Sunday Summary #40


1.Tealights 2.E.L.F. Voodoo lipstick, review coming soon 3.Eye makeup 4.Pokemon! 5.New Twitter header and background

I can’t believe it’s Sunday again already, I haven’t done anything particularly exciting this week but the time seems to have flown by. I’ve been getting back into the routine of university, even though I only have 3 classes a week I seem to have a never ending pile of reading to do so I’ve spent quite a lot of this week sitting in front of Microsoft Word attempting to take some notes. I’m really enjoying my course so far though, so I can put up with a bit of boring reading!

I went for a night out to the student union last night for the first time since I’ve become a postgraduate student. The union on a Saturday is always my favourite night out, I never have a bad time and you always run into people you know. I did feel a little bit old however, I can hardly believe it’s been over four years since my first night out there as a 17-year-old! The union has had a bit of a makeover during the summer as well, so the fact I was wandering around proclaiming “it didn’t look like this in my day!” didn’t help me feel any younger haha.

I’ve managed to find some time to record a couple of new videos for my Youtube channel this week. Usually by the time I get home from uni or whatever I’ve been doing during the day at around 5 or 6 o’clock it’s starting to get a bit dark already. Normally I quite like when it starts to get dark in the evenings, as you can snuggle up inside with some candles, a hot chocolate and watch TV, but when you’re trying to record videos the lack of light can be a bit annoying! I managed to get myself organised though and filmed an E.L.F. haul (reviews of the products will be appearing soon on the blog!) and my first empties video. If you have any suggestions for videos you’d like me to do, then please let me know!

How has your week been?

Gillian x


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  • jennie says:

    this week really has flown by! I have been loving your videos! xo

  • Kfedland says:

    sounds like you've had a busy week! those candles also look ever so snug, like it's really getting to autumn now!x

  • Hayley says:

    I really need to get a header for twitter now. Can't belive I didn't know you did videos, subscribing now 🙂 x

  • Emsipop says:

    Happy Sunday! Freshers make me feel ancient.

  • Eloise says:

    This made me chuckle, I did half of my third year, deferred, then did it all over again a year later. Nights out in our union made me feel ancient. Especially as it had a horrible inuendo esque name: Gobble.


  • Fran Leanne says:

    Erm excuse me how are your eyebrows so perfect?!!! Jealous.


  • Time is definitely flying, cannot believe it's October already! xx

  • Claire says:

    Those Pokemon characters really do take me back 🙂

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