Outfit: Mint Kimono


glamorous floral kimono 3
glamorous floral kimono 2
glamorous floral kimono 1
glamorous floral kimono 4
glamorous floral kimono 5
Kimono: Glamorous*
Maxi Dress: H&M
Sandals: Primark

For ages, I had been admiring the pastels trend from afar but hadn't been brave enough to try it out yet. So when Glamorous contacted me asking if I'd like to review some of their clothing range I decided to go for something a little bit out of my comfort zone. Admittedly, I'm still wearing a lot of black so this outfit is very "me", but I'm loving the light pastel kimono to add a bit of summery-ness to an otherwise pretty plain outfit.

I wore this outfit at the weekend to lounge about outside in the sunshine and it was perfect for the warm weather. I hate going out without some kind of cardigan or jacket, even in the summer, so this kimono is great to chuck on top of a plain dress to instantly make it look you've put some effort into getting dressed! It's a lovely light, floaty material so is nice and cool in the hot weather (which sadly seems to have disappeared today - boo!). I really love the print on the kimono, it's a really pretty oriental floral design in mint and peach.

Because this maxi dress is quite floaty I've tied the kimono at the waist to give it a bit more shape. It would also look lovely untied on top of a bodycon dress or a tshirt and pair of bright trousers, I can't wait to experiment with some more adventurous outfits and try to step away from the black clothes this summer!

At the moment, Glamorous are offering free worldwide delivery, plus you can get 20% off using the code GLAMOROUS20. Perfect excuse to treat yourself to some new summer goodies!

Gillian x

Sunday Summary #22


1.Tiny wine 2.Post-exam Rekorderlig 3.Pear cider in the park 4.Dark Shadows 5.Blue Skies 6.Midori 7.Face 8.Cosmopolitans 9.Reading my favourite book in the sunshine 10.Impromptu picnic

I'm sure everyone is bored of weather chat by now, but can we just take a moment to appreciate how nice it's been this week?! I've spent most of this week lounging about in The Meadows, reading, eating picnic food and people watching in the sunshine. The warm weather has, however, made me realise that I have no nice summer clothes, a shopping trip is definitely in order soon! I haven't been shopping for months so I'm looking forward to having a look round the shops and hopefully finding lots of nice things to buy.

I had my last ever uni exam on Monday so I have spent a lot of time this week celebrating. One of my friends came to meet me outside the exam hall and brought me a mini bottle of wine which I cracked open straight away - got a few funny looks drinking that as I walked down the street at 11.30 on a Monday morning! Compared to how my social life has been for the last month or so, I've been so busy this week. Cinema on Monday night, out on Tuesday, dinner and out on Wednesday, a night off on Thursday and out again on Friday. This week it was the last ever night out at the student union, it was totes emosh. I've been pretty much every Saturday for the last four years and have so many good memories, it's going to be so weird not going there any more! I had such a good night, love all my pals so much. ❤

Apart from drinking too much and relaxing in the sunshine, I haven't been up to much else this week. It has been so nice to just be able to do nothing and not have to think about exams or dissertations or anything. I'm going to have to get organised next week though and start applying for jobs and postgrad courses. I'm still not sure what I want to do next year, so I think I'm just going to apply for anything and everything at the moment. The real world is too difficult, I think I'd rather be a student forever if I could haha!

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x

Wishlist: Summer Makeup


may makeup wishlist for summer
1.Benefit Eye Bright Pencil 2.Chanel Le Vernis in Distraction 3.Lily Lolo Mineral Shimmer in Stardust 4.Estee Lauder DayWear BB Creme 5.NARS Blush in Deep Throat 6.Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer 7.Benefit Cha Cha Tint

The sunshine and warm weather we've been having this week has made me want to ditch my usual makeup routine and go for something a bit brighter and lighter. I want to try and avoid using foundation as much as possible this summer, so a good concealer and a BB cream/tinted moisturiser will be essential. My favourite foundation is by Estee Lauder (Double Wear Light) so I'm hoping their DayWear BB cream will be up to standard. I haven't read many reviews of it on blogs though, so if you've done a review/read one recently please point me in the right direction!

As you can probably tell, I love all things coral and peach in the summer. I've never tried any of the NARS blushes but they're extremely popular with bloggers so I think I must be missing out! This shade looks so pretty and summery. I hardly ever bother painting my finger nails because I'm lazy and have horrible stubby wee nails, but I do always like to keep my toes looking nice in the summer so a nice bright nail polish, like Chanel's Distraction, is high on my wishlist at the moment too.

When the sun comes out, it makes me want to douse myself in highlighters for some reason! At the moment I'm loving Benefit Girl Meets Pearl and the Lily Lolo Mineral Shimmer I mentioned in my Lily Lolo review. My sample pot of Stardust has almost run out, so I will definitely be purchasing the full sized version soon. I've been wanting the Eye Bright pencil for ages now but have never got round to ordering it. I think it would be perfect for summer though as I can never be bothered to do proper eye makeup when it's hot, so something to make my eyes look big, bright and wide awake would be great.

Have you tried any of these products? What's on your summer makeup wishlist?

Gillian x

Review: Enrapture Encode Totem Styler


enrapture 4
enrapture totem 6
enrapture totem 5
enrapture 1
enrapture 2
enrapture 3
enrapture totem 7
White top: 1-2-1 brushed out. Pink top: 2-3-2 not brushed out.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few months, you'll have probably heard lots about Enrapture and their range of hair stylers. I've been after the Encode Totem styler for ages after seeing it on various blogs, but I was reluctant to shell out £75 for a curling iron (especially as I already have a curling iron and a curling wand, neither of which I use very often). I eventually found one on Ebay and managed to win the auction for under £50 which I was pretty happy with, but after having used it I would definitely say it was worth the money and wouldn't hesitate to pay full price for it now.

The Enrapture Encode Totem styler is different from other curling irons because of the three heat 'zones' on the barrel which you can change independently. The heat settings go from 1 to 3, with 1 giving a loose curl and 3 a tight one. This makes it so easy to create loose, beachy waves or big, bouncy curl without having to use lots of products or several different stylers. It has a flipper on it to make curling your hair quick and easy, or it can also be used as a curling wand (although it doesn't come with a heat-resistant glove which is pretty much essential if you want to use it as a wand).

I've only had mine for just over a week so I haven't tried out too many combinations, but my favourite so far is setting 1-2-1 then lightly brushed out. The pictures above were taken the very first time I used the Enrapture Encode Totem styler, so my hair still looks a bit messy - but I think it's pretty good for a first go, which shows just how easy the styler is to use. I have pretty much mastered the 'relaxed curl' look by now (either with 1-2-1 or 1-1-1) and have worn my hair curled instead of straight most days this week. For someone who is completely useless at styling hair, I can't believe how quickly and easily I can achieve nice curls. With a little bit of hairspray, they seem to last all day without dropping too much.

Overall, I really can't recommend the Enrapture Encode Totem Styler enough - it's quick, easy, and produced amazing curls. It takes me around the same time to do the relaxed curls as it does to straighten my hair - literally all you have to do is choose your heat setting, grab random sections of hair, curl it away from your face and hold for 10 seconds. Done!

Do you have any of the Enrapture stylers? What's your favourite combination?

Gillian x

Sunday Summary #21


1.Hot chocolate and marshmallows 2.Rain, rain, rain 3.Roast dinner 4.Pom Bear 5.Endless revision

Sorry for yet another very boring Sunday Summary post, but my life has been taken over by revision lately. I've had three exams so far and all of them have gone pretty well, so fingers crossed I'll get good marks for them. Only one more to go, can't wait for Monday at 11.30am when I will officially be finished with university! It feels like I haven't done anything remotely interesting or seen any of my friends for weeks, so the first thing I'm going to do once I'm finished is head straight to the pub for some well-deserved lunchtime drinks. I can hardly believe I'm almost finished four years of uni, it only seems like the other day that I was moving into halls and going to my first lecture. I'm applying for a couple of Masters courses at the moment, but I'm still not 100% sure if I want to do one or not so I'm keeping my eye out for potential jobs as well.

I feel like I've been neglecting the blog a bit recently, and I haven't had time to read my favourite blogs in ages. My Bloglovin' feed currently has 831 unread posts in it, eeeep! Hopefully I will have lots of time next week to catch up with it all. Reading blogs will definitely be a lot more fun than reading revision notes! I've been thinking about redesigning my blog layout as well, so now that I've got some spare time I might get started on that.

On a slightly different note, I recently got an email from the lovely people at Rekorderlig asking if I'd like to take part in a bloggers competition on their Pinterest page. Each blogger has a board to pin pictures to which they think represent Rekorderlig - whether fruity fashion inspiration, places that would be perfect for enjoying a glass of Rekorderlig, or food and drink ideas - and the most popular board will win an ASOS voucher at the end of the competition. If you have Pinterest and like what I've posted so far, I'd love it if you could follow my Rekorderlig Pinterest board! I've been wondering about doing a giveaway on the blog for a while so if I won think I would put some of the voucher towards giveaway prizes. You can also follow all my other pinboards here!

How has your week been?

Gillian x



1.Satin Dress 2.Turquoise Open Knit Top 3.Howlite Cross Necklace 4.Motel Oversize Mirror Print Top 5.Whistles Ultra Cateye Sunglasses 6.Orange Caged Wedges 7.Powder Rose Clutch Bag 8.Lightning Bolt Bracelet 9.Lavender High Waist Denim Hot Pants 10.Cutout Back Self-Stripe Flippy Dress

I'm feeling so uninspired by my wardrobe at the moment, it feels like I end up wearing the same few things all the time. I've just ordered a new chest of drawers for my bedroom so once they arrive hopefully that will motivate me to have a proper clear out of my wardrobe and get rid of all the things I never wear - and then I can start buying new things which I do like. As much as I love black clothes, I really want to wear lots of colour this summer and I think this wishlist definitely reflects my craving for sunshine!

I really love the print of the oversized Motel tshirt, and it would look great with the lavender shorts for an effortless and comfy summer outfit. The shorts are such a pretty colour and would look equally great with a plain white tshirt, or a bright colour-block top.

I really want a pair of cateye sunglasses although I'm reluctant to order them online as I've never actually tried a pair on before so I'm not sure if they would suit me. I love this Whistles pair as the cateye shape is quite subtle so I think they would look quite nice and not too much like something from a fancy dress costume!

As for accessories, I've got a bit of a thing for clutch bags at the moment and I don't really know why because I usually hate them. They're such a pain on a night out because you've either got to keep hold of it all night (usually I need both hands free for carrying drinks and/or keeping my balance as I try to walk down stairs!) or you end up putting it down somewhere and forgetting about it completely. I'm not usually a bracelet sort of person either, but I love this lightning bolt one from Ginger Pickle. It looks really dainty but a little bit edgy at the same time, which is very 'me'.

What's on your wishlist at the moment?

Gillian x

Sunday Summary #20


1.Adventures fund 2.Cherry tree 3.Takeaway pizza 4.Watching movies 5.New Enrapture curling iron 6.Loaded sweet potato skins and Mexican rice - yum!

Well, this has been another uneventful week in the life of me! The only thing I seem to do these days is read endless journals and books and attempt to make some revision notes. A week tomorrow I will be finished exams and will finally be free to do whatever I want, I cannot wait. I haven't made any proper summer plans yet but my flatmate and I are still hoping to go on an American road trip in July. Fingers crossed that we get organised and manage to save up some money before then! Has anyone done one before, any tips? We're thinking of starting in Boston and travelling down the east coast.

Aside from revision, all I've really been doing is watching TV and movies in my bed. I've just started watching Californication on Netflix and I'm loving it, have also been catching up on The Vampire Diaries, Game of Thrones and New Girl. I haven't even left the flat since Tuesday, how depressing is that?! I've got exams on Thursday, Friday and the following Monday so I have a feeling next week will look very similar to this one.

I've been wanting a pair of the Enrapture Encode Totem stylers for ages now, so when I spotted some on ebay I couldn't help myself and managed to win them for under £50. I've only used them twice so far but I am so in love with them - definitely worth investing in! I'm a bit useless when it comes to styling my hair (I can't even put my hair in a ponytail and still look like a normal human being - I'm serious) but curling my hair is so easy with these. Will definitely be posting a full review some time over the next couple of weeks once I've had a chance to experiment with them some more.

What have you been up to this week (hopefully something more exciting than me!)?

Gillian x

Outfit: Black Magic


black magic 7
black magic 6
black magic 5
black magic 3
black magic 2
black magic 1
black magic 4
Dress: Apricot via New Look
Necklaces: Bad Passion & Topshop
Rings: H&M, vintage, Claire's
Shoes: Schuh
Lipstick: MAC Russian Red

This seems to be my favourite going out dress at the moment, I wear it all the time. You really can't go wrong with an LBD, and this one's a little bit different from all my other black dresses because of the sheer sleeves and neckline, and velvety polka dots. I bought it from the Apricot concession in New Look a few months ago. Usually I don't pay much attention to the concession stands as they're generally full of tacky, horrible things but occasionally you do find a hidden gem. I've just had a look on Apricot's website and they also do a bird print version of this dress which I really want (mostly because I think the birds actually look like bats!) but I definitely DO NOT need another black dress in my wardrobe!

I'm letting out my inner goth in this outfit a bit, what with all the skulls and crosses and head-to-toe black. As much as I like cupcakes and flowers and pink things, this outfit definitely reflects another side of my personality. I love all things supernatural and morbidly fascinating, and my taste in music probably isn't what you'd expect from looking at my blog!

This outfit was from Saturday, can't believe it's Thursday already and I haven't got round to posting it. I had my first exam on Monday which went quite well, and since then I've just been revising for the next one. Trying to read the entire works of David Hume in 3 days is not going well!

Do you think your clothes reflect your personality?

Gillian x

Sunday Summay #19


1.Face 2. Strawberry laces 3.Curly hair 4.Thai red curry takeaway 5.Giant Kit Kat 6.Homemade fajitas 7.Sims Social wisdom 8.Daiquiris and Mexican food 9.Supermoon

Hello chums, how has your week been? Mine has mostly been filled with revision, yawn. My first exam is tomorrow, not looking forward to getting up early! I'm feeling pretty prepared for this exam so hopefully it should go well, but I've got another 3 exams to do after that, none of which I'm feeling very confident about at the moment. I've got a revision tutorial to go to on Tuesday though, so that should help me get organised. I can't wait until the 21st May when I will be done with 4th year!

It was my friend's birthday yesterday so we went out for a meal last night to a Mexican restaurant. I had enchiladas mole poblano which were so so good. Lots of margaritas and daiquiris were also consumed! Not being able to afford to eat out a lot is one of the things I don't like about being a student. If I was rich, I would eat out at least once a week - clearly I just love food too much.

I also ordered my dress for the graduation ball this week. It's a vintage mint green 50s prom dress and I think I'm a little bit in love with it! I ordered it from an American online store so it hasn't arrived yet, but should hopefully be here in a week or two. I've been on the lookout for a dress for a while, but it was so hard to find vintage dresses in larger sizes. I've lost count of the number of times I've refreshed Etsy and Ebay over the last few weeks! When I noticed this one and saw that it was in my size I took it as a sign of fate and ordered it straight away! Hopefully it will fit nicely once it arrives and I won't have to get it altered.

Apart from that life has been pretty boring, I've just been stuck in the flat typing up lecture notes and reading revision articles. What have you been up to?

Gillian x

Review: Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation


lily lolo 3
lily lolo 4
lily lolo 1
lily lolo 2
lily lolo 5

I've been using Lily Lolo mineral foundation for about 6 or so years and have mentioned it on the blog a few times, but have never done a full review before. A couple of weeks ago I was running low so placed an order and thought this would be the perfect time to post a review of my fail-safe favourite foundation. Lily Lolo is a company who specialise in mineral cosmetics, with everything from foundations to eyeshadows and lipglosses to makeup brushes. They're also cruelty free and use natural ingredients, which is always a good thing!

The mineral foundation comes in a loose powder form and I find it easiest to apply with a kabuki brush or a big fluffy powder brush, depending on whichever is closest! I would say the coverage is light to medium, but is very buildable. It's really easy to buff into your skin for slightly more coverage, but still keeping a natural finish. I find liquid foundations a nightmare to build up/reapply as they tends to go streaky or patchy, but buffing in a mineral powder foundation is so easy. I find the Lily Lolo foundation plus a little bit of concealer gives enough coverage for natural daytime makeup. If I'm having a particularly bad skin day or am going out at night I usually apply a bit of Estee Lauder Double Wear Light first then use the Lily Lolo foundation more like a finishing powder to give a flawless look - so I get double the coverage without having to cake my face in layers of makeup.

I think the range of shades is great, with 18 different colours available. I use the shade Blondie, which is described as a light neutral with balanced undertones and is a perfect match for my skin. I think this is the only foundation I've ever had where I haven't had to use the palest shade! The foundations also contain SPF15 which is great as I'm terrible at remembering to apply SPF on a daily basis. Once applied, the foundation does have pretty good staying power, although I find after a few hours it does need a quick top up in the T-zone. As it's completely natural, it feels really light on your skin so would be perfect if you have sensitive skin or are prone to breakouts.

When I placed my latest order I also got to choose two free samples. I went for a bronzer in Waikiki and a mineral shimmer in Stardust. Both are gorgeous shades and look great together for contouring and highlighting (I'm wearing both plus the foundation in the picture above). I really love the bronzer, it's quite a light golden-y colour once applied so works well with pale skin. I think it could definitely be a possible replacement for my all-time favourite bronzer, Benefit Dallas. The illuminating mineral shimmer is lovely too, I have been looking for a powder highlighter recently so I will definitely be purchasing the full size version of Stardust once the sample runs out.

Overall, I would really recommend Lily Lolo mineral foundation (and all the other products I've tried have been great so far too) as it gives gorgeous, buildable and natural looking coverage at the same time as being kind to your skin. It almost feels as if you're not wearing foundation at all, and is great for no-effort summer holiday style makeup. I think the fact I've been using it almost daily for about 5 or 6 years speaks volumes!

Have you tried any Lily Lolo products before? What do you think of mineral foundations?

Gillian x