, but I just kept it simple with big triangle-type shapes. Make sure the tape is well stuck down and doesn't have bubble/wrinkles so the nail polish doesn't seep underneath it.
3. Paint on your first nail polish colour. You will probably need to do around 3 coats (depending on the type/colour/quality of polish you're using) to get it completely opaque. Make sure to let the polish dry properly between coats.
4. Once the first colour is finished and dried, peel off the tape and you should be left with a clean, straight line. Mark out the next section with more tape and fill in the next colour. (Be careful if sticking the tape on top of the first colour, the polish may peel off if it's not completely dry - it may be easier to do these bits freehand).
5. If desired, finish it off by adding some glitter polish. I added glitter to the plain glass and the black polish, leaving the pretty mint colour to stand out.

And that's it, super easy! It was also pretty quick to do as the nail polish didn't take as long to dry as I expected - I managed to finish this in a couple of hours. I really love the way it has turned out and I will definitely be saving up my empty jars to make more of these. As well as brushes, I think they'd also be great for holding eyeliner and lipliner pencils.

Have you tried out any good DIY projects lately?

Gillian x


  1. Ahh so creative! Looks lovely! xx

  2. This looks really easy & effective too! I may have to try it out meself! Great DIY!

  3. How lovely! Thank-you for sharing--love it! :)


  4. So pretty! Great DIY :)

  5. This is so cute :) I made one years ago to match my room. Love it :)

    Ellie | Misseblog xo

  6. Such a great idea Gillian! Looks fab and such a nice way to keep your brushes tidy. Might need to try this as my makeup is all over the place!
    Lianne x

  7. This looks really great and what a fab idea

  8. Oh wow it looks amazing, I love the colours you picked! <3

    Jennie xo |

  9. such a lovely idea, i'm definitely going to have a go at making my own :)

  10. Ooh this looks lovely, and so simple to make! I'm currently using a few of my freebie McDonald's x Coca Cola glasses lined with glass pebbles as brush holders, haha. (:

  11. Oh that's a great idea, I love the finished holder! Xo

  12. such a cute idea ! xx

  13. Ah this looks so good and professional! (: I've decorated glasses for my make up brushes with glass paints before, but they really don't look as nice! So will give this a go when I have some decent nail varnishes (: xx

  14. I love it! Such a smart idea :)

  15. I love this! This is super creative. I just bought some glass jars from a home goods store. Might have to paint mine. Much prettier here!

  16. Ahh Gillian this is such an amazing idea! Would never have thought of it but was literally saying the other day how I really need make up brush storage that will match my colour scheme and not be too big that my small brushes get lost so this is perfect!

  17. Simple yet very, very effective!! I like x


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