Wishlist: Party Season


1.Embellished Sleeve Dress 2.Black Embellished Neck Maxi Dress 3.Crow Skull Necklace 4.Glitter Platform Court 5.Snake Ring 6.Snake Panel Clutch 7.Plum Lattice Bodice Dress 8.Cream Eyelash Lace Top 9.Grey Beaded Mini Skirt 10.MAC Russian Red Lipstick

So it seems Christmas party season is almost upon us again. I use this mainly as an excuse to buy things covered in glitter and sequins, and the shops are doing well to cater to this at the moment. I am loving all the embellished dresses and glittery shoes that are adorning the high street just now.

I really neeeeed this River Island maxi dress in my life. I'm going to my favourite university society's (history soc represent) winter ball at the end of November, so I feel that's the perfect excuse to purchase said dress. I was going to buy it last week but they were completely sold out online, so I ended up ordering a different maxi dress from ebay. Now that this one is back in stock I'm so tempted to order it too. The only problem is that it's backless - there is no way in hell I could go out in public without a bra, would need to come up with some devious solution to keep everything in place!

As always, I am loving animal themed jewellery. Definitely tempted to ask for the Bad Passion bird skull necklace for a birthday present (massive hint to any of my friends who might be reading this!). I'll be 21 next Monday - so old. :(

What are you lusting after in the shops at the moment? Do you like the glitzy side of winter fashion or do you prefer cosy jumpers and wooly tights?

Gillian x


  1. I like glitz and I like comfort. I'd have to say I like glitz more. I love the sparkly things, if I even spot glitter I can't help but gravitate towards it. This is a great wishlist, I love the purple dress and grey mini skirt.

    Aww 21 is not old at all. Happy early Birthday and Happy Halloween.


  2. Nice wish list, some great stuff there.

  3. I like it when all the sparkly garmz make their way into the shops as it makes me feel christmasy, however I never really end up buying much as my christmas "dos" aren't really that glam!

  4. The red dress & maxi dress are both so gorgeous! I would looove the maxi dress if it was backless. Lovely blog hun. Following :) xx

  5. Those glittery shoes are amazing! I love that maxi dress, it'd look great for your winter ball, that's a pain that it's backless! I do love all the cosy knitwear around but I definitely prefer all the glitzy party things! x

  6. Loved the sparkle ! You have great outfit ideas that go with this seasons trends x

  7. That Maxi dress is gorgeous. If i wasn't such a short arse I'd definitely get it! x

  8. Hey !
    That necklace is all kinds of awesome, I want one !


  9. YES!

    Love the wish list! The blouses, the embellished dresses, HELLO PARTY SEASON! xo

  10. i totally love the bling bling skirt!
    yay love your blg too!

    I hope you will follow my blog because i'm following yours right now!
    Thanks in advance!


  11. The red dress is something I'd like to have in my closet! :) I like statement shoulders. X


  12. OH EMM GEE that red dress is perfection!

    Maria xxx

  13. Eeee love all of these dresses. SO MUCH. Want them all.



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