Sunday Summary #8


1.New shoes 2.Domino’s feast 3.Road trip? 4.Me & two litres of wine (doesn’t look that big here, but seriously SO MUCH WINE) 5.Tequila time

I was going to post this much earlier but to be honest all I’ve managed to do this afternoon is lie on the sofa and watch TV, mostly thanks to the two litre bottle of wine pictured above! Had a great night out but I’m definitely paying for it today. Even going out for lunch and having a cheeseburger and massive plate of chips didn’t help, currently surviving on ibuprofen and lucozade!

My flatmate and I have been wanting to go on holiday for the last couple of summers but have never managed to organise it, but as we’re graduating this year we figured it was now or never. We’re hoping to go on a road trip around parts of the USA, which is something I’ve always wanted to do. Whether or not this will actually happen or not is another matter, but I am SOOOO desperate to go! It would cost a small fortune but would be such an amazing ~experience~ so I really hope I’ll be able to save enough money to do it. This means cancelling my beauty box subscriptions, no more buying clothes whenever I fancy it, and I’ll be selling as much stuff as possible on ebay. Have any of you been or a road trip or done anything similar – I’m looking for as much help/advice as possible!

Other than my new road trip obsession (I’ve started making a playlist already, so prepared), this week hasn’t been very exciting. Still plodding on with the dissertation, I’m now half way through my first draft so hopefully I’ll get the rest written next week then I can relax a bit. It’s not due in until the start of April but once I’ve got the first draft finished it will take the pressure off a bit and I can concentrate on my essays/coursework.

Please tell me some of you went out this weekend too and are also suffering today?! What have you been up to this week?

Gillian x


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  • Gabriele says:

    wow a great sunday! the pizzaaaaas!<333 🙂
    Love the heels.
    Mind following me on bloglovin? 🙂

  • I had lots of cocktails, which were quite strong but somehow I've remained sober all weekend! That 2 litre bottle of wine looks amazing though, where did you find it?! Your roadtrip sounds amazing, I'd love to do it but I don't think I'd be brave enough! Hope it all goes to plan x

    • gillian says:

      Thank you, keeping my fingers crossed!
      My flatmate acquired it from his parents, I think it was from Majestic Wine. Needless to say, I am never drinking wine again haha! x

  • Julia says:

    Wow at the shoes! where are they from?

    • gillian says:

      They're from Carvela at Kurt Geiger, I'm sure they will be appearing in an outfit post very soon! x

  • carmen xo says:

    I wish I was suffering today cause it means I would have been out this weekend having fun!
    those heels are actually amazing. the colour is wow.

    carmen xx

  • Alyse says:

    Didn't go out this weekend, but definitely suffering from a back log of work. The boy and I are planning a road trip across the USA, too. Maybe we'll bump into each other! x

  • Gem says:

    Urgh, don't even talk about wine. Don't want to see it ever again haha hangover from hell today.
    My friends did a USA tour and they said that all the southern State are the best, way more fun that CA xx

  • Maria says:

    Those shoes are amazing! I had a 9 hour (!) shift at work today so no wine for me 🙁

    Maria xxx

  • Caroline says:

    your drunk tweets were making me lol last night so glad you had a good time haha. i would love to go on a road trip across america! i've been to new york before i bet it'd be dead interesting to check out all the smaller places too. seems like it would definitely be worth the sacrifice of not spending any money in the meantime xx

  • Oooft, the shoes!

    Catherine, XO.

  • Boho Vanity says:

    i love those shoes! dominoes is so yummy xx

    My Blog: Boho Vanity

  • a blog post containing shoes and pizza and wine = a good thing in my books, i love all 3!! x

  • Caroline says:

    Those shoes look gorgeous! 🙂 Haha re the giant wine, I've not seen it in such big bottles before! A road trip around the US sounds amazing, definitely worth saving up for!

    Caroline x

  • Rachel P says:

    Kurt Geigers!!! Ahh they look fab 🙂 your road-trip sounds like a great idea! x

  • Raz says:

    Your drunk tweets are the best, hahah. My boyfriend really wants to do an American road trip so I feel like I might be doing one as well! Not sure yet whether we'll have the funds but… fingers crossed!

  • Selin says:

    Oh those shoes! Beautiiiful.

    Going to America will be amazing, you should definitely do it. I'm looking to save as well (to move out, not for any holidays, boo) and I think a savings account which automatically pinches money from my account every month is going to be the best way for me! x

  • Aimee says:

    Those shoes are such a gorgeous colour!

  • jazxo says:

    Those shoes are such a lovely colour! xo

  • Rachael says:

    Being in the USA I can imagine just how fun doing a road trip is. But be warned a lot of the roads are totally straight and very boring. We found this out on a road trip to Pennsylvania from Michigan which was only an eight hour drive. Once your driving you realise just how huge this country is. It's insane. If you ever visit, head to Chicago, one of the most amazing cities in the entire world!

  • USA road trip would be amazing, one of my life goals is to buy a crappy old American banger and drive Route 66! I hope you end up doing it, would love to hear how you get on. Those shoes are absolutely gorgeous, looking forward to seeing them on!xxx

  • Nomad says:

    Gorgeous shoes! I've always wanted to drive across america. Hope you get to go 🙂 xx

  • Carrie says:

    A USA road trip is something I've wanted to do for ages! One of my good friends spent a summer driving from New York to San Fran and he said it was just amazing. I hope you do get to go, good luck with your saving!

    Carrie x

  • Gillian you should totally do a shoe collection post! xx

  • Tiffany says:

    nice shoes!
    I graduate this year too and am also planning on taking a vacation right afterwards..definitely will be going to Europe 😀

  • I very much like this Sunday Summary , purely due to the amount of pizza and the Tequila : ]

    x .

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