Outfit: Calling All Skeletons


Dress: ASOS
Shoes: New Look
Necklace: Topshop

A couple of weeks ago I ordered some things from ASOS and this dress was one of the things I got. I haven’t actually worn it out yet as I’m not sure if I really like it, but here’s a potential outfit I’ve put together. That’s the main thing I hate about online shopping, things never look quite how you expected them to once you see them in the flesh. So I need some advice – how would you wear this dress?

I would normally wear black tights with a dress this length but I wasn’t sure whether black tights with a white dress would look a bit too much like I was in some kind of fancy dress. Likewise with a belt – I generally don’t like going belt-less but I didn’t want to go for a black one, maybe a brown belt would look better?

White and gold are always a good combination, so I’ve gone for some summery gladiator sandal style heels from New Look. They look dangerously high (and they are) but are surprisingly quite comfy to wear because of the big platform and lots of buckles to keep your feet strapped in. I originally bought these shoes to wear on a toga party themed night out, but I’ve actually worn them quite a lot since as they look great with skinny jeans.

My favourite part of this outfit is definitely the skeleton necklace. I quite often walk round Topshop and find nothing I particularly want to buy in the clothes section, but there’s always some jewellery I love! This necklace is great addition to a plain outfit to jazz it up a bit. I like the fact that it’s a bit of a statement piece, but it’s still delicate and not too in-your-face.

I wanted to branch out from my usual colour palette and try something lighter for the summer, but now I’m not sure. How do you wear white dresses? Is it better to keep it plain or do you like to accessorise with bold colours?

Gillian x


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  • That necklace is so amazing I neeed it ! I know what you mean about white dresses aswell , maybe some coloured or patterned tights or something ? xx

  • GEMBEAR says:

    i really like the dress it looks lovely on you.

    you could wear black tights with that, i would.

    not a fan of those heels with it though, you need something more dainty – classic.


  • rose petals says:

    This outfit looks gorgeous on you I don't think you don't need to change a thing 🙂
    That necklace is really cool although skeletons do freak me out X

  • Natalie says:

    I love the necklace xo

  • Katie says:

    You look gorgeous, that dress is so nice! When I wear white dresses, I usually pair them with coloured tights, like a plum or even a grey. Then I add a matching cardigan too 🙂 xoxo

  • Jen says:

    The dress you linked would look cute with some knee socks and heels!
    Or a denim / leather jacket and sandals during the day :)) xx

  • Daisy says:

    Alkaline trio?

    I absolutely adore that dress on you, I love the fit and style of it! I feel like I'm too pale to wear those kinds of colours but looks lovely on you 🙂 xxx

  • It looks so great on you! I love the heels – the strapping/colour reminds me of bones and work so well with the necklace.

    Think of all the colours you can pair with the dress too – yellow, coral, teal, red – list is endless really! so definitely a keeper. x

  • kate louise. says:

    Eeeek, Trio Lyric! Love you for that! 😀

    & I'd definitely wear black tights with a white dress! x x

  • Nice oufit, love the dress and heels. Oh and how cool is that skeleton necklace!

  • OMG I have almost the same shoes – from New Look too! I'm wearing them in one of the recent posts (WIWT: Bitten by SJP). Mine are wedges. Obviously, you have great style! 🙂

    Thank you visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment – means a lot to me! 🙂 X


  • Alyse says:

    I don't think you need anything extra on the dress. You could pop on a bright scarf or sash around the middle for a bit of color, but I think the creamy lightness of it makes it perfect and simple for summer. I think a pair of casual sandals would go great with that dress.

  • Caroline says:

    i think its a great looking dress. i would just wear it with some black tights & heels. sometimes simplicity is best, i really like how you've styled it! i want the skeleton necklace!! xx

  • Joan says:

    the dress is beautiful!

  • Rachael says:

    That dress is lush – mine you be so dangerous a colour for me!

  • aimeee says:

    its a lovely dress and the cut is perfect 🙂
    i would probably wear this with a blazer or a coloured cardi if it was a little cold out? and perhaps a thin coloured belt to match them. like add a splash of colour to it 🙂 but then i guess its 'summer' soon so perhaps do a bit of colour blocking on the dress with your accessories? although a monochrome look with some accessories would look good too 🙂

    i wear black tights a lot with white. i hate my legs and they would probably clash with the white dress they're so pale! if your not keen on wearing black tights, maybe get some less denier ones with a pattern on? but something simple like spots?

    hope that helps xx

  • Laura says:

    you look great 🙂 this is a gorgeous dress! i agree with you that if you were to wear a belt, a brown one would look good, but i think it looks great like this too!
    also really love the shoes, i think new look are great for shoes 🙂 x

  • daisychain says:

    I LOVE that dress. I'd trash it in seconds with either coffee or food, but damn it is gorgeous

  • The dress looks stunning 🙂 You have such a lovely figure I wish I had pft! xx

  • shannanj says:

    lovely light dress

  • Maria says:

    I LOVE that dress you always look so nice! I like it with the gold but I like pairing white with bright blues or red too, I think it can look really nice 🙂

    Maria xxx

  • you look really lovely xo

  • Hayley says:

    I'd love to wear a white dress like that, but I'm so clumsy, I'd drop Ribena or something equally stainy down it within a few hours!

  • Hannah says:

    this is such a great outfit, the dress and shoes look lovely together but I too LOVE that necklace the most, it's amazing

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  • Angel Garcia says:

    Love the cage heels.. Ha, I agree too. That necklace just completes the outfit.. So unexpected too. I want one now..

    All the best, Angel

  • Kirsty says:

    Beautiful! I'll be honest, I never wear white but I might just start now! xx

  • Love the simplicity of this dress. Very classy x

  • this dress is beeeautiful on.

    Helen, X

  • The dress is beautiful, it suits you a lot. And I love the necklace. You have good taste in jewellery! 🙂 x

  • Feeona says:

    That necklace is so sweet! The dress looks lovely on you also, I wouldn't change it much from what you already have- simple, yet so chic! (-:

  • M & Em says:

    You are so BEAUTIFUL. I adore that dress; if I owned it, I think I would wear it entirely too much. It's perfect. And that skeleton necklace is just AMAZING. It adds some edge to the outfit.


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