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I bought the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation a few weeks ago but have waited until now to post a review of it as I couldn't make up my mind whether I like it or not. After all the hype I had heard about it I was expecting it to be a 'holy grail' kind of foundation. It's not a bad foundation by any means, but I think my expectations were too high and so I was quite disappointed by it. Obviously everyone's skin etc. is different though, so you might love it!

I got the shade 'Ivory' which is the lightest shade and unfortunately it's a little bit too dark for me. It looks okay once it's blended in and I put powder on top, but if I wear the foundation just on it's own it's noticeable. I originally bought this foundation as I thought it would be good for a no-effort summer foundation that doesn't look heavy or require lots of powder to keep it looking good, so the fact I can't wear it on it's own kind of defeats the whole purpose!

One thing I really like about this foundation is the scent - it's really fresh and a bit like cucumber or something. It's quite thick and almost gel-like so it feels moisturising on your skin, although instead of soaking into the skin like moisturisers do, it kind of just sits there and feels really tacky. When I touched my face it felt a bit like I had wet paint on my face, not so nice! I also find it tends to stick to dry patches and can look a bit cakey if it's not blended in really well. The coverage is medium and one large pump was enough to cover my whole face.

If you have oily skin I would probably avoid this foundation as it tends to 'slide' quite quickly. I have an oily t-zone and I find I need to re-power after a couple of hours. Rimmel claim the foundation will stay put for up to 10 hours, but I would completely disagree with this. Even if you don't have oily skin I think you would need to reapply after a few hours because the foundation is so dewy.

I actually prefer how the Wake Me Up foundation looks without powder, but because of its short staying-power and the fact that it's too dark means I can't really wear it alone. I think I will use up most of the bottle as it will be quite good for just quickly slapping on to go to the shops or to wear around the house if I've got friends coming over or whatever - times when I don't really care if my makeup's not looking perfect, but I don't want to go completely without makeup at all. Sometimes when I wear this foundation I look in the mirror and think 'yeah, actually this looks really nice', but then the next day I'll think completely the opposite.

Have you tried the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation? Did you love it or were you disappointed like me?

Gillian x


  1. Im in the same boat as you I like it but not my favourite. I use it as my backup when I feel I need a lighter coverage than normal. I did a review on it a couple of weeks back did you notice the glitteriness it has? That was one of my big things against it!


  2. I wanted to try this but because it's fragranced I think my skin might react to it. Doesn't sound as amazing as a lot of people make out though :-/ x

  3. I like the sound of the fresh scent which sounds like it'd be lovely on a hot summers day but the consistency doesn't sound too great! It's a shame they don't have more shades, I bet the ivory would be too dark on me as well!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  4. I've actually never heard of this foundation! At the moment I use a mix of a Maybelline foundation and the Garnier BB cream and it is working for me, so I'd probably avoid the Rimmel one for now...

  5. That's a shame! has some good points but I always stick with my doublewear. I always try new foundations but feel let down xx

  6. Ive just bought this and its hands down my favourite foundation of all time which I can't believe! Prefer it to Double Wear, MAC Studio Fix and even Dior Capture Totale! Can't believe it. Lovely review x

  7. Oh this is really interesting, I saw this in the chemist the other day and I hadn't seen any reviews for it so great to get one. I think I'm still a bit obsessed with my healthy mix serum, although I recently bought normal healthy mix and it is def not agreeing with me. (Boo)


  8. I got it about 2 weeks ago and have been using it nearly every day over my Mac one. Sometimes it works better for me than other times, depending on how dry my skin is.

    joanne from

  9. I really need to try a new foundation but I am reading so mmany dodgy reviews lately, I don't want to waste my money! It's a minefield!
    For what it's worth, you look fab in that last pic =)

  10. I must say this looks absolutely gorgeous on you! Shame you were disappointed xo

  11. It does look a tad dark, but your skin itself looks so glowy and nice. x

  12. U look so gorgeous! This foundation is amazing and ur skin looks so natural and pure :) x

  13. it looks lovely on you, even if it wasn't your color:( We don't have this in the states but if it does with all the reviews I've read, I'll probably try it!

  14. I bought the lightest shade aswell (ivory) and I found it is slightly to dark but I found that if you do want to wear it without powder then it looks much better if you buff it in with a foundation brush and then with your hands. i was also dissapointed with the result and still much prefer maybelline's dream range x


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