Sunday Summary #28


1.Morning sky 2.Mai Tai 3.Chocolate cupcakes 4.Fab ice cream 5.Bedtime face 6.New shoes from H&M 7.Drive 8.Masters offer 9.New makeup storage 10.Hello 11.Homemade cocktails

It's been a while since I wrote a Sunday Summary with a hangover, mostly thanks to the lethal homemade cocktails pictured above. It's nice to have a bit of a social life back again, it feels like I've been far too busy to do anything fun lately (although busy doing what I'm not sure?!). As well as going out last night, I also met some friends for a catch up at the pub on Thursday which was nice. Not particularly enjoying the after effects of my socialising though, it's after 3pm and I still haven't quite managed to get out of bed yet! I think a takeaway might be in order later tonight to perk me up a bit.

This week I got confirmation of an unconditional offer for my Masters course which starts in September. I already had a conditional offer but had to wait until I got a copy of my degree certificate to send them in order to confirm my place on the course. So I have officially accepted my place now, I'm strangely excited to go back to studying - even though it's only been about a month since I was out of studying! I will be doing my Masters at Edinburgh University as well, which is quite handy as not only is it the best university for studying that particular course, but it also means I don't have the upheaval of having to move to a different city, make new friends and get acquainted with a new university's resources and departments. Plus I mega love Edinburgh, so you know, win win!

Aside from that, very little has been happening in my life. I'm enjoying having lots of time to myself and have seized the opportunity to read as many books, watch as many films on Netflix and sleep for as many hours as humanly possible! Seeing as I have lots of free time at the moment I was wondering about starting to do some blog designing as I'm a bit of a loser and love designing layouts! I'm not sure if anyone would be interested though? Let me know if you would be and I'll see about setting up a wee shop!

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


  1. Congrats on getting your MA offer - how exciting! I stayed at the same university between BA and MA - although I didn't know anyone on the course it did help settling back in already knowing where departments are, offices and the library and the like!

  2. Congratulations on you MA! I'm starting to wish I had applied for an MA now as applying for jobs in my gap year before reapplying for a teacher training course is really starting to get me down! Applied for 4 jobs alone today, how dull! xo

  3. So many congratulations on the masters confirmation! That's amazing - well done!

  4. Congratulations on the confirmation for your Masters course! That's great that you don't have to move and you'll know your way around! The homemade cocktails look good, I know what you mean about how they can turn out lethal though, I never have a clue on measurements!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  5. Mega congratulations on securing your Master's place! I was thinking about returning for ANOTHER year of education but I'm glad other opportunities arised. I think it's a great idea to set up a wee blog designing shop...I'd definitely be interested :)


  6. Your shoes are lovely and I need to try fab ice cream! xo

  7. Yay for the Masters! I love homemade cocktails but they are lethal!

    Maria xxx

  8. Congratulations on the MA offer! I love your new shoes and the Fab ice cream pot looks nice xx

  9. The fact that you can get FAB ice cream has made my day. Wow. Just wow. haha. (: Congrats for the MA offer, I don't think I could study for another year after I finish, so massive kudos to you for doing it! xx

  10. Congratulations on the Masters news!
    I think you should tell us your cocktail recipes =) they always look amazing!

  11. your blog is so lovely! congrats on your masters letter! I'm also seeing the movie drive this week, very excited because I've heard its great:)

  12. Fab photos! The cocktail and cupcakes look so lovely! Congrats on your masters offer - I loved mine, definitely the best thing I did. Think blog designs are a great idea!
    Lianne :-)


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