The Christmas Market



Today my flatmate and I went to the Christmas Market in Edinburgh and we basically just spent two hours eating food and trying on silly hats. I did, in fact, purchase the wolf hat above and I'm wearing it now as I'm tucked up in bed writing this post! What you can't see is underneath my jacket I'm actually wearing a jumper with a wolf on it, I JUST LOVE WOLVES SO MUCH!

We started off in the traditional German Market and had some frankfurters as we wandered around the stalls. My favourite was definitely the Crystal Palace stall (trolol) which sold all kinds of crystals and gemstones. Was very tempted to purchase something but I restrained myself and saved my pennies for spending on food instead. I used to collect windchimes when I was younger so it was hard to walk away from the bright agate stars and moons.

We also tucked into some delicious waffles topped with Nutella chocolate sauce, which was so so good. Over in the more Scottishy section of the market we got a yummy steak and onion baguette to share, and then we had a look round the rides. I was all up for going on the ferris wheel but my flatmate was having none of it! Somehow I also managed to drink two mugs of hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows, oops!

If you're visiting Edinburgh over the festive period, I would definitely recommend having a look round the Christmas Market, which is just off Princes Street. It's definitely put me in the mood for Christmas, I'm going to break out the glitter and glue tomorrow and get started making my Christmas cards. Anyone want one?!

Is there a market like this where you live? What gets you in the mood for Christmas?

Gillian x

P.S. sorry for the photo overload, I just couldn't narrow it down any more!


  1. I want one!
    This post is just heaven, I love Christmas more than I should for a twenty year old...
    What really sets me in Christmas mood are the lights everywhere, and in Lisbon we have really pretty ones x

  2. I went to the german market in edinburgh last year and had a mulled wine and accidentally took the mug home with me ;)


  3. This is awesome, I want to go to a Christmas Market. I don't think we have those in the states but I've never actually checked. Everything is so colorful and twinkly, I just love the pictures.

    Sounds like you had loads of fun and I loove the wolf hat, haha adorable. Hot chocolate is pretty awesome, gotta say.

    Christmas lights get me in the mood for Christmas, I'm absolutely in love with Christmas lights. The closest thing to a market we have here is this Garden center and Nursery that has a pretty sizable Christmas section. I'm planning on making a post about it sooon.


  4. sweet photos, christmas markets definitely get me in the mood.....especially with mulled wine and roasted chestnuts! x

  5. the markets are one of my favourite things about christmas!

  6. Me, me! :P

    I really wanted to go to the Bath Christmas Market but then my car broke so I can't afford it now. Boo! :(

    What gets me in the mood for christmas? Walking through town seeing all the christmas lights and hearing a brass band play carols. <3 xoxox

  7. Beautiful photos! So Christmassy.
    We have a Christmas market in Nottingham that I need to get too, they have such beautiful little gifts and great food, especially waffles and pancakes!
    Have fun making Christmas cards!

  8. I was at the market last week - it was during daylight though I think its much prettier when its dark to see all the lights, your photos are lovely! :) x

  9. This looks so beautiful! Likin' the hat ;D I'mma get me one of those. And the pictures of the Ferris wheel and the crystals are gorgeous :] ♥

    Sarah ^.^

  10. sort of wish I lived in Edinburgh too now, looks so much fun (and yummy food!) x

  11. Aaah I'm so jealous, I go to the Edinburgh Christmas market every year with my mum and sisters but now I live in Inverness I don't think I will make it this year :( It never feels like Christmas until I've had some mulled wine and sugar roasted almonds.
    I hope you enjoyed yourself, and that wolf hat is awesome!

  12. mmmmmm waffles! really want some nutella now xx

  13. Oh the christmas market looks so beautiful with all the lights. I think that there is a christmas market where I am, but I have yet to go to it.


  14. LOOOOOOOOOOVE the christmas market but it's always so rammed! bet it wasn't busy today though ha x

  15. Oh wow, waffles with nutella!!! That sounds like heaven indeed! I adore little markets like this...I wish I could find one where I live. It really seems like a magical place and definitely the place to go to get into the Christmas spirit. Beautiful photos...makes me want to hop a place and take a visit:)

  16. It looks lovely! I've never been in Edinburgh over Christmas but if I am I'd definitely make sure to visit the market! I'm going to one in London tomorrow :) x

  17. this is incred, love the photo diary!!
    Great post, thanks for sharing!

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
    let me know!

  18. These photos are really beautiful!


  19. Gillian! I love these photos so much. I have never been to a christmas market. I did walk through the one in Manchester before, but i was with college and we were heading to a boring UCAS event! I love these pics and i feel much more festive after seeing them x

  20. Oh I love Christmas markets! What is better than a crepe with nutella after a long walk around the stalls? ;) X

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  22. OH MY GOD I want that waffle!! And your picutres look great, what camera do you use?


  23. Lovely photographs!

    Victoria - VIPXO -

  24. Your photos are just beautiful, I feel like I'm actually there! (Except without the nutella waffles - yum!) The hot chocolate with marshmallows also sounds amazing! There is one in Southampton near where I live but it doesn't have rides like yours, just a few food and drink stalls (which is good enough for me!) xxx

  25. Oh I'm so jealous I wish we had a christmas market like this where I lived, I'd love to go to a huge one like this, ours is basically a few crappy stalls, lights and santa's grotto! :) xx

  26. These photos are so so christmassy! I really want to go to a Christmas markettt! And how adorable do you look in your hat! TOOO cute.


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