Outfit: I'm Your National Anthem


american flag shorts 6
american flag shorts 5
american flag shorts 3
american flag shorts 4
american flag shorts 1
american flag shorts 2
Shorts: Glamorous*
T-Shirt: H&M
Necklace: Topshop
Boots: Ebay

How amazing are these shorts?! Thank you to Emily and Glamorous for sending me these shorts, I'm a little bit in love with them! I'm not usually a shorts and tshirt kind of girl, but they're a summer holiday staple so I thought it was high time I added some nice denim shorts to my wardrobe. I love the American flag pattern, so I've kept the rest of the outfit quite plain to let the stars and stripes stand out. These shorts would be perfect for wearing to festivals or on your summer holidays, or you could dress them up with heels and lots of jewellery for a night out. They are quite short though so I've worn them with some tights to avoid inflicting my pasty legs on people, sadly me and the sun don't get on so fake tan is my only hope!

Sticking with the American theme, I've worn it with an eagle claw necklace from Topshop. Well, I'm not sure if it's actually an eagle claw but it's definitely some kind of bird! This is one of my favourite necklaces, I love the little turquoise stone, and the fact that it's on a really long chain. There's nothing I hate more than necklaces which stop just at the neckline and end up getting hidden underneath my top!

These American flag shorts are such a bargain compared to Topshop's version, and at the moment Glamorous are offering free worldwide shipping too. Plus you can get 20% off everything with the code GLAMOROUS20. There's no excuse not to order yourself a little treat!

Do you like denim shorts? What's on your wishlist from Glamorous?

Gillian x


  1. that's crazy, i nearly bought the topshop ones yesterday (like you said, for a lot more ££!). Maybe i'll treat myself to the Glamorous ones... :)

  2. I've broken the heel on my ebay boots like those :( I lvoe those shorts, might get a pair like that for Reading Festival :) x

  3. Loving the stars and the stripes I could see those being a big hit over here with July the 4th just around the corner!

  4. Great shorts, love the necklace as well!

  5. Love these shorts, they're fab!
    Kate x

  6. Gillian looking fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine ;) I really like those shoes :D


  7. You look fab! I love the glamourous dresses - haven't ordered anything yet though as I have been unsure about the sizing! xxx

  8. Love these shorts :) I'm the same with the sun... I just can't seem to tan naturally! ha ha :)

    Love, Rachel

  9. Those shorts are beauts!!! I love them :) You are so pretty LaceyLoves

  10. just found your blog, now following! these shorts look so good, loving the Americana theme! x

  11. hellooooooo shorts. and look it's not black! :) AND SERIOUSLY YOU LOOK AMAZING! totally perfect for summer too.x

  12. You must be one of the most beautiful bloggers ever :) Love your style! xx

  13. Love your shorts! Adore how they bring such a pop of colour. Would love to know where on eBay you got your fabby boots from too.

  14. I love these shorts! I'm off to check out the website now!


  15. Loving your new layout!
    The shorts are fab an definitely a bargain compared with Topshops! Your outfit looks great! =)

  16. Love this outfit, especially those shorts and shoes! :)

    Check out my blog giveaway!

  17. I LOVE denim shorts but I can never find any that fit me properly, I love the flag print on these though, they're amazing!

    Maria xxx

  18. The shorts fit you so well! I like the way you styled them with boots. My legs are pretty pasty, too, haha. x

  19. love your shorts! i deffo need some flag print clothes in my life. just noticed your new layout, tis fab! xx

  20. These look great on you! Love your layout too xo

  21. I love those shorts! Really loved the way you've styled them too.

  22. I've really grown to like American print shorts, and they look especially good on you! I didn't notice the Eagle necklace at first, but that's a really clever touch haha.

    P.s. Just found your blog and I am in love with your layout. It's simple but I just love how organised it seems :)


  23. Gorgeous outfit, love the boots xx

  24. Holy crap, those shorts are SO cute! Adorable with the boots. I am loving your blog, definitely following! I would love if you'd take a peek at mine, lemme know what you think, follow back if the spirit moves you!


  25. I really like this outfit! x


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