Review: GlossyBox #2



I received the June GlossyBox last week and I've now had a chance to try out all the products so I thought it was time to write a review. I'm sure you'll have heard that a lot of people were disappointed with this month's box, but the company is still in its infancy so I think they need to be given a little bit of leeway!

OPI Designer Series Mini Nail Lacquer:
I've never tried any OPI products before so I was really looking forward to trying this out. I love the colour I was sent (which it doesn't actually tell you on the bottle, but after a little bit of searching I've discovered it's called 'Extravagance'). It's a gorgeous deep purple colour with flecks of glitter running through it. The polish applied really easily and hasn't chipped yet so I'm pretty impressed with it. I would definitely consider buying more OPI polishes in the future.

BioEffect EGF Serum:
This serum is supposed to stimulate the growth of new skin cells, hydrate and improve the appearance of your skin. I've never used a serum before so I will be interested to find out if it really works. I've only been using it for a couple of days so I haven't seen any difference yet, but I'm hoping it will improve the appearance of my skin.

Batiste Original Dry Shampoo:
This is the product that has created the most uproar amongst GlossyBox customers. This is not a 'high-end' product and is something that the majority of us probably already own. I do agree that it was a bit of a disappointment to receive something you can buy in Boots for less than £2, but I can understand why GlossyBox included it in this month's package. This box was summer themed and contained '5 summer essentials', and I would definitely say dry shampoo fits into this category. I think it would have been better if a higher-end brand had been used, or even just a new Batiste product - rather than something most of us use every week.

Lalique Perles de Lalique:
I'm running low on perfume at the moment so I was looking forward to trying something new. Unfortunately, I don't really like this scent. I reminds me of a mix between citronella bug spray and menthol mouth wash - eurgh! Perfume is a very individual thing though, so I'm sure there are many people who would completely disagree with me on this one. I love the design of the bottle however, and although I wouldn't buy this perfume I would be more inclined to check out other Lalique scents next time I'm shopping.

Mama Mio Omega Body Buff:
I must admit, I'm quite naughty and usually ignore skincare - but along with moisturiser, exfoliators are one of the few products I do actually use. I really like this one from Mama Mio as it's really gentle but leaves your skin feeling so soft. Sometimes the 'bits' in exfoliators can be too big and rough on your skin, but this one has tiny grains so it doesn't feel too harsh.

Overall, I'm not too disappointed with the June Glossybox. Yes, the Batiste dry shampoo was probably a bad idea, but everything else is high-end and something I've never tried before. The company has only been running for two months, so it's not surprising that there are a few hiccups in the early stages. One thing I'm not pleased about, however, is the fact that after September there will be an additional £2.95 postage charge. I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but when I signed up I was under the impression that there would be free postage forever - it's getting harder to justify spending this much each month when I'm on a student budget.

A new company, Boudoir Privé, has just emerged which looks like it might take over from GlossyBox. They offer 6 high-end samples for £10 per month, compared to GlossyBox offering 5 for £12.95. I'm going to stick with GlossyBox until September to see if there are any improvements, but I'm also signing up to Boudoir Privé to find out more about what they offer. The full site will be launched in July so make sure to sign up now to receive 'priority access'.

What did you think of the June GlossyBox? Do you think companies like these are a good idea or a waste of money?

Gillian x

Outfit: Flowers in the Window


Dress: H&M
Belt: Primark
Shoes New Look
Ring: Topshop

Another recent going-out outfit which I wore for a night out with my friends. Looking back at how many going-out outfit posts I've blogged about compared to casual outfits, I've come to the conclusion that I go out far too much! When I'm shopping I'm always attracted to shiny things, tight dresses, sequins and high heels. I hardly ever buy anything sensible!

I have a love/hate relationship with bodycon dresses. Sometimes I think they look really flattering on me and other times I think they look awful. Do you have a dress that you put on and sometimes feel really confident in, but other times hate it and immediately take it off and swap it for something else? This is definitely one of those dresses for me. I'm loving it at the moment though, the floral print isn't to girly so is right up my street (although the way it's printed, it makes my boobs look a bit squint in these photos!).

I wouldn't necessarily wear these rings together, or with this dress, but they were lying around when I was taking outfit photos so I thought I would put them on anyway as they're two of my favourites at the moment. The big gold one is from Topshop and looks great as a bit of a statement piece with a plain black dress. The small one is a mood ring! I remember having loads of these when I was younger, I always used to buy them in gift shops for some reason?! I got this one for £1 in a shop that smelt of insence and sold lots of gemstones and crystals. According to the card that came with it, I was feeling 'cool' when these photos were taken!

Do you like bodycon dresses? What's your favourite type of going-out outfit?

P.S. I'm having a wardrobe clear-out and selling some stuff on ebay. There's lots already up and I will be adding more so have a look here and grab yourself a bargain!

Gillian x

Outfit: This is Bat Country


Top: Vintage
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: New Look
Belt: Primark

I love the '80s. It's my favourite decade fashion-wise, music-wise, everything-wise. A couple of years ago my grandma was clearing out some stuff and gave me this gorgeous batwing top she had bought in the '80s. It's a perfect mix of gold glitter and semi-sheer black fabric, and there's a vague hint of tiger-print too. I love the batwing sleeves, it's just perfect! The label says it's a size 'small' so I thought there was no way it would fit me, but surprisingly it does. It's really short though, so I can only wear it with high-waisted things. I wish my mum and grandma had kept more of their clothes from decades past as it would save me lots of time and money having to hunt around for vintage stuff!

The skirt is from H&M and is one of my staple wardrobe pieces. It cost a grand total of £3.99 so of course I had to snap it up in about 4 different colours. I've had this skirt for nearly 2 years now and it's still going strong, who said cheap meant bad quality?! As the top is quite baggy/oversized I think it looks good with a bodycon skirt and a big chunky belt to cinch in my waist. I think it would also look good with a maxi skirt too, but sadly I don't own one yet. I recently bought my first maxi dress and I love it, a maxi skirt is definitely next on my list!

Gillian x

The May Review


106-pola 155-pola 056-pola
1. Pink Lemonade 2.Flamingos at the zoo 3.Exhibit at the Camera Obscura

What I've Been Doing:
At the start of the month I had a few exams for university so I spent a lot of time studying for those. My last exam was on the 17th and since then I have done lots of celebrating and had plenty of nights out. Now that exams are finished, it's time to try and find a job for the summer. So far it's been pretty unsuccessful - applied for loads but haven't got anything. Reeeally need to get a job soon, as nice as it would be to be a lady of leisure, I really need to make some money!

050-pola 014-pola 047-pola
1. Edinburgh skyline 2. Me at the Camera Obscura 3. Butterfly World

Where I've Been Going:
Earlier in the month my friend Morag (check out her blog, Mo'adore) came to visit for a few days so we did lots of touristy things like visiting Edinburgh Zoo and the Camera Obscura. We also had a night out at a club followed by an afternoon of hungover shopping! I also went to Butterfly World with my flatmate this month, I remember going there when I was little so it was nice to go back again.
As well as some fun day trips, I've had plenty of nights out with my friends to celebrate the start of summer. Most of my friends from uni are going home/going travelling for the summer so it was nice to see them before they left.

002-pola 182-pola 028-pola
1. Chandelier at the Dragonfly cocktail bar 2. Me and Morag taking classy bathroom pictures 3. Terrapins at Butterfly World

What I've Been Buying:
I've actually been very good this month and hardly bought anything at all. I've just joined the gym so I'm going to try and keep that up and treat myself to some new clothes once/if I drop a dress size. I am mega lazy however, so I will probably give up after a couple of weeks haha!
If you have Twitter, you probably heard all about GlossyBox earlier this month. I didn't have time to do a review of the first box, but I will definitely make sure to do reviews of the next boxes.

113-pola 021-pola 039-pola
1. Squirrel Monkeys! 2. Chillin' in Butterfly World 3. Another butterfly

What I've Been Loving:
Being free from university for the next 4 months! Next year is my final year which means lots of hard work, dissertations and exams so I'm going to try and enjoy this summer as much as I can. I don't want to grow up and get a real job!
Also loving Sourz at the moment, check out my guest post for their blog!

What have you been up to this month?

Gillian x