Sunday Summary #24


1.Owl ornament 2.Percy Pig juice 3.Reading in bed 4.Lazy makeup 5.Puppy’s favourite spot on the windowsill

I’ve had such a good week at home visiting my parents, I’ve been very lazy and have only left the house once so far! I think I’ll stay here for another week or so, then I’ll have to head back to Edinburgh to get sorted out for graduation. Absolutely everyone seems to have their degree results by now apart from me, I think the History department is the only one not to have published their results yet. So annoying! I’m about 99% sure I’ve got a 2:1 but not knowing is just so frustrating. There were rumours that they were going to be put up tomorrow, so fingers crossed they actually are! My graduation ceremony is on the 28th of June and the grad ball is the day after. I’ve got my ball dress sorted but still don’t have an outfit to wear to graduation itself, anyone seen anything nice in the shops lately?

I’m afraid I don’t have anything particularly exciting to tell you about this week, as I’ve spent most of my time reading, watching TV and playing with the dog. As much as I love being busy and going out with my friends, sometimes it’s nice to have a few days of doing absolutely nothing. I started watching Girls a couple of days ago and have managed to watch all 8 episodes already, oops! I think it’s really funny, definitely worth a watch. I have also come to the conclusion that I basically am Hannah’s character, it’s a bit scary how much I can relate to most of the things she does! What TV shows have you been loving recently?

A quick thank you to everyone who has complimented the new blog design, I love designing new layouts so it’s nice to hear they are appreciated! You can also keep up to date with the blog on facebook now, big love to those of you who have already given it a ‘like’!

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  • Helen says:

    I read that book a while back, it's really good!

  • Gem says:

    I would keep your grad dress simple. Looking back at all of my mates ones we look dated and it was only a few years ago. Plain block colour dress that coordintates with the univeristy colours on the robes 🙂 xx

  • It sounds like you are having a really relaxing time, those relaxing days can be such a relief especially after being worked to the bone with school. I haven't watched Girls but it sounds like a show I'd be interested in, eventually I'll get around to watching it. I'm quite certain you will look gorgeous in anything you end up wearing to your graduation and congrats again, so exciting, hope you get your results back soon!


  • Cherry says:

    That owl ornament is so cute!

  • Laura says:

    Ahh I love Girls too. Hannah's character definitely feels the most relatable. Such a good soundtrack as well. Good luck with the results! xo

  • Tali says:

    Good luck with your results!!! Hope you find out soon, and that your graduation was better than mine – I decided to have a haircut just before my grad, so in every photo/everybody's minds i will forever be memorialised as having a ridiculous short full fringe!! Youre not missing much in Edinburgh btw. Weather is shite! Xxx

  • I love owls! I think it's good to have some relaxing time. Good luck with your results 🙂 xx

  • Maria says:

    Good luck with your results! I LOVE that owl ornament!

    Maria xxx

  • Alice says:

    I love reading your blog – I really love your new layout and header too. Good luck with your uni results


  • Rachael says:

    That owl is adoreable! All the best with your results!

  • daisychain says:

    I loveee that percy pig drink!

  • Jasmine says:

    Ah I've never seen Percy Pig juice, got to hunt that down! I'm also awaiting my uni result for my English degree, it isn't released until July the 1st. Such a waiting game! x

  • Chelseyxlou says:

    Wow you're lucky that your graduation is early and that you find your results soon. I have to wait another two weeks, don't get them till 25th and don;t graduate till 19th July! Forever waiting, though it does give me longer to get a dress which is proving to be a lot harder than I thought! Hope your results are good news 🙂 xo

  • Lauren says:

    Good luck with your results! The new layout is lovely xx

  • Catherine says:

    Eeek, I need that Percy Pig juice! Good luck with your results! 🙂 I'm waiting for mine too, can't wait to just know! x

  • Nomad says:

    Good luck with your results! My only advice for your graduation outfit is pick sensible shoes. For my degree graduation, I panic bought some heels that I found out in the morning my feet would not stay in. My toes were clinging on to the shoes for dear life and I did the slowest walk across the stage, lol. For my masters graduation I picked heels I knew I could walk in 🙂 x

  • Josie says:

    Ooh good luck with your results! I love that owl it's too cute xxx

  • Kfedland says:

    haha this owl is amazing. i could quite happily keep your blog open up all day and stare at it. but people may think i'm weird. the blog is looking very lovely too.x

  • Jaz xo says:

    Percy pig juice?! Amazing!

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