Outfit: The Fair Isle


Dress: Peacocks
Leggings: Peacocks
Necklace: Bad Passion
Boots: Ebay

You might notice a slight change of scenery in this post. Usually I take outfit photos in the living room but the Christmas tree is currently in the way so I took these ones in my bedroom instead. I much prefer my usual spot where there isn't piles of clothes on the floor and stacks of shoeboxes! I'm sure you've read this on every other blog, but sorry about the dark photos - winter, bah!

I got the train back to my parents' house this afternoon for the holidays and so decided to wear these leggings as I thought they were fittingly festive! I would call this pattern Fairisle but I've seen similar leggings described as Nordic, Aztec or simply 'Christmas' - I have no idea what the difference is! I got these a few weeks ago when I spotted them on the Peacocks website. I love them but I don't really know what else I could wear them with apart from a black dress/top. They were really cheap though so I don't mind if I don't get a huge amount of wear out of them though!

I ordered these boots recently from Ebay as I am severely lacking in nice but also relatively practical ankle boots. They're really comfy and so far are standing up to the weather pretty well, my only complaint is that they squeak whenever I walk! I'm hoping they'll stop doing this once I've worn them in a bit more and they're not so new but seriously, so noisy! By biggest mistake ever was wearing them to the library a couple of weeks ago, death stares from everyone.

This will probably be the last post before Christmas so I hope you all have a wonderful time and eat your bodyweight in Chocolate Oranges! Don't expect a Christmas Day outfit post from me, I will be wearing my onesie all day and quite probably watching Meerkat Manor whilst drinking Bucks Fizz.

Gillian x


  1. Merry Christmas!!
    I just got some cheapy ebay allegra boots and I love them, need to look for shoes on there more often.
    Love those leggings, I need to find something festive on Christmas day x

  2. I learned the other day that fairisle print has to have so many different colours or something lol.. no idea why I decided to share that info, but there you go! haha.. But yea LOVE the leggings, very festive :)

    The Deer Head


  3. Happy Christmas :) Love these leggings but sadly I cannot pull them off! Nice boots too, wedges are a little more stable than heels!


  4. I really like the tights, they are super cute on you. This is the perfect black dress too, I'm in desperate need for the perfect black dress. I hate when shoes make sound, I usually end up gliding everywhere if I have noisy shoes on, so I look ridiculous but at least I'm silent. I just pretend to be figure skating in my head and then I feel... well even more ridiculous.

    I hope you have a great holiday!


  5. Hahah Christmas onesie. I think that would make for an excellent outfit post! Merry Christmas, hope you have a wonderful day :)

  6. I have a Christmas onesie too! It is red and has reindeers on :-) I love your outfit! Have a brilliant Christmas :-) xx


  7. aw i love the leggings! been looking for some like these for ages. i'll probably just wear my onesie on christmas day as well, its a day for chillaxing after all. hope you have a lovely crimbo! xx

  8. Great outfit, seems suitably festive to me. And I love the shoes, it's amazing the things you can find on there! It's annoyinh about the squeak though, that's the only trouble, you couldn't try them on and find out they make a noise

  9. Oh yeah, loving the leggings!!
    Happy holidays. Xx

  10. LOVE those leggings! So pretty :)
    Much Love & MERRY CHRISTMAS!
    Roisin Elizabeth

  11. Loveeee the boots and the necklace and the leggings! Love it allll!! :) merry Christmas honey hope you have a fab day!xxx


  12. You look fantastic, I LOVE the pattern on them! :)

    Maria xxx

  13. i love that necklace and i've been tempted to buy some leggings like this but thought they'd be tricky to style - you look lovely though :) x

  14. You are freakin' gorgeous! And not only that, you're an amazing dresser too. Not fair, I'm telling you! You styled those leggings flawlessly with the simple black dress and cute wedge boots. And I love that badass necklace of yours! I hope you had a delightful Christmas!


  15. love the necklace :)
    laur x


  16. Those boots are beautiful, wedges are always the most comfortable. The leggings look very cosy and good for winter. <3

  17. Lovely blog.

  18. Love the print of your leggings! I'm digging your style<3


  19. Love the leggings! Very festive and cute :)

    Hope you've had a lovely Christmas xx

  20. Love the leggings, I keep eyeing similar ones but wonder what I'd ever wear them with too!x

  21. Love the leggings very festive..boots like that i feel should have been on my wish list a long time ago :) xxx


  22. The leggings look lovely! I wore almost the same outfit myself a few days ago and yet I looked ridiculous and you look lovely. No fair!

  23. Just bought a pair similar to yours! I've been looking for a good pair of ankle boots for awhile now but I really like yours!


  24. Those leggins are amazing! They look fab on you! xxx

  25. i really love your leggings- so wintery! xx

  26. I love these leggings, I always wanted a pair but know I would never wear them! They really suit you though Gillian you babe x

  27. Love the leggings and the boots!

    Scarr xx

  28. Fair isle print can be hard to wear right because its either too much or lost but you've done it well here!

    Much love;


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