The May Review


106-pola 155-pola 056-pola
1. Pink Lemonade 2.Flamingos at the zoo 3.Exhibit at the Camera Obscura

What I've Been Doing:
At the start of the month I had a few exams for university so I spent a lot of time studying for those. My last exam was on the 17th and since then I have done lots of celebrating and had plenty of nights out. Now that exams are finished, it's time to try and find a job for the summer. So far it's been pretty unsuccessful - applied for loads but haven't got anything. Reeeally need to get a job soon, as nice as it would be to be a lady of leisure, I really need to make some money!

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1. Edinburgh skyline 2. Me at the Camera Obscura 3. Butterfly World

Where I've Been Going:
Earlier in the month my friend Morag (check out her blog, Mo'adore) came to visit for a few days so we did lots of touristy things like visiting Edinburgh Zoo and the Camera Obscura. We also had a night out at a club followed by an afternoon of hungover shopping! I also went to Butterfly World with my flatmate this month, I remember going there when I was little so it was nice to go back again.
As well as some fun day trips, I've had plenty of nights out with my friends to celebrate the start of summer. Most of my friends from uni are going home/going travelling for the summer so it was nice to see them before they left.

002-pola 182-pola 028-pola
1. Chandelier at the Dragonfly cocktail bar 2. Me and Morag taking classy bathroom pictures 3. Terrapins at Butterfly World

What I've Been Buying:
I've actually been very good this month and hardly bought anything at all. I've just joined the gym so I'm going to try and keep that up and treat myself to some new clothes once/if I drop a dress size. I am mega lazy however, so I will probably give up after a couple of weeks haha!
If you have Twitter, you probably heard all about GlossyBox earlier this month. I didn't have time to do a review of the first box, but I will definitely make sure to do reviews of the next boxes.

113-pola 021-pola 039-pola
1. Squirrel Monkeys! 2. Chillin' in Butterfly World 3. Another butterfly

What I've Been Loving:
Being free from university for the next 4 months! Next year is my final year which means lots of hard work, dissertations and exams so I'm going to try and enjoy this summer as much as I can. I don't want to grow up and get a real job!
Also loving Sourz at the moment, check out my guest post for their blog!

What have you been up to this month?

Gillian x


  1. I'm struggling to find a summer job too... I think I might end up doing some volunteering and working a bit for my mum just to boost my CV even if I don't end up with a 'proper' job. I've also thought a bit about temping... if you join a work agency it's their job to find you a job!!

  2. Urgh finding a job is so tiresome. I've been avoiding looking properly in all honesty, things are getting a bit desperate now though! Good luck with your search x

  3. I really need to find a job, I am soon going to be an unemployed graduate :(

    Maria xxx

  4. summer jobs are hard to get theses days

  5. Adorable photos m'dear, good luck with the job hunt!

  6. Love all of your photos :)

    Good luck with the job hunt!

    Clare x

  7. pink lemonade is so much nicer than normal lemonade!

    i'm so not looking forward to the job hunt when summer is over x


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