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I don't usually bother doing a full review of the Glossy Box as there are so many other blog posts about it, but I'm really disappointed with this month's box so I thought I'd share my thoughts on it. As I said in yesterday's post, I'm trying to save money at the moment and this box has definitely prompted me to cancel my Glossy Box subscription.

Como Shambhala Invigorate Body Lotion
Let's start with my main reason for disliking this box - I've already received this product in a previous box! I understand that not everyone will have subscribed to every box so many people won't have received this before, but it's kind of a kick in the teeth to 'loyal' customers who have subscribed since the very first box to be given the same products again. I wouldn't have minded if it was another product from the Como Shambhala range but it's literally the exact same thing! As you can see in the photo above, I've barely used the first bottle yet so I really don't want another one. The product itself is quite good (although I'm not a big fan of the scent, hence why I haven't used it much) but I'm very annoyed that Glossy Box sent this to me again. Perhaps it would make sense for them to keep a record of the exact items customers were sent so this wouldn't happen in the future - rather than shoving random things in a box without any reasoning behind it, or without consulting the 'beauty profiles' we had to fill out when signing up. (Seriously, what was the point of those? Don't think I've ever received products that were tailored to my skin type, hair/eye colour etc...)

Dr Bronner Magic Liquid Soap
My next annoyance is this, mostly due to the packaging. There is so much writing on it, but none of it really tells you what this is actually for. It says it is an 18-in-1 soap but it doesn't tell you what these 18 uses are. I'm sure there will be more detailed information on the website, but when I'm using a new product I like to be able to read simple instructions on the bottle/box so I get a general idea of what I can use it for and how often I will be able to use it. I also think the label is written in very poor English, which really puts me off. Some of it doesn't even really make sense, for example: "Enjoy body rub to stimulate body-mind-soul-spirit and teach the essene Moral ABC uniting all free in the shepherd astronomer Israel's greatest ALL-ONE-GOD-FAITH!'. Maybe it's just me, but WTF?! It has a really nice scent and I'm sure it's a good product but it's just really unappealing to me.

Paul Mitchell Round Trip
I'm not usually very interested in hair products, but I think this is actually the thing I'm most excited about using from this month's box. It's described as a liquid curl definer so I'm hoping it will make my naturally slightly wavy hair a bit more polished looking without the effort of having to use a curling iron. I haven't used it yet so can't comment on how well it works, but I'm looking forward to trying it. The only problem I have is that the 'peel here' label with the instructions underneath won't peel off as it's trapped under the main label. I have issues with badly designed packaging!

BM Beauty Pure Mineral Eyeshadow
I received the shade "Storm Cloud" which is a dark green colour with tiny gold flecks through it. It's slightly shimmery without being too glittery, and is quite pigmented. I think it would be great for doing a slightly different smokey eye, with dark green instead of black shadow. Unfortunately I don't really wear eyeshadow all that often, but I definitely will try and use this as much as I can. If you're an eyeshadow kind of person, then I'm sure you'll love this product!

DuWop Venom Gloss
Like the eyeshadow, this is another product that is nice enough but not really for me. I understand that the products in the Glossy Boxes can't please everyone all of the time, so I don't mind too much about receiving the occasional product I won't get much use out of. I never ever wear lipgloss so I don't think I'll use this at all, but it seems like a good product. I received the shade "Buttercup" which looks lovely in the tube but is way too light for me, it just looks like I'm wearing a clear gloss when it's applied to my lips. It smells really nice but I find it has a bit of a funny taste on your lips, plus I'm not a fan of the lip-plumping tingliness!

Overall, this was a very disappointing box for me. Usually there's at least one stand-out item which makes the whole box worthwhile, but there was nothing like that in this box. There was one product which I liked the look of, two which were nice but I don't think I'll get much use from, and two which I am not at all interested in. I also don't see how these products fit into the theme of 'London Fashion Week' - to me that would suggest statement makeup and products to create stylish hairdos, not soap and moisturiser. A very uninspiring box, and I'm so annoyed about receiving a product I've already been sent before. But that's just my opinion, I'm sure there will be lots of people who really liked this box.

Did you get this month's Glossy Box? What did you think of it?

Gillian x


  1. Pretty disappointed overall too. You unwrap all that pretty packaging and then it's a bit of an anti-climax when you see the products. Tempted to cancel after this cause it is becoming a bit of a waste.


  2. ugh this is really annoying, but whenever i want to comment on your blog i have to refresh the page about 5 times. don't know what's going on there.

    anyway, i cancelled my subscription last year after receiving 2 boxes and not being impressed enough to waste £13 a month. it's a gimmick i think, especially for bloggers. i decided i'd rather spend that money each month on something i know i actually want and will use then hoping to get some products that i'll like. x

  3. I haven't got mine yet, but it looks ok....not as exciting as the last box.

    Sophie x

  4. I'm always so tempted to sign up but they never seem to completely please their customers! You're right, this looks like a complete dud.

    Rosie x

  5. Such a shame that this box doesn't live up to some of the rest. I'm still too scared to subscribe to any beauty boxes! Definitely agree that a box needs at least one stand out piece a month. Danielle /

  6. i felt exactly the same about my box too, very disappointed! x

  7. Yeeah, the box looks a bit rubbish! & it's a bit of a fail sending you something that's been in a box before!

    Catherine, XO.

  8. Have been debating whether to subscribe to glossybox as a poor student or not! Think you have persuaded me not to bother, so rubbish they sent you the same thing again! The hairdressers I go to uses Paul Mitchell hair products they are all really nice :) x

  9. i got exactly the same stuff as you did. i was annoyed to get that body lotion again too, i don't think i even used it the first time round. i'm also annoyed about the dr bronners because i just shelled out £5 for a fullsize bottle of it! its supposed to be really good at cleaning makeup brushes, even the sigma f80, so thats what i'm gonna use it for xx

  10. Totally agree with everything you said. I think they should raise the bar with all the competition out there. I'll unsubscribe too.

  11. I unsubbed just after the Valentines one came out (I liked it but had a feeling that I should quite while I was ahead) and I'm SO glad I did after seeing this box of pointlessness. Hopefully you find that the products are at least decent or good for presents, and what cheek to get the same product twice!



  12. I really don't see the appeal of these boxes to be honest...especially if they are just sending out the same things! How many different moisturisers can you use up at one time anyway? Haha.

  13. I've just unsubscribed :/ I've only received 3 boxes and a couple of things are nice, but definitely not worth it in the long run

  14. Can't believe they sent you the same product twice!
    I've never signed up, I agree with Helen - it would be a waste for me!

  15. I'm with you on all the points you've made. Especially the 18-in-1 soap thingy. I spent ages looking around all the text to see what it was and what was "magic" about it! x


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