What's In My Bag: Back To School



The new university term started last week so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to do a 'what's in my bag' post. I've just started my 4th and final year at university and it is completely terrifying and stressful already (I say this as I lie in my bed whilst blogging and watching QI, it's a tough life really). I went shopping the other day and bought myself a new everyday bag that's big enough to carry around all my stuff to the library and my classes. It's from Accessorize and I really like it, even though it's black and I promised myself I would definitely not buy a black bag this time.


Notebooks: The small Moleskines are for my seminar notes and my dissertation. In 1st and 2nd year I had lots of lectures that required taking down pages and pages of notes, but now I only have seminars which don't really involve a lot of writing so small notebooks are much more practical. The big notepad is one I take with me to the library to scribble down notes, reference numbers for books, stuff I need to look up etc.

Filofax: I've had my Filofax (a raspberry Metropol Personal) for around a year now and I love it. Organisation and stationery are two of my favourite things so it pretty much couldn't get any better than this. Everything is colour coded which makes it easy to see when deadlines are and how long it will be before I'm allowed to go on a night out!

Pens: I always carry loads of pens around with me, even though I'm sure one or two would suffice. They must be black, however, as blue pens are the work of the devil. I always think things look much neater in black pen and if I have to write in blue pen for some reason it makes me feel all squirmy and horrible (just me?!)


Books: I always seem to be carting books back and forth between the library and my flat (currently have 14 checked out, supposed to be reading them right now, oh well). These are a couple that are in my bag just now that I've taken out to do some research for my dissertation. I'm actually really enjoying doing the reading for my dissertation at the moment but I'm pretty sure I won't be saying the same thing in April!

Electronics: I recently joined the modern world and upgraded to a smartphone, the HTC Wildfire S. APPS ARE AMAZING OMG. It's so good to be able to check Twitter or read your emails without a computer. My MP3 player is a Sony Walkman which my parents got me as a present after my last one died. Sometimes I think I'm the only person in the world who doesn't own an iPod. Anyone?

Water: I usually take some form of water or juice with me, and sometimes snacks too if I know I'm going to be out of the flat for a long time. I should probably invest in a reusable water flask, but at the moment I'm refilling this Isklar bottle. I really like the design of this bottle, mostly because it reminds me of the Finlandia vodka bottles - I'm such a lush haha!


Purse: My purse is from River Island and I really like it because of the gold art deco sort of pattern on it. It's really big which is useful as I never throw anything out and my purse is full of a strange selection of loyalty cards, receipts for electrical appliances and one pence pieces.

Keys: Pretty self-explanatory really, if I didn't take my keys out with me life would be rather difficult. My keyring is a little frog as they are one of my all-time top 5 favourite animals. Fun fact: the others include (in no particular order) wolves, otters, bats and meerkats.

Weather Defence: In Scotland it is definitely necessary to carry an umbrella and sunglasses with you at all times. When people say you can experience four seasons in one day here, they're really not lying. The Wayfarer style glasses are from ASOS and the umbrella is from Boots. I love bright and patterned umbrellas but the wind always destroys them so quickly I stick to whatever is the best combo of cheapness and sturdiness, which usually means black.


Makeup Bag: I always take a makeup bag with me where-ever I go even though I hardly ever need to use it, it's like a security blanket! I got this bag free with some No7 offer and it's the perfect size for daytime. I usually take with me some finishing powder and a brush, eyeliner, chapstick and whatever lipstick/gloss I'm wearing that day. I also take a mirror and a wee hairbrush in case of emergencies!

What's in your bag?

Gillian x

Outfit: Burnt Orange


Top: New Look
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins
Necklace: H&M
Belt: H&M

A post with jeans, what's going on?! I used to wear jeans all the time (Topshop Pippas, how good were they?) but for the last couple of years all I've worn is dresses and skirts. I've bought a few different blouses and shirts recently and decided I needed some jeans to wear them with so ventured into Topshop and came out with these Kristen high-waisted skinnies. They're surprisingly comfy as jeans go and I love the high-waistedness. Considering buying myself a pair of bright blue ones too!

I had a family meal out for my Grandad's birthday last week so I decided to wear my new jeans with this top from New Look to go to it. I love this burnt orange colour, it always reminds me of autumn - which is obvs the best season because of Halloween and my birthday! Speaking of Halloween, have any of you decided what you're going as yet? I want to start planning early, but I have no idea what to go as this year!

Do you prefer jeans or dresses, or a bit of both?

Gillian x

All That Glitters



Holla! I'm finally back after a pretty hectic August, and what better way to reintroduce myself than with these bad boys. I noticed them on the Schuh website whilst browsing and fell in love with them a little bit so when I was in town yesterday I went to find them in my local store.

I've been in a bit of a 'shoe rut' lately, I always tend to wear the same pair of black heels when I'm going out - they're comfy, go with everything and are easy to walk in. These shoes are none of those things haha. They are ridiculously high, but despite this I can actually walk in them (this may not be quite so true once tequila is involved!). My favourite going-out dresses are all black so a pair of bright shoes will help to make my outfits a bit more interesting. At the moment they're still quite uncomfortable but I've been wearing them in around the house so they don't mangle my feet too much the first time I wear them out. Wearing 6 inch heels to do the dishes is not something I do every day!

I'm like a magpie - I'm instantly attracted to anything shiny and glittery - so these shoes are right up my alley. I think they're on a fine line between tacky and amazing. Do you like statement shoes or do you prefer to keep them plain and let your clothes stand out instead?

P.S. if you're ordering some shoes from the Schuh website soon, enter 'GIMME15' at the checkout for an extra 15% all Schuch branded sale shoes. Excellent!

P.P.S. I just made a formspring account, so head over here if you want to ask me something!

Gillian x