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Berber Oil Little Luxuries - Shampoo (75ml), Mask (75ml) & Oil (10ml)*

I first became aware of the Berber Oil collection by Osmo when I received a couple of things by them in the goody bag from the Scottish bloggers meet back in December. Haircare is never very high in my list of priorities so if I had seen these in a shop I probably wouldn't have bought them on a whim (like I do with makeup), but as I actually had the products at home I tried them out and loved them. I was recently sent the Berber Oil Little Luxuries set to review which contains a mini version of the shampoo, the mask and the oil itself.

The Berber Oil shampoo smells so nice (as do the other products), the scent reminds me of the cherry cola bottles you get in the pick & mix. The shampoo is supposed to act like a mild cleanser to hydrate hair and enhance shine. To be honest, my hair isn't particularly damaged or dry so I don't think the shampoo made a huge difference compared to my normal shampoo, but I enjoyed using it anyway. For me, the main selling point for a shampoo is the smell anyway, so that would probably be enough to make me want to buy it again!

I definitely noticed a difference in my hair when using the Berber Oil Mask, however. The Mask is a conditioner infused with natural oils to nourish and restore hair, increasing elasticity and shine. You can either use it as a daily conditioner after shampooing, or you can use it as a more intensive treatment by leaving it in for 5 minutes once a week. I can never be bothered conditioning my hair all the time because I am lazy and would rather have an extra 10 minutes in bed in the morning, so the weekly treatment is perfect for me! My hair felt so soft and smooth after using the Berber Oil Mask, and it made my hair feel much more manageable.

The Berber Oil is the 'main attraction' of this range, even though it comes in a tiny bottle! It's a nourishing oil treatment designed to strengthen and repair tired and dull hair. It contains Argan oil as well as Vitamin E and other natural oils, like avocado and olive. I'm no hair expert, but it seems like quite a similar product to Moroccanoil which I've heard a lot of bloggers talking about recently. The full size Berber Oil (100ml) is around £10 cheaper than Moroccanoil, so seems like a good alternative! I had never used a hair oil before as I didn't think my hair really needed it and I was worried it would just weigh my hair down and make it greasy. But that doesn't happen at all, the Berber Oil makes my hair feel really silky and strong, as well as giving it more bounce. My hair is usually quite flat but it now it feels like it has a lot more body and it sits much more nicely.

Overall I would really recommend Berber Oil products, and I think the Little Luxuries set is great as a starter kit to try out the products. It would also be great for taking on holiday or if you were going away somewhere as the mini bottles are a great size for shoving in your bag if you're short of space. Berber Oil products are available from Sally's stores and selected salons.

Have you tried any hair oil treatments?

Gillian x


  1. I've always been really hesitant to use hair oil treatments incase they make my hair too greasy looking! But the silky and strong characteristics of this sound really promising :) xx

  2. wow your hair looks insanely gorgeous- i really want to try this now! amazing review hun :)

    Jordan xx
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  3. Your hair looks amazing, although it always does!
    I never like to use 'oils' or similar on my hair because it is so fine, I always think it will look greasy! But I have seen a couple of positive reviews on this so maybe it's worth a try!

  4. You hair looks like an advertisement -- long, thick, and healthy! I would be interested in trying out the Berber line. I haven't seen it on shelves in The States. Also, given that argan oil is an ingredient, I would say the Berber oil is probably similar to Moroccanoil. If you look at the ingredients of most of these oils, you'll find that the first few ingredients are silicones, followed by the essential oils!

  5. I've got these to review too and am feeling quite positive about them so far - I have shit hair so anything that has lot of moisture and stuff helps a little bit. Your hair is GORGEOUS though!x


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