Sunday Summary #10


1.Pretty Chambord bottle 2.Thai red curry 3.Pick 'n Mix from the cinema 4.Discoball 5.Homemade margaritas

Well this week has been another pretty uneventful one, uni work is definitely getting in the way of having fun at the moment! Did manage to have a night out last night though which involved rather a lot of homemade cocktails. I think it's safe to say my measures are a little bit bigger than bar measures! Sundays might as well just not exist for me, I can't remember the last time I did anything productive on a Sunday. Still haven't managed to get out of my bed yet and it's nearly 4 o'clock, oops!

Earlier in the week my flatmate and I took advantage of Orange Wednesdays and went to the cinema to see The Muppets. I really enjoyed it, would definitely recommend it! I wasn't expecting it to be so good, but it was really funny and I loved that some of the songs were written by Bret McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords fame - one of my favourite TV shows ever! We also went out for dinner before the film and had yummy Mexican food and margaritas.

Saving for the America holiday fund is going pretty well so far, it's amazing how much money I'm saving just by cancelling all my subscriptions/memberships for things I don't really need. Finally admitted to myself that I am the laziest person ever and I'm never going to go back to the gym, so that has been cancelled! I've got loads of stuff up on ebay which is ending tonight (take a look here!) so that'll add a fair bit to the fund too. And that's just the tip of the iceberg, I've got sooo much more stuff to put on ebay. It's ridiculous the amount of clothes I have that I never wear!

Have you been up to anything exciting this week?

Gillian x


  1. I saw 'The Muppets' the other week and loved it, especially the 'Man or Muppet' song! I'm a big conchords fan too and was so pleased Bret won an oscar for it! I got pick n mix in a cup yesterday, amazing as you can fit so much in but bad as I can't stop eating it!
    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  2. mmmmm pick n mix :) Really want to see the Muppets too!
    x x x

  3. Haha I do enjoy your drunken tweets and that bottle is very pretty!

  4. That Raspberry liqueur looks amazing! Really want to attempt my own cocktails, are they cheaper than buying them in a bar? Sounds like a good week overall :) x

    1. I would definitely say it's cheaper, you should go for it! All you need is a couple of kinds of fruit juice, some lemons/limes, lemonade and a couple of spirits/liquers, and you can pretty much make anything from that! xx

  5. Chambord is one of my favourite drinks, I love it with lemonade and the bottles are amazing!

    Maria xxx

  6. Omnom, Thai red curry! Well done with your saving too, I've been horrific with my spending/saving recently, bought Benefit's Hervana on impulse by accident :P

  7. I'm exactly the same. I'm shocked at how many clothes are in my wardrobe that I don't wear. I need to put so much on ebay!

    Sophie x

  8. That bottle really is pretty! and I want pick n mix so badly now. Well done on your holiday fund too! xo

  9. I haven't managed to see the Muppets yet, but I will definitely be front of the line when we screen it at my work!
    I love that Man or Muppet won an Oscar. Bret McKenzie is awesome.

  10. I always go overboard when I mix my own drinks too, it's hard not to. Black Raspberry liqueur sounds so good! How have I not tried this yet? I'd run off to the store now but it's too early... blast. I heard 'The Muppets' was really good, even from sources I would not have expected to say so. I admire anyone who can save, I'm not good at saving money, however I'm very good at spending (:


  11. Super cute pictures! Ah I really want to see the muppets too, nothing beats Kermit and Miss piggy, haha! X


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