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Last photo courtesy of Karris.

Yesterday evening Jenn and I got the train through to Glasgow for a meetup with some other Scottish bloggers. Huge thank you to Karris for organising the whole thing and getting everyone together! I had met some of the bloggers at previous meetups but there were also lots of new faces too. It was so nice to see everyone, even if I didn't quite have time to get round and chat to you all! After the initial 5 minutes of awkwardness when you're all introducing yourselves, it genuinely is just like you're chatting to friends you've known for ages. If you're thinking of going to a meetup but are a bit scared then honestly just go, I guarantee you will love it!

The event was held in Kuta, a really nice bar on Bath Street. I'd never been before but would definitely go back if I was looking for somewhere to go in Glasgow. They had lots of cheap cocktails - definitely the way to my heart! I'm all about the French Martinis these days. We all spent the evening chatting about blog-related stuff which our "real life" friends just don't understand, as well as beauty, fashion, general life and twitter gossip! In one way I'm a little bit jealous of bloggers who live in London and get invited to lots of press events/product launches etc. but on the other hand I think I prefer these type of informal meetups which are organised by other bloggers and we just get to sit around all night chatting and drinking!

I'm going to attempt to link everyone who was there but I'm sure I will have missed a couple of people (unintentionally!) so please leave a comment if you were there too and I will add you in. For those of you who are non-Scottish bloggers, hopefully this will introduce you to a few new great blogs to follow!

Karris, Jenn, Roisin, Gill, Paula, Lisa & Sami, Stacey, Gillian,
Gemma, Andii, Lauren, Jen, Lilith, Amii, Louise,
Rebekah, Melissa, Alana, Hailey,
and of course me!

I can't wait for the next meetup; us Edinburgh bloggers will need to get our act together and organise an east-coast meetup soon!

Have you been to a blogger meet up before?

Gillian x


  1. I had such a great night! We deffo need to do another one soon! Wish I got the chance to talk to you more xxx

  2. Hell yes to Edinburgh meetup! Im out in midlothian so Glasgow on a work night (when I'm up at 6 the next morn!) was too much for me and I had to say no to the meetup :( Edinburgh would be way easier! Looks like you all had a good time though :) xxxx

  3. we certainly do need to arrange an Edinburgh meet-up. glasgow gets all the fun!

  4. oooh looks very fancy :) I've been to a few in Bristol and Birmingham now and even organised my own ones in Cardiff. I love meeting new people xx

  5. I'm one of those people who was too scared to go - kicking myself now though, as it looks like it was a lot of fun (I'd convinced myself that everyone would know each other and that I'd feel too awkward turning up when I'm still quite a bloggin newbie!). Will totally be up for the next one though, and even better if it's in Edinburgh! :) x

  6. I had such a good night! was so nervous at the start lol, defo going to the next one xxxx

  7. I would be keen for an Edinburgh meetup - being new to this would be great to meet other bloggers :) Looks like you guys had a lot of fun, sadly I had plans this week so couldn't make it after seeing you mention it on your time for def.
    Lianne x

  8. I really wanted to go but as I'm under 18 I don't think I would have been let in :(! I'd love to attend an Edinburgh meet up though, so much closer to me than Glasgow x

  9. That bar looks lovely! Would be great to meet up with other bloggers!

  10. Everyone looks like they had a great time! So angry with myself for not being more 'on the ball' about this event! Don't forget about us bloggers up North (there's probably not a lot of us!), would be fun to do one up in Aberdeen!


  11. Ahhh looks like so much fun! BTW what to do you use to get that "recent posts" widget? I want a customisable one, your one looks much nicer than those linkwithin ones! x

    1. I used Linkwithin and just customised it myself - this page was pretty helpful for working out the CSS! x

  12. Was great seeing you again, had so.much fun! Shame I couldn't get in about those cocktails, was working today...! Xxx

  13. looks like a great time, wish I'd made it along! really cool to see a bunch of new scottish bloggers that hadn't creeped at before! xx

  14. It was so awesome! :D thanks for tagging me! <3

  15. Aww wish I had known you gals were meeting! Looks like a fabby wee time xx

  16. Such a lovely night! more train adventures soon?! xxx

  17. This looks fantastic! Keep me posted if you do an Edinburgh meet up x


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