1.Satin Dress 2.Turquoise Open Knit Top 3.Howlite Cross Necklace 4.Motel Oversize Mirror Print Top 5.Whistles Ultra Cateye Sunglasses 6.Orange Caged Wedges 7.Powder Rose Clutch Bag 8.Lightning Bolt Bracelet 9.Lavender High Waist Denim Hot Pants 10.Cutout Back Self-Stripe Flippy Dress

I'm feeling so uninspired by my wardrobe at the moment, it feels like I end up wearing the same few things all the time. I've just ordered a new chest of drawers for my bedroom so once they arrive hopefully that will motivate me to have a proper clear out of my wardrobe and get rid of all the things I never wear - and then I can start buying new things which I do like. As much as I love black clothes, I really want to wear lots of colour this summer and I think this wishlist definitely reflects my craving for sunshine!

I really love the print of the oversized Motel tshirt, and it would look great with the lavender shorts for an effortless and comfy summer outfit. The shorts are such a pretty colour and would look equally great with a plain white tshirt, or a bright colour-block top.

I really want a pair of cateye sunglasses although I'm reluctant to order them online as I've never actually tried a pair on before so I'm not sure if they would suit me. I love this Whistles pair as the cateye shape is quite subtle so I think they would look quite nice and not too much like something from a fancy dress costume!

As for accessories, I've got a bit of a thing for clutch bags at the moment and I don't really know why because I usually hate them. They're such a pain on a night out because you've either got to keep hold of it all night (usually I need both hands free for carrying drinks and/or keeping my balance as I try to walk down stairs!) or you end up putting it down somewhere and forgetting about it completely. I'm not usually a bracelet sort of person either, but I love this lightning bolt one from Ginger Pickle. It looks really dainty but a little bit edgy at the same time, which is very 'me'.

What's on your wishlist at the moment?

Gillian x


  1. Love the colours! That motel t-shirt is fab :) Wishing for so many things that I don't have the money to buy haha.

    whatfrankiesaid.blogspot.com x

  2. I have sunglasses just like those, love them! If we get any sun at all I'd definitely suggest you get some! xo

  3. Lovely range of colours, really like the heeled wedges! xx

  4. I love the wedges, the clutch and the purple shorts xx

  5. There's my bracelet!!

    Thanks Gillian :)

    Jade xx

  6. LOVE those shorts! Totally with you on the clutch bag thing - usually I couldn't hate them more but I've been loving them recently. Must be the summer, makes me want everything to be light and airy and not be bogged down with ahuge handbag :L

  7. That H&M dress is gorgeous but I tried it on and it is super short!

    Maria xxx


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