Outfit: Black & Gold


Jumper: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Boots: Ebay
Scarf: H&M
Ring: H&M

Yet another slouchy jumper/black skirt outfit! I really need to do a massive wardrobe clear-out and sell lots of stuff on Ebay so I've got room to buy myself some nice new spring/summer clothes. I'm dreaming of lacy white tops and candy coloured jeans, can't wait for sunny days and being able to go outside without a jacket.

I didn't realise until I was uploading these photos, but this outfit is pretty much a walking advert for H&M. I would definitely say H&M is my favourite high street shop as it's relatively cheap without being bad quality and they have a great mixture of classic basic pieces as well as more "on-trend" clothes. The only thing I don't like about H&M is their weird sizing, I swear everything is at least a size smaller than it's supposed to be?!

I love this jumper, it looks quite brown in these photos but it's much more gold and sparkly in real life. The glittery thread running through it isn't too over the top though, so it looks good for a daytime outfit. This seems to be my uniform at the moment (when I'm not in my jimjams!) as a jumper and bodycon skirt requires no effort yet it looks like you've at least put a little bit of thought into your outfit! I love the little fox ring too, so cute!

What's your favourite high street shop? Are you looking forward to dressing for summer?

Gillian x


  1. I agree that H&M has weird sizing sometimes. It's never consistent.

    *sigh* I'm also dreaming of pastel coloured denim, but can't bring myself to buy any while it's still wintery and cold. :D xx

  2. Love this outfit! Jumper and body con skirt is always a winning combination for me, and I totally agree about H&M.
    Much Love
    Roisin Elizabeth

  3. Oh, I think they had this jumper in purple as well, no? Now I regret not picking it up when I could!

  4. Your boots look amazing, and I love the scarf!
    And even though it's probably the typical answer, my favourite high street shop is Topshop for having such 'stylish' pieces.

    Rosie x

  5. You look gorgeous! The boots are ace & your little ring is adorable!

    XO, Catherine.

  6. You look lovely in these photos, that jumper is gorgeous! H&M is definitely one of my favourites too - can't go wrong with cheap and gorgeous clothes! xx

  7. H&M makes me feel fat, nothing ever fits!! *sighs* I just sulk in the fitting room and then leave. :P I adore this jmper though, it's gorgeous. X

  8. Lovely outfit, the jumper really suits you. I love H&M but I hate their sizing too, it's such a pest having to take 3 sizes of everything into to the changing room!

    Carrie x

  9. H&M does have some really odd sizes I know I've often been baffled in there! This is a really lovely look though!



  10. I worked at H&M for 3 years and I can safely say the sizing is shit! I found basic vests/tees to be a realistic size yet anything else, especially items with no stretch, we're at least a size too small! I used to love H&M clothes though but since I left I don't go in a lot :( I think this summer I will try and pop in more as this look is fab!xxx

  11. H&M is my favourite high street shop too, I can always find there what I want! This summer I'm looking foward to wear even more dresses than I did last year. Love the jumper xx

  12. You look great, I love the scarf and the ring!


  13. Like always, you look amazing! I can't wait to get my first paycheck. I am going to attack H&M with it ;)

    ♥ Meowwzie ♥

  14. You are stunning! Love all of your outfits :)xx

  15. Love your jumper and your ring is so cute. You are absolutely stunning too! xo

  16. I want this scarf!! It looks gorgeous and goes great with the outfit, I love the jumper too, I pretty much want it all lol! :) H&M is one of my favourite high street stores too, I agree about the sizing, I always make myself try things on before buying them as their sizing can be quite random!

    Caroline x

  17. I always like H&M, much more consistent than somewhere like Primark! I love your boots, they're practical but still cute, I may need to get a pair..

    Maria xxx

  18. I'm about to post an H&M haul - it's definitely my favourite high street shop! You look so gorgeous yet again, stop making me so jealous!


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