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A couple of weeks ago I went to Boots to buy the new Wake Me Up foundation (more on that another day!) and when I noticed Rimmel was on a 3-for-2 offer I picked up my favourite liquid eyeliner (GlamEyes in black) as well and had a look for something else to treat myself to. I was in a bit of a rush so just picked up the first thing that caught my eye, which was the 1000 Kisses lip tint. I didn't have time to test out all the colours so I just went for the one that the packaging looked the most like a "me" sort of colour, and ended up with the shade Carry On Cherry. Once I got it home and tested it out it ended up being a much darker colour than I was expecting, but I actually quite like the colour so I'm glad I ended up with this one.

Rimmel claims that the 1000 Kisses lip stain will give you long-lasting, kiss-proof colour which won't fade or transfer. Unfortunately I didn't have a boy handy to test out the 1000 kisses claim on, but it held up pretty well to a morning's wear plus a sandwich and lots of water at lunchtime! I did reapply after lunch as it was starting to fade a bit, but I wasn't expecting it to last all day. I don't mind reapplying lip products once or twice throughout the day as I think it would have to be a pretty amazing product to be able to last from first thing in the morning to last thing at night!

As for the application itself, the felt-tip pen makes it really easy to get even and precise colour. At the other end of the pen is a lip balm to help moisturise lips and lock in the colour. As with all lip stains, the colour tends to make any patches of dry skin really noticeable so it's a good idea to use a lip scrub (like Lush Pow Wow) before applying. The product was much more pigmented than I was expecting, which was a pleasant surprise. From the outer packaging, I thought the shade Carry On Cherry was going to be more of a peachy/coral/red shade but when it's applied to the lips it's much deeper red, almost leaning towards plum/purple.

I know scented makeup isn't to everyone's tastes, but I personally love it. I think the 1000 Kisses smells a bit like FAB ice lollies, amazing! The only thing I would be worried about with this product is how long it will last before drying out, but I suppose that's something only time will tell. I won't be too bothered if it doesn't last that long though as it's less than £7 in Boots at the moment, and technically I got it for free anyway!

Have you tried the 1000 Kisses lip stain yet? Do you prefer lip stains or lipstick?

Gillian x


  1. I liked the looks of this product before, and now I like it even more after seeing it on you!

  2. Ooh I saw these in boots in the other day! The shade looks lovely on you, and anything that smells like fab ice lollies is a winner for sure! :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  3. I wanna try this one!!! I already have Max Factors one when it first came out 2 years ago. Thanks for the fab review, I'll have a more of a look at these when next in boots! :) xo

  4. Lovely shade on you suits your dark hair and pale complexion, was skeptical about these! maybe i'll try them now! xx

  5. This looks amazing! Brilliant review xo

  6. So pretty! Perfect color for Spring!!

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    ox from NYC!


  7. It's certainly a lovely colour on you. I like the idea of a lipbalm on the end, it would save carrying multiple lip products in your bag! :) xo

  8. the color looks gorgeous on you! i like lipstains, they're fun and easy :) xx

    my blog: boho vanity

  9. You are so damn pretty! Love this colour on you x

  10. I really want to try this out now, I love wearing lippies that don't require much retouching!

    Le Material Girl

  11. Awww! This shade really suits your colouring. It's very pretty!

    I've not tried any brand of lipstains as yet, bit concerned they'll make my lips dry like lipcote used to!!
    Smelling like Fab ice lollies is a definite plus point though :D xx

  12. Such a gorgeous colour :) Next time I'm in boots I'll pick one up! I'm going on holiday in a month and a bit so this would be perfect instead of lipsticks :)

    Love, Rcahel

  13. Gillian, you look beautiful! that colour suits you really well. i haven't tried lip tints before, but you may have just twisted my arm into purchasing one.. x

  14. I really want to try a good lipstain and this sounds perfect! I've always worn lipstick but my best friend has been trying to convert me to the Maxfactor lip stain for a while.

  15. This sounds amazing, the colour is gorgeous on you! I really want to pick one up xx

  16. The color looks so cute on you, I liked it so much


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