Sunday Summary #35



1.Lunchtime cocktails 2.Shoes 3.Nandos 4.Frozen yoghurt from Frisky 5.DIY Nandos 6.Getting ready 7.Drinks 8.Hot chocolate and marshmallows 9.Homemade pasta arrabiata with grilled courgettes 10.Recent makeup & skincare purchases (click here to view on youtube)

Looking at these photos, you'd think all I'd done this week was eat and drink. Well, to be honest, that pretty much is all I've done! My flatmate and I went on an impromptu trip to Nandos earlier this week and decided to go to Frisky afterwards for some dessert. I only tried frozen yoghurt for the first time a couple of weeks ago (I know, right?!) but I seem to be a little bit obsessed with it now! I had walked past Frisky loads of times but had never quite got round to going in, but I'm so glad we finally made the effort to go as it was so good. I had the mango frozen yoghurt with raspberries, bananas and chocolate drops, yum!

Time seems to be going by really quickly at the moment, even though I'm not particularly busy with anything exciting. I can't believe it's almost September, I'll be back at uni in just a couple of weeks. It doesn't seem that long since I graduated! I'm quite excited to go back and get sorted with choosing all my courses and that sort of thing. I'm also looking forward to buying some new stationery, definitely my favourite part of going "back to school"! I spent rather a long time browsing the Paperchase site yesterday and have a wishlist as long as my arm now. I quite fancy getting some cute wee patterned notebooks for taking my notes in, or perhaps I'll be daring and get plain ones to decorate myself. What are your favourite online shops for pretty stationery?

I uploaded a new video this week to my youtube channel about my recent makeup and skincare purchases. I will be doing reviews of everything on the blog over the next couple of weeks, what would you like to see a review of first? I'm quite enjoying making videos, I thought it would be mega awkward but I strangely quite like chatting away to myself! Have any of you got a youtube channel too?

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


  1. Hahahaha, well at least everything looks delicious! I love your videos, it's so nice to actually hear your voice(hope this isn't creepy). :)x

  2. Those are some bright sneakers. They look really comfortable and sassy at the same time. Off to watch your video!

  3. Everything looks so yum! I'm loving your videos, your accent is the best! xo

  4. That frozen yoghurt looks so yummy! I wish they made a lactose free version *sob*! I'm so sad I've finished uni now and don't get to buy new lovely things in Paperchase! x

  5. This post has made me really hungry now! I've never been to Nando's.. I'm weird right?!
    Love your shoes tooo! The colours are aceee.xx

  6. Even though I've just eaten my tea your food photos are making me hungry again ;) I don't think there are any frozen yoghurt places where I live, makes me want them even more! I've never been to Nandos and there's a lot of hype surrounding it, so I'm never sure if I should go or not.

    I love Paperchase so much and always buy stationary from there! They also have the best selection of cards and I've always managed to find the perfect card for someone. I'll be going to buy all my uni stationary in a couple of weeks, can't wait!

  7. ok so this post has made me super hungry! haha x

  8. The hot chocolate looks delicious!

  9. I really can't believe its nearly time to go back to uni, the end of summer has gone really really fast :(
    All this food looks absolutely delicious :) and I LOVE your videos, now subscribed.

    Jo. x

  10. mm that first cocktail looks soooo good!!!


  11. I'm partial to a bit of stationery buying myself. Now that I'm not at uni anymore, I feel the need to satisfy my need to buy cute stationery even though I'd have no use for it!


  12. They have entire stationary stores?! I'm obsessed with cute notebooks even though I felt silly about it after I bought a $0.29cent notebook from Walmart. Frozen yogurt is full of yummy isn't it?


  13. I was in Frisky for the first time on Monday and absolutely love it, so tasty and healthy...only problem now is we have one basically right next to my work! I love Paperchase, could spend hours just wandering around looking at everything and wanting it all!
    Lianne x


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