Sunday Summary #11


1.New DVDs 2.Pints 3.Goody bag from IWD event 4.Homemade popcorn 5.Sweet chilli chicken & salad baguette

Seriously cannot believe it's Sunday again already, this week has gone so fast. Sorry there has been a bit of a lack of activity on the blog lately, my dissertation is due in 3 weeks so that (plus all my other uni work) is taking up most of my time these days. Can't wait to be finished and have a bit of a holiday - but then it's back to studying for exams in May!

I seem to have had a pretty busy social life this week as well, which makes a change. As all my friends have lots of uni work to do too, we usually go out on Saturday nights but that's about it. This week I was out with my friends on Wednesday night, went through to Glasgow for the IWD Blogger Meet on Thursday, then on Saturday Lauren came through to Edinburgh for a wee visit. We went for dinner at Wannaburger (bacon cheeseburger with jalepenos - YUM) then came back to my flat for drinks with some of my friends before heading out to the student union for lots of dancing. This was inevitably followed by a trip to the chip shop at 3am on the way home, and then a hungover lunch in McDonald's today. Sorry for ruining your diet Lauren haha!

On the way back from lunch this afternoon I had a look round HMV and treated myself to a couple of DVDs. As much as I love the easiness of watching films with Netflix, I still love to buy DVDs to add to my collection. I've never seen either of these films before but I've heard they're both good. Now I just need to decide which to watch tonight - Scott Pilgrim or Zombieland?

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


  1. Ah Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, my absolute favourite! Definitely watch it tonight! xo

  2. I really want to see Scott Pilgrim I've heard loads of good things about it off various people I know. Let me know if it's any good :) x

  3. I love these posts. It's half 12 at night and I still think that baguette looks amazing!

  4. Scott Pilgrim is such a good (and also very random) film! Hope you like it as much as I do :) x

  5. Your post just made me very hungry indeed!! Need to get through to the 'burgh and try Wannaburger:) Let us know how you get on with the films, not seen either...

    Caz x

  6. Scott Pilgrim!!
    I drank silly amounts of vodka and then went to Harvester last night and went mental at the salad bar on the bread rolls. Bad weekend x

  7. I love Scott Pilgrim although my boy has issues with it because it's not like the comic [or something] and my does that sarnie look good!

  8. Both films are awesome :) xx

  9. Both amazing films, but Scott Pilgrim wins hands down - hope you enjoyed it!

  10. Oh my god, that sandwich looks so good, I want it right now! x

  11. I can't stop dreaming about wannaburger....


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