Sunday Summary #1



Well, it's a new year so what better time to start (and hopefully stick to) a new Sunday Summary feature on the blog? As I haven't posted in a while this will be a bit of an extended version covering the last 2 or 3 weeks.

I didn't have any exams this semester (which means I have double the amount in May, ugh) so I've had plenty of time to relax and get myself in the festive spirit, decorating the flat and making a wee Christmas dinner for me and my flatmate, as well as having a few nights out in Edinburgh. I came back home to my parents house a couple of days before Christmas and since then I haven't really done very much at all apart from eating and watching TV!

We had some family over on Christmas Eve and had our big roast dinner then so on Christmas day we just had leftovers. I got up about 10am and had Bucks Fizz with breakfast and after that we opened our presents. I mostly got books and food, which suits me just fine! I got a couple of baking/cupcake books so have been doing lots of baking this week. I spent the whole of Christmas day in my onesie, watching TV, playing The Sims and reading, perfect!

I haven't bothered braving the sales as I've heard quite a few people say they're a bit rubbish this year. I've had a quick look online but nothing has really grabbed my attention so I think I'll just save my money for when I'm back in Edinburgh and spend it all in the new Primark! Have you got any bargains in the sales this year?

I had a very low key Hogmanay as well, we had a big meal with my grandparents and some family friends last night. Had lots of wine and cocktails and went to bed about 1.30am. As much as I love going out on any other night, New Year has never really been a big deal for me - it's always a bit overrated, expensive and difficult to organise. Staying in with the family, who provide you with food and booze, is much better!

University classes don't start up again until January 16th so I think I'll stay at home for another week or so before heading back. I love living away from home but it is nice to come back for a couple of weeks to see the family and my dogs! Was trying to take some pictures of the puppy to include in this post but he hates getting his photo taken, I'll have to try and take some sneaky ones while he's asleep!

What did you get up to for New Year?

Gillian x


  1. We had a low key NYE too, I am happy about that as it feels good to know I didn't "waste" any money on overpriced drinks! Happy new year to you, lovely! Lots of love x

  2. Gorgeous photos! I had a very low key NYE - I much prefer it that way! Happy New Year xxx

  3. I just went to the pub and was in bed by 1am :) I've only got things from the Boots sale, no clothes at all! x

  4. I went to the street party, but would much rather have had a quiet night in! Gorgeous photos my lovley!

  5. I drank too many mimosas but it was a good NYE.

  6. Love the photos, your christmas sounds ideal! mine was way hectic, lazing it up now though ;) xxx

  7. a very Happy New Year to you xx

  8. the sales really have been rubbish this year, can't wait for the new spring/summer stuff to arrive. love your wolf hat! i went out to the pub for a bit yesterday but nothing spesh. hope you have a lovely 2012! xx

  9. These photos are so lovely!
    We love the animal hat, so cute.
    JS xx

  10. My NYE was probably as low key as it gets! HAHA. I used it to throw out some of the remaining rubbish from 2011 and look forward to 2012. I'd much rather wake up fresh on the 1st for a new start!

    Morag x

  11. I don't go back to uni til then either - been home for two weeks and I'm getting to the point where I don't really know what to do with myself any more! haha not looking forward to lugging all my xmas pressies back on the train though!

    Love how Christmassy all your photos look, hope you had a good new year! xxx

  12. Love each of these photos! Thanks for sharing. :)

  13. Love Sunday Summary posts, great pics!

  14. Fantastic photo, I adore your animal hat <3

  15. Lovely pictures :)
    Happy New Year - hope 2012 is good to you :)

  16. It sounds like you had a great Christmas and New Years with your family, I love playing 'The Sims' although I haven't in awhile. Books and food sound like pretty fantastic gifts and I personally found too many things I wanted at the shops when I was suppose to be shopping for other people... (Kohls, toy stores, Target).
    My New Years was spent with lots of people and even more vodka haha. Happy New Year, I hope 2012 is the best year ever.


  17. I love your blog, i look forward to reading it every time you update. You're so gorgeous, I hope you had a lovely new year!

  18. New Years is definitely overrated, definitely not going out again on it.. prefer to just stay in with family, good luck for going back to Uni :)

  19. Sounds lush! I desperately want a onesie :(
    I had a lovely Christmas too, and spent New Year with some great friends.

    Rosie x

  20. I love these photographs they make me feel all warm, cosy and Christmassy. Can't believe it's all over already! I had a very low key New Year and basically did nothing. It was wonderful. I haven't braved the sales either.... I have successfully managed to not be annoyed by hoards of people. Woo. Happy New Year! Hope you have an amazing 2012.

    Laura x

  21. i love these photos, and the wolf hat :')
    i had a quiet new year, it was special though!

  22. Staying in on NY is defo the way forward! I went to the street party one year and it was SO cold and wet and difficult to move! Nights out for cocktails pre-christmas are fab but there is nowhere i wanna be on new years eve but in my jammies on the sofa! Glad you enjoyed the hols x

  23. My boyfriend saw the Grey Goose over my shoulder and is jealous! My NYE was fairly low key, I think that's the best way.


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