Sunday Summary #9


1.Shots 2.Pizza 3.Sneak preview of Forever Jewellery goodies, blog post coming soon! 4.Ebaying my wardrobe 5.New bargain hi tops

I've noticed a distinct pattern happening with my Sunday Summary posts - all I seem to do is moan about how I'm a bit hungover and how bored I am of writing my dissertation! I did indeed go out last night, but I'm feeling surprisingly bright and breezy so I've had a (sort of) productive day. Which makes a change from my usual Sunday routine of lying in my bed with the blinds closed, watching a film and trying not to move my head! As for the dissertation, I've finished writing another chapter so only have one chapter and the conclusion left to write of the first draft.

On Thursday I met up with Zoe and we headed to the pub for a catch up and a couple of drinks. This inevitably turned into shots and we ended up going out, it's always the way! I'm looking forward to Lauren coming down to visit us in a couple of weeks, I'm sure Zoe and I will manage to show her the sights (i.e. bars) of Edinburgh! Trying to decide where to go on a Saturday night is proving difficult though, the only place I ever seem to go nowadays is the student union. I'm going to be so sad once I graduate and can't go to the infamous Big Cheese anymore! :'(

This week I've been busy tidying out my wardrobe and sorting out things to sell on ebay. It's ridiculous the amount of stuff I have that's never been worn, so I'm being ruthless and trying to get rid of as much as possible. Have a look here to see what I'm selling, most stuff is starting at 99p, bargain! Lots of dresses in sizes 12, 14 and 16, and if you mention the blog/twitter I'll give you a cheeky wee discount!

I've recently signed up to Pinterest and I can see how it could quickly become addictive! I'm always looking for more people to follow, does anyone have an account? You can see my profile here. I also signed up to HelloCotton this week. Let me know if you have an account there too, here's mine!

What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


  1. Love a bit of Pizza Express!

  2. I've been selling things on ebay takes ages to photograph everything, but worth it when all of the pennies come in:)

    Sophie x

  3. MMMM pizza! I love the grey coat you have on ebay but is it really massive?

    Maria xxx

    1. It is pretty big, I'd say it's much more like a 16 than a 12 - and it doesn't help that it's already meant to be an oversized style as well! So gutted it's too big for me as it's gorgeous! xx

  4. A summary of anyone's weekend wouldn't be the same without a slight moaning about being hungover ;-). Ooo, can't wait to see your Forever Jewellery goodies! :-D xx

  5. Looks like I'm not the only one taking advantage of free listing weekend! Love your hi-tops, I never wear mine enough because they're so bright. Also well done on the dissertation progress, sounds like it's coming along really well!

  6. Hi I go to Edinburgh uni too and I've still never been the Big Cheese! Outrageous right?!
    If you are looking for somewhere to go on Saturday's, I work at this club 'The Shack' (El Barrio's sister club on Rose St) it's 70s/80s and crazy popular on Saturdays especially with uni students! I'm not just being biased :)

    Love the hi tops too, just wish I could pull them off!

  7. Loving these shoes they are so so awesome
    Good luck with the dissertation !!


  8. I've just had a big selling binge on ebay, made £150 so was worth it :-)
    I think I have that same peach dress sat in my wardrobe that I barely ever wear either... New Look?
    I too have just joined Pinterest... kate1605, come find me! I'm looking for new people to follow too :)

  9. Whoa, those kicks are bright. Talking about your dissertation every week isn't necessarily a bad thing -- take pride in how hard you're working! Most people in university have the same sort of responsibilities week to week.

    Can't wait to see a post with those hi-tops!

  10. Ah I love eBay, going to check yours out now! xo

  11. love your hi tops, I bought some ages ago and never know what to wear them with because I don't have jeans. Been sitting in my cupboard for ages x

  12. Ooh I need to sell some stuff too! Will def take a look at yours.
    And who doesn't love a good Pizza Express Sloppy?! :)

    Rosie x


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