Sunday Summary #17


1.Daffodils 2.View from the train journey home 3.Butteries and Nutella 4.Bumble bee in the garden 5.Kopparberg strawberry & lime cider 6.Tomatillo salsa

Sorry I haven't had a chance to post much on the blog this week, I seem to have been really busy doing not very much at all. I'm up visiting my parents in Aberdeen for a couple of weeks before my final exams start, so I'm taking the time to just relax and be a bit lazy before I have to start proper revision. Since I've been home my days mostly consist of snoozing until lunchtime, watching Bargain Hunt, playing with the dog for a wee while then sharing a bottle of wine with my parents while helping to make dinner, and before you know it it's nearly time for bed. Even though I have my laptop with me, I find I never really use it that much and it's nice to have a little bit of a break from Facebook and Twitter for a while! Although I have started playing the Sims Social this week and have become a little bit addicted, I wish more of my friend played it so I could get extra rewards haha!

My brother has just bought a new house so this week I've been helping do some painting and DIY-ing. I cannot wait for the day when I can buy my own house and decorate it nicely and fill it with lovely furniture, but sadly I don't see that happening any time soon! For that I would need a job and lots of savings, neither of which are looking too positive at the moment! I've pretty much decided (not 100% sure yet though...) that I want to do a Masters course next year, so that would mean at least one more year of being a student and living in a rented flat.

Apart from that I haven't really been up to much this week, but it has been so nice just to be able to relax for a while. All I've worn since I got home is pyjamas! My aunt and uncle are visiting this afternoon for a Sunday roast though, so it will be nice to see them. Roast dinners aren't really a big thing in my house, much to my dismay - I think I'm the only one in my family who likes them! - so we don't have them every week. Everyone in my family lives quite far away from each other as well, so we only usually have big meals and get-togethers at Christmas or New Year. So I'm really looking forward to a nice meal today, I'd better go and help chop vegetables and put things in the oven!

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


  1. What a gorgeous view from the train, that's one of the reasons why I love train journeys because some of the views are just incredible. I miss daffiolds in the states, while they have some over here they certainly aren't in the masses that you can find them in the UK. It makes me want to get a yard and plant so many of them!

  2. Such pretty pictures, lovely having more and more flowers coming out now! xx

  3. The view on your train is absolutely beautiful! It's been grey skies and puddles aplenty in Southampton - not ideal for photos. Good luck with your revision lovely, I'm starting my law revision 'properly' tomorrow and I'm utterly dreading it! xx

  4. Lovely photo's, I loooove Kopparberg! Ooh decroating sounds fun, I love interiors!

    joanne from

  5. Such pretty photos! What a lovely view from the train xo


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