International Women’s Day Blogger Get Together


Yesterday I headed through to Glasgow for a blogger get together organised by Kirsty in aid of International Women’s Day. Not only was it lovely to meet other Scottish bloggers but it was a great chance to donate to some money to a very worthy cause. You can read more about how Oxfam are helping women across the world (and you can donate via the website too!) over on Oxfam’s International Women’s Day website.

The event was held in Hillhead Bookclub which was a great venue with a relaxed atmosphere and really nice decor. Will definitely be visiting again if I’m back in Glasgow any time soon! The event itself consisted of a quiz, clothes swap, manicures, raffle and bake sale (all the lovely cakes were made by Rani, yum!) and of course lots of chatting! It was so nice to catch up with some of the girls I met at the last Scottish blogger meet up in December, as well as meeting lots of new people. It’s amazing how easy it is to chat to everyone, even though you’ve never met you feel like you already know each other! Hopefully I’ll see you all again soon, I definitely think it’s Edinburgh’s turn for the next meet up! Feel free to add me on Twitter for a chat.

Hope everyone had a great night, and thank you to Kirsty and Rani for organising everything. Also big thanks to Lilith for rescuing me from my train trauma haha!

Gillian x


Freelance social media and digital marketing consultant with a penchant for writing blog posts, drinking sickly sweet cocktails and exploring the cobbled streets of Edinburgh.


  • Lilith says:

    Ooh your photos came out really nicely. I agree it was a lovely night. No problem at all for the rescue, haha. If you're ever in Glasgow again for anything feel free to stay! 🙂

  • Looks like a great night, and those cakes look so yummy!

    Sophie x

  • Rachael says:

    Looks like you had a great time, jealous of all those yummy goodies!

  • P says:

    It was a great night; I feel bad I didn't really get a chance to chat to many people though.

  • Kirsty says:

    Thanks for the post Gillian! Glad you all came and had a nice time. Defo Edinburgh next!! xx

  • Rachel P says:

    This sounds like such a great idea and the venue looks gorgeous! x

  • jazxo says:

    Lovely photos! xo

  • Rach says:

    You got some great photos! Gutted I didn't get to speak to more people! Must have another meet up soon!

  • That sounds great, the venue is amazing!!

  • Love your blog, I'm following now 🙂 Feel free to check out mine and enter my Boohoo Giveaway!

    Laura x
    Petit Chatons

  • Gem says:

    cake and a good natter, what can be better than that? sounds lovely x

  • Caroline says:

    It sounds like a great night, the cakes look delicious! x

  • Laura says:

    Looks amazing! Glad you had a good time.

    Laura x

  • Carol says:

    Fab post and fab night! Apologies I didn't get to talk to you, very new to any sort of blogger event so was a bit shy;)

    Caz x

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