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1.St Giles 2.Negociants 3.Eat 4.Watching shows 5.Wednesday's outfit 6.Lunch time 7.At the Benebus 8.Fruit salad 9.Fairy lights at the Pleasance 10.BRINNER! 11.Chris Hoy appreciation 12.Liz Earle goodies 13.Youtubing

This week I've been getting into the festival spirit and have been to see a few things at the Edinburgh Fringe. You might have noticed my blog post earlier in the week about the Funny Women comedy show I went to see on Wednesday. The show was great and I loved the Benebus which was parked alongside the venue, giving out makeovers and makeup advice from the Benefit ladies. It's parked just across from the university library, I wish it was there all year so I could go for a quick makeover between lectures! All my friends seem to be away at the moment or are busy with work so I haven't had the chance to go to many other shows yet, but my flatmate and I are going to sit down tonight and book tickets for lots of things next week. I really want to go and see Rhys Darby, Axis of Awesome, Pete Firman and a musical about Dracula, among many others! Any Edinburgh readers got some recommendations?

I have also joined the world of Youtube this week, have a look at my channel to watch my videos and subscribe. The thought of doing videos seemed kind of scary to me, but I decided to give it a go and it's actually surprisingly fun once you get started! It is a little bit weird listening to the sound of my own voice whilst editing the videos though. It's so strange how your voice sounds so different in real life than it does in your head. I can already tell Youtubing is going to be bad for my bank balance though, after watching lots of other peoples videos this week I've got a wishlist as long as my arm. I'm off to Boots this afternoon to get some bits and pieces, god knows how much I'll end up coming home with! If any of you have Youtube channels, let me know as I'm looking for channels to subscribe to!

How has your week been?

Gillian x


  1. Are they potato cakes on your 'brinner'? Oh, how I love them!

  2. your hair looks amazing in that photo with the pink jacket and on your vids. Very jealous! This week has been quiet for me because I'm saving up for Paris x

  3. I love the Chris Hoy graffiti!

  4. So excited that you're getting into YouTube! And you always have such lovely pictures. Jealous about being so close to Fringe as well.

  5. Lovely photos! Love all your Liz Earle goodies :) x

  6. I'm up in Edinburgh in two weeks for the last weekend of the fringe, I can't wait! We've booked tickets to see Rhys Darby (I'm a big FOTC fan!) I bet Axis of Awesome would be great live, I've heard them on Scott Mills before!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  7. your photos are very nice! :) Hey, if you want, check out my blog, If you like it follow on GFC and Bloglovin, and I ALWAYS follow back xx – Vanessa Mae

  8. One of these days I am going to have to visit Edinburgh again, it has been far too long since I was there!

    Maria xxx

  9. Gorgeous pic of St Giles! That's fab you are starting a youtube channel - will check it out. I have seen a few things this year that have been really fab...Comedy: Tom Deacon, Axis of Awesome, Pappy's, all at Pleasance, Iain Sirling at Underbelly and Theatre: The Static, Bitch Boxer both at Underbelly and Love Letters to the Public Transport System at Assembly Rooms. I am also going to see Frisky and Mannish who I have seen every year since moving to Edinburgh, love them!
    Lianne x


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