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1.Chorizo and mixed bean soup 2.Chicken Chasseur and potatoes with mashed turnips, baby cabbage and carrots 3.Chocolate digestive bar 4.Chicken tikka masala with broccoli and carrots

I've now reached the end of my two week Jenny Craig trial and thought I would share my thoughts on the diet food plan. Overall, I've enjoyed the experience and it has taught me a lot about how I eat and what I need to change. However, there are a few negative points which would put me off using the Jenny Craig as a long-term diet plan.

  • Everything is planned out for you so you don't need to worry about counting calories or working out which foods to have on which days. This also means doing grocery shopping is really easy as you know exactly what and how much you need to buy.
  • There is noticable weight/inch-loss. Obviously I've only be doing the plan for two weeks (and I have been naughty and had a few extras here and there) so I haven't seen massive results, but if you stuck to the plan I think you would definitely lose quite a bit of weight over time.
  • On the whole, the food tastes good. I don't usually eat a lot of microwave meals so I was a bit worried that it would taste really fake and unappealing. There were a couple things which I didn't like at all, but most of the food was quite good and you get a lot of 'flavourings' for free (e.g. ketchup, chilli sauce, balsamic vinegar, herbs & spices) so you can add things to jazz up your meals.
  • Weekly calls with your consultant help to motivate you to stick to the plan. They can also help provide you with useful advice if you're struggling with any aspect of the diet, so it feels like you're getting a lot more support and encouragement than if you were just doing the plan alone.
  • Doing the plan has really made me notice how much I don't miss pasta, rice, noodles etc. Instead of adding lots of carbs to your meals, Jenny Craig encourages you to add vegetables instead. I am definitely going to continue doing this in the future as I like vegetables anyway and I would imagine this would make quite a big difference to your overall diet.

  • It can get boring very quickly as it feels like you're eating the same things all the time. For the two week period all my evening meals were different, but a lot of the breakfasts, lunches and snacks were the same. I found this particularly to be a problem when I had 'milk portions' to add to me menu. Most people would probably use some of that portion in a cup of tea/coffee, milk with cereal, or just a glass of milk to drink but I don't like milk so the only thing I could use to fill up my milk portion was yoghurt. I like yoghurt, but not when I have to eat up to 3 pots of it a day!
  • As the menu is pre-planned there is little opportunity to adapt things or eat whatever you fancy on a particular day. If you get half way through the day and decide you really want curry for dinner, if you've already eaten breakfast and lunch then you have to eat whatever that day's evening meal is, you can't just swap it for curry from another day instead.
  • With some diets you get a certain number of points/calories to use throughout the day but can pretty much eat whatever you want (within reason), but with Jenny Craig you can't add in small portions of your favourite foods.
  • The menu plan is really easy to follow if you're at home or in your office all day, but if you are going to be out and about during the day it can be difficult to eat the right things at the right time. Almost all the lunches require a microwave so if you don't have access to one at lunchtime it's impossible to eat the correct food. I think it would be a really good idea for Jenny Craig to introduce more cold lunches (pasta salads, couscous etc.) or perhaps provide calorie-controlled recipes for sandwiches that you could make yourself and pop in your lunchbox to prevent you from buying ready-made sandwiches.
  • For me, the plan is too expensive to consider using it long-term. Just now it costs £38.50 per week, and I had to spend around £15 on top of that on grocery items like fruit, vegetables, yoghurt, bread etc. As a student I really can't justify spending £50-60 per week on food when my usual shop costs no more than £25.

So, in conclusion, if you're the sort of person who is good at sticking to plans and is motivated not to stray towards your favourite unhealthy foods, and you feel comfortable spending quite a large amount of money on food, this would be a great plan and I think it would definitely work. For me, however, I like going out for dinner, having nights out with lots of cocktails, and treating myself to the occasional takeaway or slice of cake, plus I love cooking and making my own meals from scratch, so I don't think this plan would work for me over a long period of time.

What are your thoughts? Would you ever try a plan like Jenny Craig?

Gillian x


  1. I totally wound- because I'm not a good cook :) and I love food!
    Great photos anbd review!

  2. Everything looks so yummy! These kind of plans look great xx

  3. enny Craig is great as a support group, but the food products are more hype than anything else. Most of the JC meals and snacks are full of sodium and preservatives. Not healthy! I've actually had much more success with a diet meal delivery (The meals I get are prepared fresh and then frozen. No preservatives!).
    Over the past year I've lost over 70lbs by eating healthier and increasing my activity.

    I was so proud of myself I even made a website to share what worked for me (Ok and maybe to brag a little bit and show off the new me :-))

    Check out what I did @


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