Review: Benefit Porefessionally Pretty


A few weeks ago I ordered some things from the Benefit website with one of the £5 off Diet Coke codes. I was all set on getting The Porefessional, when I noticed this kit which includes a full size Porefessional along with a mini Erase Paste and a mini Girl Meets Pearl - all for the same price as the Porefessional on its own! Obviously I couldn't say no to that, as essentially you're getting 3 products for the price of one.

The Porefessional
Benefit describe this as a 'PRO balm to minimize the appearance of pores'. It's basically a primer, so is great for creating an even, smooth base to apply foundation on top of. I definitely think it reduces the appearance of pores (see the before/after photo above) and it also helps to even out skin tone. It's slightly tinted but once it's applied you can't see any colour at all, so no need to worry if you're pale like me! I don't think it's enough to wear on its own as although it evens out skin tone it doesn't really cover up any blemishes etc. Benefit say you can also apply this on top of your foundation if your pores start to re-appear, but I don't think this would work very well so I just stick to using it as a base when I put my makeup on in the morning. It has got pretty good staying power, but by the end of the day it does wear off a bit.

Overall, it's a pretty good primer and it does make your skin feel really silky and smooth. I don't know if I would pay full price for it, however, as I don't think it's any better than the primer I usually use (L'Oreal Studio Secrets Professional) which is about half the price. As part of a set I think it's a pretty good deal though, and I will definitely get lots of use out of it.

Girl Meets Pearl
I wasn't too sure about this before I tried it, as I already have quite a few highlighters which I always seem to forget to use! But this has definitely turned out to be my favourite item from the Porefessionally Pretty set. You can use it all over your face or mixed in with your foundation/moisturiser to give an all-over glow, or use it as a highlighter along your cheek and brow bones. I tend to use it to highlight my cheekbones at the moment, but I think I will use it a lot in the summer mixed in with a tinted moisturiser. The colour is a gorgeous rosy gold, it's quite subtle but really pretty and I think it would suit most skin tones. I definitely prefer this to Benefit's High Beam! It was quite hard to photograph, but have a look at the last photo for an idea of how it looks when applied.

Erase Paste
Unfortunately the Porefessionally Pretty set doesn't come with a choice of shades for the Erase Paste. All kits come with Shade 2 Medium, which is way too dark for me. I haven't even opened the Erase Paste as I know it won't be right for my skin tone, even though I think the product itself is really good. I use Shade 1 Fair as my everyday concealer and I love it, it manages to conceal and brighten at the same time without being to heavy or cakey. It would have been nice if you could choose which shade of Erase Paste you received, but I guess as it was essentially 'free' I shouldn't complain too much! I've noticed this is the case for a lot of Benefit gift sets though, they tend to include Medium shades in everything, instead of including Fair and Dark versions of the sets too.

Overall, I think this kit is great value for money, especially if you would use the Medium Erase Paste! I'm glad I got the Girl Meets Pearl in this set as I probably wouldn't have bought it on its own, but I really like it. The Porefessional is a pretty good primer, but I can't help but feel there are better ones out there for less money. It's by no means bad, however, and I don't think I've wasted my money as I definitely will use up this tube - not sure if I'd bother buying another though.

Have you tried the Porefessionally Pretty set or any of the products in it?

Gillian x


  1. your eyebrows are amazing! (sorry this has nothing to do with this post but i couldn't help but comment on them!)

    laila x

  2. I really want to try Erase Paste as I live by Porefessional but tbh, I don't want to spend money on the kit if I'm getting a standard shade (I'm really pale too)

  3. I love how honest your reviews are! Such a shame the erase paste doesn't come in other colours as I'm pretty sure medium would be too dark for me too and I really want to try to product.

    Though with my £5 off from diet coke I am definitely buying hervana!

  4. I am looking for a new primer so I may try this! I HATE it when companies don't offer the choice of lighter colours in palettes, they are always WAY too dark for me!

    Maria xxx

  5. Great review! Love how you've done the close up pictures too! And I think its always nice when you find a surprise product that you're not overly fussed about and it turns out to be a winner!


  6. Great review! I really want to try this but im unsure of the price...and your eyebrows are gorgeous...bit random ahha(:

  7. i really want to try porefessional but i can't buckle up the courage to pay so much for it! this kit is kinda good, but i've tried erase paste before but it's far too dark for me too, even in shade light.

    i mayyyyyy purchase porefessional as a treat! it looks like it works really well!

  8. I have the porefessional and love it! It really does leave your skin so smooth! :) I'd like to try girl meets pearl too!

    Caroline x

  9. Great review - I'm on the lookout for a decent primer so this was very helpful! :)
    The kit sounds like a good deal, but I hate erase paste - it did not agree with my skin at all - the highlighter looks good though! Xo

  10. I know what you're saying about shouldn't complain because it was technically free but I definitely aree witht he idea that you should get to pick your colour choice of the concealor - I have thrown far too many erase pastes and box kits with full boi-ings in them away all because shade no.2 is far too dark for me! It kind of puts me off some of the sets in the end because I know I'll definitely not touch that product - thoguh I could be tempted into this one becaue I have a few of the £5 off things (diet coke addict!) and I do quite like the pore-fessional so if it's the same price as it is alone then for the sake of soem girl meets pearl why not, but soem of the other sets I just end up not getting because I can't be bothered working out if the miniature versions of the products I will use are worth paying for it when I'm definitely not goign to use the other products...
    Much Love
    Roisin Elizabeth

    PS Sorry for the beast of a comment! :P

  11. I love Benefit's products, but I'm always horrified by the prices! I'm a high-beam fan, so I'm intrigued by Girl Meets Pearl now you've said you prefer it. I might add that to a my birthday list. I always pick up Benefit products than talk myself out of the spending.

  12. I have both Porefessional and Girl meets pearl but haven't tried them yet! I know they work amazing together!

    Instead of the Erase Paste, I have Boi-ing also from Benefit and I love it!
    Have you tried it?

    Lovely you blog you got here!


  13. Have to agree with the eyebrow comment, they're amazing! Well jel!x


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