Outfit: Denim & Dancing



I have been wanting a denim jacket for the longest time, but could never seem to find one that suited me. I don't usually wear short/cropped jackets because they tend to make me look boxy, oh the trials and tribulations of having big boobs and big hips! But I saw this one in New Look a couple of weeks ago and decided I quite liked it. I think the fact that it's sleeveless helps to break the colour up a bit and make it look a little less box-like. I'm still on the lookout for something similar but with sleeves, anyone bought a nice new denim jacket recently?


I wore this outfit yesterday to go to a revision seminar at university in the afternoon, then to the pub in the evening. One or two pints inevitably turned into four or five, which then resulted in the urge to dance so my friends and I ended up going out to a nearby club. The best nights out are always the ones you don't even plan!

The dress is from New Look, which I bought last year. I love this dress as it's perfect for dressing up as well as dressing down, but it's starting to look a bit worse for wear so I'm on the hunt for a new one. It seems black jersey skater dresses are much more difficult to find than you would think!


The necklace is another recent purchase, and it is my favourite piece of jewellery at the moment. I'm loving turquoise accessories just now, a nice ring is next on my wishlist! The claw necklace is from Topshop, as is the ring I wore with this outfit.



The Rocket Dog boots were bought in the Office sale a few weeks ago to replace my dying New Look ones. They lasted me all winter but are in the bin now as the soles were becoming detached. Not very useful when trying to walk! These boots were originally £70 and reduced to £45, but when I got home and checked the receipt I actually only paid £35 for them. Score!

Gillian x


  1. i actually think this outfits adorable. very sweet...looks like would work well with the transition from day to night. i'm dying for a denim waistcoat. swoon.
    also that necklace is brilliant x

  2. I love that necklace so much, I wish we had a Topshop here I hate waiting for online orders.

    I'm not following your blog, would love if you could check mine out
    xx Katelyn

  3. Love the jacket with the black dress and boots! And your jewellery is so pretty. Definitely agree about some of the best nights being the spontaneous ones :) xx

  4. Oh that necklace is lovely! thank you for your comment on my blog!

    Annah xx


  5. I loved unplanned nights out like that, they're always the most fun!

    Your outfit looks great, I love the jacket. I got a perfect vintage Levis denim jacket off eBay recently for only £5, I'd definitely recommend a browse on there if you're still searching!

  6. sounds like a great night and i absolutely love your denim waistcoat. i live in my denim jacket all summer! x

  7. ee i love this outfit and ive been after that necklace for ages! but my topshop doesnt have it anymore :( xx

  8. denim and darling! Love your jewellery.

    Helen, X

  9. I love this outfit! I usually hate those denim waistcoats but I think you pull it off nicely :) xo


  10. really cute and wow those jewellery are gorgeous x


  11. you look so beautiful :) You have such a nice figure.You dress very nice :)


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