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Lately I’ve had a few questions about my eyebrows so I thought it was time to do a post explaining my ‘eyebrow routine’. To be honest it’s nothing revolutionary, but hopefully it will help someone! This isn’t really going to be a tutorial, more a collection of tips and tricks that I find work well for me. To see the process itself, have a look at the video in this post (eyebrow bit starts around 1 minute in).



After I’ve applied my foundation, I brush my eyebrows through with one of those comb things that are for mascara on one side and eyebrows on the other – I’m sure you know what I mean! Mine is just a cheapy one that I think came free with a magazine once, but it does the job well enough.

I then fill my brows in using the powder from the HD Brows palette. I use a combination of the two darkest shades, as none of the colours are a perfect match for my hair colour. I just use the little brush that came with the set, but any small angled brush would do. I don’t think it’s particularly necessary to buy ‘brow powders’, any eyeshadow that is the right shade is perfectly good! I used to use a dark brown No7 eyeshadow before I got the HD Brows palette in a Glossybox a few months ago.

I find it easiest to start at the part of your brow closest to your nose and work your way out. Once you’re happy with the main/straight part of your brow, then move on to the tail, making sure the arch is nice and curved rather than pointy. If you have unruly eyebrows, setting them with a brow wax would probably be a good idea. I find that mine usually stay in place all day so don’t bother using one.



Useful Tips:

  • Buy yourself a pair of good tweezers with thin blades so it’s easy to catch stray hairs (I can’t recommend Tweezerman enough). It takes patience to get your brows into a shape you like, and it’s best to do it gradually rather than going crazing and plucking too much at once. Once you’re happy with the shape, maintain it by plucking any stray hairs you spot whenever you’re doing your makeup. Don’t wait until your brows are out of control before you pluck them again!

  • I once read somewhere that eyebrows are meant to be sisters, not twins. Cheesy, but it’s true. You’ll drive yourself mad if you try to make them look identical, as long as they compliment each other and look similar, don’t worry. I think they look more natural if they’re slightly different anyway.

  • I always apply my foundation, do my brows, and then apply finishing powder. I find that this helps to soften the brows a little bit and make them look less harsh without losing their shape. Just make sure to brush them through lightly with the brow comb to make sure there’s no obvious dusty bits!

  • I find it easiest to fill in most of one eyebrow, most of the other one, then check to see if they’re even. It’s easier to even them up if you haven’t finished them completely. Once you’e happy that they’re even, you can go over them again to make them a bit darker and make sure the edges have clean lines.

God, I love eyebrows. If you don’t believe they’re important, look at this and tell me I’m wrong!

What’s your eyebrow routine?
Gillian x


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  • Gem says:

    They are such a lovely shape! need to get myself a HD palette, would love to get HD brows done in the salon too x

  • Alyse says:

    Your eyebrows are gorgeous; very nice arch! I always feel like good eyebrows really frame and set the look of a face.

    I fill mine in with either the gel or the powder in the ELF eyebrow kit. Sometimes, I'll use an eyeshadow. I'm not too fussy with it! I am in desperate need of a brow brush, though, since I seem to have lost mine.

  • I agree with everythin in this post! I do exactly

  • beewaits says:

    PREACH! Sister loves a good brow! You may actually have some of the best brows I've seen girly! xx

  • sian says:

    haha that link has properly tickled me! i agree, when i started filling in my eyebrows a couple of years ago i actually couldn't believe i had ever gone without it! that sounds so pathetic, but whatever. your's have great shape and definition x

  • h0lliedays says:

    Your eyebrows are perfect! Get so annoyed with mine one day theyll look fine the next I cant get them right! No matter what I use. Great post:)

  • Lowri says:

    Ok, I just practically read through the whole of that no eyebrow link haha! I have naturally really blonde eyebrows and used to actually walk around without getting them dyed/filled in.. I look back at old pictures and look exactly like the people on them links!! Why didn't someone tell me like haha! But yea, your brows are gorgeous!

    The Deer Head


  • Caroline says:

    your eyebrows are beauts! i do pretty much everything you do on my own brows. i always keep that 'eyebrows are meant to be sisters, not twins' phrase in my mind when doing them too xx

  • You're really good with make-up!

  • Raz says:

    You have very enviable eyebrows… and I honestly never thought I'd be saying that to someone! I'm guilty of leaving them too long in between plucking, need to get a bit more disciplined.

  • Emsipop says:

    Now that is skilled – your eyebrows are amazing!
    You have definitely made me want to go home and work on my own eyebrow routine haha =) x

  • Mai says:

    beautiful brows (: thanks for sharing this!
    CMPang x

  • Caroline says:

    Your brows really do look great! I think I need to follow these tips and maybe invest in the HD brows palette! x

  • Wow! This looks wonderful. I love Tweezerman tweezers! Everyone should own a pair! Sisters not twins is a great tip haha, mine are just not the same and are never gonna be x

  • Helen says:

    I love that 'sisters, not twins' tip! I have one eyebrow that I just cannot tame but I like to think it adds character cos they're not identical. I don't really do much with my eyebrows except pluck them. I don't fill them in because they are already very full. Once a young girl in work complimented me on my eyebrows though and I felt very pleased but also strange at the same time haha.

  • I do most of the same except I use Benefit Browzings which has a wax and and a powder then I put my powder over my foundation too 🙂 one of my brows is lower than the other (droopy eye bleurghhh) but I'd be working on my brows for a good half an hour if I tried to match them!xxx

  • AmyBell says:

    You look so beautiful in that first photo, fab post! xx

  • Mitha Komala says:

    wow, the changes are amazing and obvious! you look so beautiful and you have stunning eyes dear. I love your blog, all contents are amazing <3

    follow me if you love to, and i’ll follow you back 🙂

  • DawnieP says:

    Your brows look amazing, I mean it the shape is unbelievable. I really wish mine would shape like that but they're just really bleah! lol bleah is a technical term!


  • BeautyH2T says:

    I only just found your blog through Charlenes- I bimmin love finding a fellow scots blogger, I was annoyed I missed the last meet up! Cant believe i didnt see your blog earlier, it is ace- first thing I thought was 'give me her brows' look at those arches mrs! love it, and love the photos- really fab!


  • oo great eyebrows! Just found your blog linked from Dainty Dresses, I really, really love it!


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