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Whether I'm off on holiday, visiting my family or going away for the weekend I always seem to ditch my usual makeup routine and go for something a bit quicker and easier. I used to take pretty much my whole makeup collection with me wherever I went, but I've learnt that if you choose carefully you can get away with using a handful of products and still scrub up not too badly. Obviously there are a few other things I take with me (like mascara, lip balm, liquid eyeliner) but these are my top 5 products which are essential for easy holiday makeup.

HD Brows Palette
I know I'm a little more preoccupied with eyebrows than the average sane person, but I honestly think filling in your eyebrows makes your face look much more 'finished', even if you're not wearing much other makeup. For holiday eyebrows, I tend to fill them in a little more lightly than usual to give a more natural look. The HD Brows palette is great as it has four different shades (which also double up as eyeshadow), an angled brush which fits inside the case and a relatively big mirror, which makes it ideal for travelling.

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream
If the rest of my makeup is pretty natural, it looks a bit ridiculous if my skin has a heavy foundation on it. A tinted moisturiser or BB cream is great for travel makeup as it doubles up as both a moisturiser and a foundation (of sorts) and leaves you with an evened out, but still natural looking, complexion. Just make sure you have a good concealer and you're good to go! The main problem I have with this product, however, is that it's slightly too dark for my skin - although this shouldn't be a problem if you've got a holiday tan!

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
If I'm not wearing my usual black cat-eye liner then long, curled lashes are important to make me look wide-awake and like I've at least put some sort of effort into getting ready. I bought these Shu Uemura curlers a few months ago and I love them, they give a huge curl without ending up looking unnatural. Make sure to use a good mascara afterwards to hold the curl - I'm still loving Benefit They're Real at the moment.

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl
For me, a highlighter is essential for relaxed, summery makeup. My favourite at the moment is Girl Meets Pearl as it's a gorgeous rosy gold colour which blends in really well with my skin to leave a healthy looking glow. I use it along the top of my cheekbones and a little bit on my browbone too. This miniature size came with the Porefessionally Pretty set and it's the perfect size for a travel makeup bag.

No7 Amazing Eyes Pencil
This is a really nice creamy pencil but the main reason I love it is because of the smudger brush, rather than the eyeliner itself. The eyeliner is really soft and blendable and looks really nice smudged out with the brush that's attached. The fact that it's both a liner and a brush is perfect for travelling and it makes it really quick and easy to do lazy eye makeup. Rather than using my favourite liquid eyeliner for a cat-eye flick, this gives a lovely smokey eye with minimum effort

What are your favourite travel makeup products?

Gillian x


  1. This is the perfect selection for holiday! I really want to try the HD Brows Palette once my Benefit Brow Zing is used up x

  2. I love the HD brows palette! x

  3. I'm still working on editing my holiday makeup down to fewer products... I went to Gran Canaria a couple of weeks ago and I took half my collection with me! which was far to much and most of it was left unused. I am really into eyebrows too! a nice brow really does make me feel polished and ready for the day :)

    I'm popping up to Glasgow for a couple of days later in the month so I might trial a edited travel makeup kit and see how it goes :)

    Love, Rachel

    1. Sorry that was such a long comment by the way! ha ha :)

  4. I'm also in the brow addict camp! I just feel naked without my eyeliner/brows done! I usually just take my normal makeup bag with me, but skip wearing the foundation & just powder a little, as long as I have eyeliner & brows sorted I feel done. The only things I do buy especially are a Dior waterproof black eyeliner (cos even when I'm swimming I like to look like a panda!) it's the best waterproof I've found & a Clarins waterproof eyeliner in brown to lightly fill my brows too.

  5. Ooo Girl Meets Pearl looks very useful!
    I cannot get the hang of eyelash curlers :/ they never seem to do enough for me.

  6. This is a really helpful and informative post :D I really want some eyelash curlers! I have a handy little makeup bag that I use for holidays as it's thin and forces me to pick essentials only! I've kept a little Lancome foundation sample bottle so that when I travel I only need to fill that up rather than trying to fit the huge bottle in my bag :) Saves so much space and I don't have to worry about losing my expensive makeup!

  7. Hi lovely, thank you for the comment on my blog, really appreciate it!

    Now following you, great blog!

    I totally agree with what you said about eyebrows, they are really important to frame your face and you have lovely ones! :)


  8. I'm with you on the eyebrows! My whole look is just more polished if I've done them! x

  9. Love Girl meets pearl it is amazing!

  10. I need to get better at cutting down my make up bag when I go places.. I always end up taking too much! I really want to try 'girl meets pearl' :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  11. Love these, I try and cut down my make-up bag when I'm traveling but I usually fail, which is ridiculous as I don't wear that much make-up! x

  12. That BB cream is useful for when you want to leave the house with minimal makeup! I only had that & a lipbutter on today! X

  13. I STILL haven't tried a BB Cream yet.....going to purchase this one and give it a try....x

  14. I can't live without my brow kit now, it's only a cheap £2 off ebay but I love it and it makes such a difference to my overall look, much more polished x

  15. A lash curler, tinted moisturizer, and a good eyeliner pencil are my must-haves too :D

  16. I really need to cut back on the amount of make-up I take anywhere, I just panic and take everything but these are definitely what I need rather than 5 red lipsticks!

    Maria xxx

  17. I haven't tried BB cream either yet - I like mixing my usual foundation with a moisturiser though in the summer for a lighter coverage. I'm like Maria and usually end up taking too many lipsticks with me! Hehe.


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