Christmas Wishlist


1.Eagle Claw Necklace 2.Vegas Volt Lipstick 3.The Sims 3 Pets 4.Bvlgari Pour Femme 5.Heaven & Earth Palette 6.Chunky Knit Slipper Boots 7.Pincer Vodka 8.Patrick Moore's Yearbook of Astronomy 2012 9.Damnesia by Alkaline Trio 10.Bella Bamba

Getting sick of these kinds of posts yet? Don't worry, it's just over a week until Christmas! When my mum asked me a couple of weeks ago what I wanted for Christmas, I was struggling to think of anything I actually needed/wanted. I do like getting presents, but sometimes it's easier just to get some money or gift vouchers and buy things you actually want in the January sales! This is definitely the reason I never ask for clothes as Christmas presents, I would much rather go shopping and choose something for myself.

As a blogger (and, you know, girl) some makeup was inevitably going to make its way onto the list. After buying my fist Mac lipstick a couple of months ago, I've fallen in love and I can see this being the start of a very long relationship. I was thinking of asking for the Naked Palette, but as I hardly ever wear eyeshadow I thought it seemed silly to spend so much money so I've opted for the bargain (and supposedly really good!) MUA Heaven & Earth palette instead. I also want to start experimenting with blusher more so have put down Benefit's Bella Bamba. I love their Dallas bronzer and use it every day, so I hope this is just as good!

I've run out of my favourite perfume, Bvlgari Pour Femme, so it would be great to replace it. I would like to try some new perfumes but last time I was in Debenhams I didn't really find anything I loved, so sticking with this old favourite for now.

I think most people hate getting socks or slippers for Christmas presents, but I secretly love it! I bought a Primark onesie last week which is amazing but sadly it doesn't have feety bits so I need something to keep my toes warm! I love these Accessorize slipper boots, they look super cosy. Just to remind myself I don't have to live my life in pyjamas and can actually be stylish sometimes, I've also asked for the eagle claw necklace from Bad Passion (see what I've already bought from the collection in this post!).

CDs always used to make up the biggest part of my birthday/Christmas lists when I was younger, so I've got to keep the tradition going with this Alkaline Trio album. Can't believe I haven't bought it already though - I am a total fangirl, they've been my favourite band since I was about 14! The Sims have definitely been on many previous wishlists too, and this year I'm asking for the latest Pets expansion pack for The Sims 3. (I really hope they do a Makin' Magic expansion pack one day, would literally MAKE MY LIFE arrgghh haha). As for books, I'd love this Yearbook of Astronomy (or the Wonders of the Universe book, might have to add that one too!) as I'm fascinated by all things cosmic. Wish I was better at physics so I could understand a bit more behind it, but I love stargazing and pretending to know what I'm talking about (got 2 space questions right on University Challenge this week, I think we all know that means I am an expert).

And keeping it classy, got to have a bottle of booze in there too - it's tradition! My flatmate and I have a bit of a collection of vodka bottles (empty of course, we're not that keen at collecting) so we're always on the look-out for interesting vodkas to try. I really like the bottle of this one plus it's made in Scotland so I had to put it down!

What's on your wishlist?

Gillian x


  1. I honestly never get sick of seeing Christmas lists or wishlists, I'm always curious to see what it is that other people are coveting.

    To this day the only thing I've tried from MAC was their lipglosses and this was yyeaaarrrsss ago, sad but true. I always feel a little intimidated walking into a MAC store, all the ladies there seem so done up and I'm kinda just... me.

    Anywho I love The Sims 3, been an addict for a looong time. I recommend The Sims 3 Pets, how could you not love having kitties, horses, and dogs?

    I pretty much always ask for books, cds, DVDs, and perfume. I rarely like the clothes people choose for me and I secretly like getting booties, socks, etc for Christmas too. I rarely buy them for myself so perfecto.

    I love seeing what perfume people wear too, I will have to check this one out.


  2. I am so hoping for some money too so that I can buy some Mac and Liz Earle stuff! Loving all the make up you've mentioned!

  3. Oh I'm the same! I never really know what to ask for... The way I look at it, if I want something, I'll buy it myself. Your wishlist is pretty spot on though! I LOVE slipper boots! Particularly if there is Aztec / fairisle print involved :) x x

  4. Haha, hugeee love for Alkaline trio! Love all the old stuff.

    Gorgeous picks, I want the lipstick & claw necklace!


  5. Lusting after an MUA palette at the moment - damn not asking for one for Christmas! I asked for some new headphones, I'm so boring :( trod on my last ones!!

  6. I love those knitted slipper boots :) I hope Santa brings me some of them too! I'm also lusting after the heaven and earth palette, I'd love the UD Naked palette but the MUA one looks great and is much more purse friendly! x

  7. I love seeing wishlists!
    I also love what's on yours, that necklace is beautiful xx
    Sirens and Bells

  8. I love wishlist posts, there's some lovely stuff on your list. I really want the MUA palette too xx

  9. I've been eyeing up Vegas Volt for ages too, i am going to treat myself to it after christmas! x

  10. Love this list and I really appreciate The Sims expansion pack although I haven't played for years (stopped at Sims 2). I'm getting a little dinky camera and a few bits and pieces! So glad I've done all my shopping now! Phew.

  11. I can vouch for the MUA pallet, it is amazing! Good choice! Hope you get everything you want this christmas :) xxx

  12. I spy some amazing slippers (ha notice how I pick the slippers out of everything else!)
    Also love that you collect (empty!) vodka bottles.. thats awesome - plus a great excuse to need to buy vodka ALL THE TIME!x

  13. I adore everything on the wishlist, the lipstick is a gorgeous colour <3

  14. I'm giving away that MUA palette on my blog! Really cute Wishlist, it's been so long since I've played The Sims.

  15. I'm kind of addicted to seeing everyone's wishlist this Christmas season:) Completely loving those slippers. I was actually considering buying similar one's for my sister. Sims 3 Pets....dangerous!! Once I get started, it's hard to stop..hehe.

  16. oooh I love that lipstick, what a vibrant colour.
    I can't have Sims, it steals my life!!! so does tumblr. evil x

  17. I love seeing people's wishlists although it does make mine very long, haha!

    Maria xxx

  18. love the sims too :) I have all the sims 2 games from when I was 13 and I still play them haha my sister is getting the sims 3 games for xmas so can't wait to have a little play on that! great list
    have a great xmas
    Serendipity Style Blog

  19. the sims 3 and MUA palettes are also on my wishlist! i have MAC's vegas volt and it's my favourite coral lipstick, i'd definitely recommend it.

    also, i just wanted to say that i came across your blog today and i think it's really nice.

    helen @ thelovecatsINC


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