Jenny Craig: Week 1


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1.Chickpea tagine with spicy Mediterranean vegetables and salad 2.Chocolate & wholewheat cereal 3.Thai red curry noodle pot 4.Sweet and sour chicken with stir-fried vegetables

I'm now half way through my Jenny Craig trial so I thought I would share my progress and how I've found the plan so far. The diet food is pretty much as I expected; some of it is quite nice but some of it is pretty bland and unappealing. I seem to have used quite a lot of chilli sauce to try and add flavour to things! The only things which I really really haven't enjoyed so far are the sachets of porridge and the pea and ham soup - but that's just because I don't like porridge or peas! My favourite things on the menu are probably the noodle pots you get for lunch. They come in quite a few different flavours, all of which have been good so far.

The thing that surprised me the most about the Jenny Craig plan is the fact that I seem to be constantly eating. As soon as I've finished my breakfast it's time for a snack and by then it's almost lunch time. I'm not a morning person at all and rarely have breakfast (and if I do it would just be a bagel or slice of toast at 10/11am-ish) so the thought of having to eat, for example, a bowl of cereal, some grapes, a yoghurt, a banana, a bowl of soup with a slice of bread, and a salad all before 1pm is a bit overwhelming! I also find it quite difficult to eat all my allotted snacks and meals if I'm not actually hungry, but it's important to eat throughout the day to keep up your metabolism. I'm definitely usually guilty of not eating very much during the day and then having a big evening meal and lots of snacks while watching TV at night, so having a planned menu has definitely made me more aware of when/what I'm eating.

Vegetables are 'free' foods (as in, you can eat as many as you like) so I tend to cook quite a lot of vegetables to go with my evening meal to bulk it up a bit. Usually I would bulk it up with pasta or rice, but in the future I'm going to try to use vegetables instead. I thought I might get a bit bored eating the same vegetables every day, but I've actually ended up having something different each night. Some nights you get a 'portion' of fat, starch or protein to add to your meal which allows you to do stir-fries or add a bit of butter to your vegetables etc.

I've been quite good at sticking to the plan this week as the only extra food I've had is a Kit Kat on a couple of evenings. It all went to pot last night though as I went out for a meal (burger and chips, oops!) and lots of cocktails, I don't want to think about how many calories that added on! As for weight loss, I've lost about 2lbs this week (I think, I don't really trust my scales!) and 1 inch from my bust, 1 inch from my waist and nothing from my hips. To be honest, I wasn't really expecting there to be a huge change as I have done practically no exercise this week. I know weight loss is a slow process and you have to put a lot of effort in, but I'm not sure I care enough about losing weight to do a plan like this full time. I would like to be a bit thinner but, at the same time, I like nice food and going out for meals more!

Do you tend to snack throughout the day or just eat main meals? Would you ever use a diet plan like Jenny Craig?

Gillian x


  1. As a student, plans are these are so impractical for me! I just decide to go eat somewhere in the moment and having these planned meals would be such a chore for me! Maybe when i'm older but for now it's not too appealing to me!

  2. I think I would struggle on a plan like this too, as eating out is my favourite thing! I would also miss cooking my own meals. I've done Weightwatchers in the past and think it's the way to go, as you can eat anything as long as you stay within your points. So that burger and the cocktails could be balanced out! My eating habits are similar to yours - major night time snacker!

  3. I tend to be a snacker as I can't really eat a lot in one go!

  4. for diet food this looks pretty good!

  5. I'm such a fussy eater I couldn't do a diet plan, at the moment I eat what I like but don't eat anything after 7pm I don't know how healthy that is but its made me cut out alot of junk I was eating before and I've noticed a huge difference in my sleeping patterns, energy and appearance!


  6. The noodle pot looks good! I'm terrible for not eating much during the day then eating a big evening meal and snacking all night, I think something like this would help me eat more sensibly. I think it might be a bit too restrictive for me though as I'm vegetarian. I definitely need to start eating healthier, got a friends wedding coming up and I can't seem to stop eating everything in sight!

    Caroline x
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  7. OooOooh, yum, the first and last pic - YUMMY! I eat loads, lots of snacks and usually one meal a day! =\ xx

  8. Ooh some of this looks yummy! I get fully really quickly, I tend to eat a little and often, so snacks would be well received by me!! :)

  9. 2lb in one week is amazing! The food actually looks quite yummy. I think the diet would be quite good for me because I snack so much in the day!

    Sophie x

  10. I really fancy trying this out - it takes all the hassle out in terms of you just eat what you're given, the only thing that worries me is that it doesn't 100% stop me running to the shop for chocolate - I think I need to employ diet police :L But that's my willpower problem, nothing to do with any actual diet plan :L

  11. The food looks great! Good luck with it xo

  12. Your veggies look so good, I always seem to end up with a sad looking pile of lettuce on the edge of my plate; didn't think of doing stir fried veggies so will definitely be trying that (I only have ten days left, but over four weeks). I know what you mean about the regular eating, I don't think there's been any days I've eaten as much fruit/yoghurts/milk as they've recommended!xxx

  13. Hey lovely - sorry if you've answered this before but what camera/lens do you use? Great work with Jenny Craig! x

    1. No problem, I use a Panasonic Lumix G3 with a 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 lens :) x

  14. I did Diet Chef for 3 months last year - it started off well and I thought the food was pretty good, but after a month or so I started to get bored with it and the food was tasting more and more bland as I went on. I started falling off the wagon in month 2, and the worst thing was, because I didn't have any other food in the house to make meals if I decided to skip a dinner then I would end up getting a takeaway rather (falling off the wagon in style ;) ). I'd lost about a stone in the first month but gradually put it all back on over the next 2 months as I really struggled to stick with it. I spent about £600 in total over the 3 months on the Diet Chef plan and totally regret it now, I'd have been better off just doing a diet my own way - eating healthier along with joining the gym (which is what I'm now doing). Bit gutted it didn't work out for me, but I think plans like Jenny Craig and Diet Chef would work well if you've got the dedication. I just lack the discipline unfortunately! :)

  15. Lord knows I snack on too much crap during the day!

    Well, I tried Weight Watchers a long while back and it worked pretty well (amazingly in fact) but I seriously struggled to eat all the food which equaled my allowed points!

  16. This actually looks really nice!

    Maria xxx

  17. Yummy :)
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment!!


  18. I'm doing Slimming World at the moment and feel like I'm doing a lot of eating too! It's great as I'm losing weight gradually and in a healthy way but I still have days where I go awol and munch my way through all manner of junk food! Overall though, it's certainly improved my eating habits.Rx


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