Outfit: Sands of Time



Dress: ebay
Leggings: New Look
Necklace: Accessorize
Belt: H&M
Boots: Primark

I'm currently in the middle of essay hell (less than a week to go before hand in, woo! No essays completed yet, however) so haven't had time to go into town shopping lately. So instead I've been trawling ebay for some bargains, and came across this tunic/dress thing. I usually avoid cowl necks because I thought they would be really unflattering on me, but something about the colour and the pockets attracted me. Turns out, I quite like cowl necks. I still draw the line at polo necks however (they remind me of primary school trips for some reason?!). This outfit is so cosy and comfy, perfect for the hell that is Edinburgh University Main Library on a weekday afternoon.

The necklace is a birthday gift from one of my friends. She chose well, it's definitely something I would have picked out myself! It's a working hourglass - well, more like a 7 second glass because it's tiny (and yes, I did count, this is what my life has been reduced to). Necklaces are definitely my favourite kind of jewellery. I tend to wear the same earrings all the time and hardly ever wear rings, but my necklace changes daily depending on my outfit.

The boots are a purchase from Primark a very long time ago, but they're still holding together surprisingly well. The soles have no grip whatsoever though, so the minute there's rain/snow/ice they get put away again. I had kind of forgotten I even had these, but I saw them lurking under my bed the other day and resurrected them.

Do you like shopping on ebay or prefer to go and visit actual shops?

Gillian x


  1. you look lovely, the necklace is gorgeous!


  2. I have boots almost exactly like that from New Look, gutted to know Primark had cheaper ones that weren't too shabby! x

  3. That necklace is really cool. I buy all of my stuff on eBay and if it doesn't look good, I'll resell it. I LOVE eBay! I've found a ton of great stuff there.

    Mabel Time

  4. I don't enjoy shopping at all, too hot in shops and they never have my size shoes in stock boohoo. Online all the way.

  5. You look fab, the necklace is so pretty :) Love love love your blog! xo

  6. I like shopping at stores and shopping online, my only issue with shopping online is you can't try things on which can be a bit imperative with certain things.

    I love this dress, the color is fabulous on you. You are so stunning, I love your hair and what a great necklace - I've always liked hourglasses.


  7. Hmm, I like browsing online but I prefer actually buying stuff in shops.
    I love your dress, and you're so pretty! x

  8. That dress is a gorgeous colour on you :) I prefer to go round the shops as I'm never sure about the fit of clothes when ordering online, that being said when you find a real bargain on ebay it's hard to resist! Good luck with essays! :) x

  9. I like both, I never bought anything from ebay but I really like to buy things online, sometimes for some reason I get lazy to go to shops and try clothes... But I love to do shopping on stores too, so I guess it depends on my mood ahah
    You always look gorgeous Gillian x

  10. love your outfit especially your necklace it's gorgeous!


  11. Lovely necklace & the russet colour looks ace on you !

  12. Gillian, you look ever so lovely! I love your hair tooo.
    And your boots are amazingggggg.x

  13. The necklace is amazing! I looove ebay, can't beat it for bargains xx


  14. I love the colour of this dress! You look super cute and cosy!

    Maria xxx

  15. I love your hair! So silky and shiny! hehe

  16. that jumper and colour looks great on you!
    I love scouring ebay and shopping on it can waste so many hours on it, eek!

  17. that hourglass is so cute! x

  18. Goodness me you have PERFECT skin! Fab outfit, love the necklace! x

  19. Im Loving your blog (following!) i hope you can pass by mine


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