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Yesterday I was kindly invited along to watch the semi-finals of this year's Funny Women Awards at the Edinburgh Fringe by the lovely ladies at Benefit. I started the day off with a 'makeupper' at the Benebus which is parked alongside George Square Gardens. The lovely Lisa did my makeup for me, putting on some gorgeous metallic eyeshadow. I usually stick to just eyeliner, but the neutral eyeshadow looks so nice, I think I will have to practice my eyeshadow skills! She also used some Sun Beam highlighter (very apt, as for once it was actually really warm and sunny in Edinburgh!) and the new Dallas Ultra Plush lip gloss. The Dallas powder is my favourite ever blusher/bronzer and the lip gloss didn't disappoint either. It had such a nice scent and felt nice and glossy without being too sticky. The picture above was taken when I got home at the end of the day, but I think the makeup held up pretty well! I also had a quick test of the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation and it seemed amazing, think I will definitely have to purchase that one soon!

After my makeupper, I headed for brunch with Emily who is part of the Benefit digital team and also a fellow blogger. The Funny Women show didn't start until 2pm so we had a bit of spare time after lunch to explore Edinburgh. Having lived here for 4 years now I often walk past amazing buildings and views without noticing them, but being a 'tourguide' for someone else made me notice just how gorgeous Edinburgh is. We both got a bit snap happy and took lots of photos - this post is already pretty photo-heavy so I'll save those for another day! Emily and I also had a wander round some of the tourist shops and found some rather interesting souvenirs (musical fridge magnets or a kilt for your dog, anyone?!).

The Funny Women semi-final show was held in the Bosco Assembly Theatre in George Square Gardens, a really cute circus tent themed room. The show was hosted by Sara Pascoe, a previous runner up in the awards, and featured six female acts who were all brilliant. My favourite two acts ended up being the winners and the runner up, obviously I have good taste haha! The Silky Pair came first with their musical comedy act and a song about calling in sick from work - reminded me a bit of a female, English version of Flight of the Conchords. Alison Eales was named as the runner up, and I loved her set too.

If you fancy going to see some great female comedy acts, Funny Women will be putting on a show at 2pm daily throughout the Fringe at the Bosco Theatre. The Benebus will also be in George Square throughout the festival until 6pm daily if you fancy going along for a makeupper and a goody bag!

What is your favourite Benefit product?

Gillian x

P.S. The winners of my Benefit joke competition are Claire and Stacey - congrats ladies!


  1. This sounds awesome! Comedy and Benefit makeup, what a fab combination! Your makeup looks great and has lasted really well after a full day which is always good. Love the George Square gardens at this time of year, especially as we have been getting a little sun - joy! I'm in love with my Benefit blusher at the minute - Coralista, such a lovely fresh colour for summer :)
    Lianne x

  2. Oh wow, this sounds amazing! I really miss Edinburgh, I need to make a little trip again soon! xo

  3. Looks like you had a great day. I haven't been to Edinburgh for years - I must go back some time and definitely during the comedy festival :) x


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