Sunday Summary #20


1.Adventures fund 2.Cherry tree 3.Takeaway pizza 4.Watching movies 5.New Enrapture curling iron 6.Loaded sweet potato skins and Mexican rice - yum!

Well, this has been another uneventful week in the life of me! The only thing I seem to do these days is read endless journals and books and attempt to make some revision notes. A week tomorrow I will be finished exams and will finally be free to do whatever I want, I cannot wait. I haven't made any proper summer plans yet but my flatmate and I are still hoping to go on an American road trip in July. Fingers crossed that we get organised and manage to save up some money before then! Has anyone done one before, any tips? We're thinking of starting in Boston and travelling down the east coast.

Aside from revision, all I've really been doing is watching TV and movies in my bed. I've just started watching Californication on Netflix and I'm loving it, have also been catching up on The Vampire Diaries, Game of Thrones and New Girl. I haven't even left the flat since Tuesday, how depressing is that?! I've got exams on Thursday, Friday and the following Monday so I have a feeling next week will look very similar to this one.

I've been wanting a pair of the Enrapture Encode Totem stylers for ages now, so when I spotted some on ebay I couldn't help myself and managed to win them for under £50. I've only used them twice so far but I am so in love with them - definitely worth investing in! I'm a bit useless when it comes to styling my hair (I can't even put my hair in a ponytail and still look like a normal human being - I'm serious) but curling my hair is so easy with these. Will definitely be posting a full review some time over the next couple of weeks once I've had a chance to experiment with them some more.

What have you been up to this week (hopefully something more exciting than me!)?

Gillian x


  1. Hey Gillian, I found your blog yesterday and I REALLY love it. Keep doing what you are doing :)


  2. These photo's are lovely! I've been craving pizza for a while now and your pizza is making me crave it even more! OMG have you seen the season finale of TVD yet? It's epic!!

    xoxo, Laura

  3. Love the idea of the holiday fund! Oh god and the potato skins xo

  4. I love your savings jar, such a cute idea! I hope you manage to save enough for your roadtrip, I've never been to America before, so can't make any sort of recommendation! And also, how amazing does the meal in your last photo look?! I'm obsessed with sweet potatoes atm. xx

  5. i need a summer fund! and a job at that lol
    love the blog doll

    hey from #bbloggers
    BreezeyBee Blog

  6. That jar is amazing. Mine is currently just plain but this makes me want to decorate it and save for my own adventures (: Good luck with all your exams, I just want to hibernate at the moment and avoid them all but luckily I have a month to get my head prepared before they come around xx

  7. Your jar is so cute. <3 I was talking to my boyfriend last week about what we'd do if we won the Euromillions and an American Road Trip was very high on my list. I can dream right? :P hehe. Something I've always wanted to do though so I hope you save up enough money. Good luck with your exams too hun. xoxo

  8. Love your sunday summaries :) Friends with benefits is such a great film! Will be so exciting if you do manage to go to America! xx

  9. Mmm, that pizza looks amazing & all the blossom is so pretty. My week has been seriously uneventful too apart from the weekend, XO.

  10. The picture of the tree is lovely and I like the idea of the adventure fund jar! The pizza looks really yummy too xx

  11. oooh I might start up a handbag fund or a trip fund, put all my change in... I only work 3 days a week over summer so might get a bar job to top up my wages too, more to spend on trips away :) x

  12. I've done a few road trips up and down the U.S east coast (I'm from the east coast) and it's always fun. I've always noticed that I save a lot of money staying at hotels just outside of the city instead of staying in the actual city but that can be tricky without a mode of transportation. I'm not sure how far you want to go on the coast but Charleston, South Carolina is gorgeous! Last tip is I always use in a new city to find local restaurants, shops, parks, etc. I hope you guys get to do your road trip! I love the show Californication, David Duchovny is all kinds of dreamy. I haven't been up to much this week, just lots of shopping and going broke from said shopping haha.


    1. Thanks so much for these tips! I've always wanted to visit Charleston so I would really like to go down as far South Carolina. We were thinking of hiring a car for the trip, so staying a little bit outside of the city would be a great idea as it would be cheaper and we'd be able to drive to nearby places if we needed to. Now I just need to do some serious planning! xx


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