Outfit: This Friday Night


Dress: Closet via Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Schuh
Belt: New Look
Ring: ASOS

I wear so much black all the time. It's a really bad habit but at the same time, black is the best colour so I don't really care! I wore this outfit last night to go out for my friend's 21st birthday. Had a great night but I'm suffering today, this post is being written in my bed, accompanied by a bacon sandwich and a big glass of Irn Bru!

I originally bought this dress in pink and I loved it so much that I went back and got the black version too. Skater style dresses are my favourite, they're so versatile and easy to wear, and they're really flattering. This one has pockets too, which is always a bonus. I would quite happily buy one of these dresses in every colour, if that wasn't such a weird thing to do!

I wore my ridiculous sparkly shoes out for the first time and they were surprisingly comfy. And when I say comfy what I mean is my feet are still in one piece and I didn't fall over - so they were much better than I expected! Lots of different people complimented me on my shoes (including the bouncer! Aye those are quality, hen) so that made me smile.

Wolves are one of my favourite animals so when I saw this wolf's head ring in the ASOS sale a couple of years ago I snapped it straight up. It looks a little bit like a bear, however, but I still like it! I don't really wear it that much because it's really big and a bit of a statement piece but as my outfit was really plain I thought it worked quite well.

I'm off out again tonight so I think lots of BBC iplayer and an afternoon nap is in order to make me feel human again!

Gillian x


  1. those shoes are truly amazing!

  2. I love this outfit, you look great! I tend to look dead if I wear all black though!

    Maria xxx

  3. Those shoes are PRETTY! I love a bit of sparkle x

  4. Those shoes are incredible, i'm v.jealous! xx

  5. I love all-black looks like this! There's something so effortlessly sophisticated about it. Plus, it does wonders for any figure. This outfit's lovely.

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  6. love your shoes, you look fabulous. Thanks for commenting my blog. xx

  7. Those glitter shoes are absolutely without a doubt fantabbytastic! tehe, you look really lovely.

  8. Those shoes are amazing! You look lovely xx

  9. Those sparkly shoes are amazing! x

  10. Saw these shoes in Schuh and literally fell in love with them! I love how you have teamed then with all black! xx

  11. Those shoes are insanely awesome!

    I think all black was the perfect outfit to show them off!

  12. Love the shoes! I have 3 or 4 in that style/shape because they fit really nicely and they are comfier than other heels.

  13. I just died a bit at the sight of those shoes. divine! X

  14. I love a good all black outfit and those sparkley pumps are UHHHMAZING ! x

  15. Looks really very very good!Its amazing how you are always choosing right clothes and shoes!

  16. those shoes are so amazing! you look lovely.


  17. I love, love, love those shoes. I'm a sparkle fanatic and these are so gorgeous. Where did you get them from?

    I love wolves as well, they don't make enough wolf themed jewelry. I know wolves can be pretty vicious but they are so adorable, I want one!

    This outfit is really awesome sauce on you, very va-va-voom.

  18. Oh I clicked on the link too late, I see where those fab shoes are from.


  19. don't know how i've not come across your blog before! a great read and i LOVE those shoes. jealous.
    karen x

  20. Gorgeous shoes !


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