Outfit: Coming Up Roses


floral lace peter pan collar dress 1
floral lace peter pan collar dress 2
floral lace peter pan collar dress 3
floral lace peter pan collar dress 4
Dress: Fashion Culprit*
Cardigan: Dorothy Perkins
Boots: Ebay

If you watched my Getting Ready video the other day you might recognise this outfit. The dress arrived in the post that morning so I decided to put it on straight away and give it it's first outing. The dress has a gorgeous floral print with little pink roses, and a lace peter pan collar - every blogger's dream! It's made from quite a heavy jersey fabric so it sits really nicely and feels like great quality, much better than I was expecting it to be as it's only a tenner at the moment!

Fashion Culprit weren't a brand I had heard of before, and I don't think they would have necessarily caught my attention unless I had tried out this dress. If I'm 100% honest, some of the clothing on their site is very not my style (like, um, this dress, but is that anyone's style? Apart from if you're a Strictly Come Dancing contestant, perhaps), but if you dig a little bit deeper there are some hidden gems for really good prices. I love this heart cut out dress and this diamante collar chiffon shirt.

It's that time of year again when everyone starts apologising for the dingy outfit photos, so yeah, um, sorry about that! It seems to be constantly dark in my flat and unfortunately I don't have a garden or anyone on hand to take 'on location' photos. Unless one of you wants to be my live-in photographer? I jest.

What do you think of Fashion Culprit?

Gillian x


  1. Never heard of that brand but that dress looks lush on you. I love your shoes, too!

  2. Never heard of this brand, but it looks lovely...the dress is so pretty!

    Sophie x

  3. I love the floral print on the dress and the lace collar. It looks gorgeous with the pink cardigan :) Going to have to have a look on their site!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  4. I love the dress paired with the pink cardigan, super cute! xx

  5. You look gorgeous, love the dress!


  6. this dress is so cute, really like the little white collar! xx

  7. I had a look on this site before, and thought the same as you.. it wasn't really my thing. i noticed this dress though, but i already have it! ha. it really is a lovely dress, a great soft material too :)
    you look gorgeous gillian.xx

  8. I had this exact dress from Peacocks about two years ago! loved it and it was about £20 in Peacocks x

  9. you look amazing,love this outfit :)

  10. I love that dress and those boots are cute too x

  11. Pretty dress! Love the whole outfit :) x

  12. what a cute dress ! xx

  13. cute outfit! i like the cardigan paired with the ditsy dress! lovely

  14. I love this outfit I'm determinded to start wearing more dresses

  15. Your outfit is so pretty! I love the pattern on the dress and the collar!


  16. This dress is lovely on you, I adore the cardigan with it too!

    Maria xxx

  17. Your photos still look lovely and bright! I can only really take outfit photos at the weekends now cos it's dark when I get up and nearly dark when I get home! Ho hum. Lovely cute dress, the collar is really nice.

  18. You look so pretty and I love your dress, and your pictures are amazing
    You have a lovely blog :)I would appreciate it if you could take the time to visit my little blog at fashionandtherebel.blogspot.com

  19. Never heard of the brand before, but yikes, definitely some Strictly Come Dancing frocks there!
    This dress is lovely though. I also really like the colour of your cardigan, it looks lovely against your dark hair.

  20. We love your hair, the cut and colour is gorgeous. You have such a great blog.



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