Mixtape: September


September mixtape // via Spotify

I recently downloaded Spotify (I know, what have I been doing for the past five years?) and thought it would be fun to start doing monthly playlists to share some of the songs I love. Each month will feature a selection of songs that I have just discovered, have been listening to lots recently, or remind me of this time of year. I hope you enjoy these playlists and find some new bands to listen to!

September, for me, means the winding down of summer; dusky nights and sleepy mornings. Scarves are pulled out from the dark depths of chests of drawers and the air smells different before it rains. Everything is slow and a little bit sad, and there are always lots and lots of books. It always seems like it's late at night, even when it's not, and you're forever looking out for the moon. Leaves start to pile up in the nooks of fences and a mighty wind rattles all the decrepit tenement windowpanes, and a mug of hot chocolate solves everything.

Fleetwood Mac // Second Hand News
The Shins // September
Laura Marling // Blackberry Stone
Fun. // Some Nights
The Knife // Heartbeats
King Creosote & Jon Hopkins // Bats in the Attic
Claire Denamur // Video Games
Johnny Cash // The Man Comes Around
Foo Fighters // Hey, Johnny Park!
Elvis Perkins in Dearland // How's Forever Been Baby
Listen to "September" here.

What have you been listening to this month?

Gillian x


  1. I am obsesssssed with Some Nights!!

  2. Love this playlist! Second Hand News is my favourite Fleetwood Mac song (and blog name!) and Laura Marling is so brilliant. I love discovering new music through other people so I'll check out your other songs too and hopefully discover some new gems xx

  3. Just subscribed :) I've been listening to lots of The Cribs, Frankie and the Heartstrings and Maximo Park because I'm seeing all of them on tour soon. I've always got loads of Manic Street Preachers and Suede on but The Maccabees are my favourite band at the moment x

  4. I love this idea, would you mind if I did a similar post on my blog? I love Some Nights at the moment too

    1. Of course, I'd love to see which songs you've been loving recently too!
      I keep hearing Some Nights on the radio and it seems to be constantly stuck in my head at the moment! x

  5. My attention span has been really short when it's comes to music recently so I'm constantly looking up new bands. I got excited when I spotted you had joined Spotify 'cause I knew I'd find something new as I've been relying on you for new music for about a decade now haha. Though I'll admit I'm surprised it took you so long to join. :P

    Morag x

  6. some nights is a tune! :)
    But because I've been MIA for ages I've been out of music, apart from music that's been playing in France... oh and the new No Doubt tune. That's a tune! :)


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