The April Review


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1. UV bubbles on a night out. 2. Cherry blossoms on the Meadows. 3. My goldfish, Bryan.

I thought I would start a new feature on the blog - a monthly round up of what I've been up to, with lots of pictures! (As always, click any picture to view it bigger). So here's what's been going on in April...

What I've Been Doing:
Not an awful lot, really! Started up the blog again, which I'm loving. I really missed posting stuff and being part of the blogging ~community~. I felt I was a bit behind the times so I finally joined twitter (I'm @elevatormusik if you would like to follow me) to keep up with everyone.
Apart from that I have mostly been studying, or at least pretending to! I've had two exams so far and there's three more to go. The last one is on May 17th, I can't wait to be done!

005-pola 010-pola 014-pola
1. Fairy lights round my bed. 2. Lots and lots of revision. 3. Blue skies.

Where I've Been Going:
Sadly, because of revision, I haven't had the time for any adventures so I've pretty much just been going between my flat and the library and back again! I have managed to have a couple of nights out with my friends and a few trips to the student union bar at Teviot. I've also gone for some munch at Illegal Jack's, their burritos are amazing!
Earlier in the month it was my friends' 21st birthday so I got the train through for their party. They are triplets so there were sooo many people at the party, it was great. I did lots of dancing and got tucked into the delicious buffet before going back to their house for a massive sleepover, it was braw! ♥

007-pola 017-pola01 082-pola
1. New CDs from Fopp. 2. The Library Bar in Teviot. 3. Sunglasses weather!

What I've Been Buying:
Got a couple of dresses delivered from the ASOS sale the other day, one which I love (but is mega see-through, will need to invest in an old lady slip from M&S!) and the other which I'm not sure about yet. I'm sure one or both will be featured in an oufit post soon!
I also went shopping to Fopp to buy actual CDs. Remember those disc things? Before iTunes was invented? Yes! It's been years since I just had a browse of the CD racks and I was loving it, felt like I was 15 again when buying music was much more important than clothes! I've been listening to a lot of Mogwai recently, it's great for studying because most of the songs don't have words so I can't get distracted and sing along haha. This is one of my favourite songs just now.

078-pola 003-pola01 003-pola
1. Dancefloor in Cav. 2. Bryan again. He's named after Bryan Adams! 3. PomWonderful juice.

What I've Been Loving:
The weather! It's so nice to be able to go outside without a jacket. Although, I am a true Scottish girl and the second it gets over 25 degrees I think I'm going to die and have to go sit in the shade for fear of burning to a crisp. I'm loving the weather at the moment though, it's the perfect balance of nice and sunny without being too hot.
I'm also liking the fact Desperate Housewives is back on the TV, it's one of my favourites and I'm going to be so sad when it finishes. Can't believe I've been watching it for 7 years!

What have you been up to this month?

Gillian x

Outfit: Back in Black



Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Belt: ASOS
Shoes: New Look

If I could get away with it, I would wear outfits like this at every given opportunity. I much prefer dressing for night time than day time. I'm rubbish at putting together casual outfits that still look stylish - I wish I was one of those girls who could wear a plain white tshirt and jeans and still look amazingly chic, but alas I am not!

This is my favourite dress at the moment. It has pockets, what more could you want from a dress! These photos don't show it very well (the first one especially is really rubbish quality, sorry pals!) but it has a lovely draped front with pleats going from the shoulder to the waist. (It's this one but in black). They had the same dress in a few different colours and patterns when I bought this from Dorothy Perkins a couple of months ago. I wish I had stocked up because I looove this dress and wear it so much. There was a bright purple version I had my eye on, but can't find it anywhere, boo!

I usually wear big waist-cinching belts, but I think this skinny leopard print one from ASOS works really well with this dress. These are my favourite dancing shoes just now as you can probably tell from all the scuff marks on them! New Look heels are my favourite, I very rarely have a pair from there that hurt my feet. As this outfit is quite plain and I'm not wearing any statement jewellery, I have 'accessorised' with my favourite red lipstick, my faithful Barry M lip paint.

I've got two exams for uni this week so I will be a busy bee doing lots of last minute revision. And also lots of procrastinating. Perfect time to tidy my room, perhaps?

Gillian x

Weekend Wishlist


1. Red Lace Babydoll Dress 2. Tortoise Retro Sunglasses 3. Kristen High Waisted Skinny Jeans 4. Navy Linen Belted Dress 5. Cream Chelsea Girl Waisted Dress 6. Turquoise Stone Snake Ring 7. Angel Wing Ring 8. Winter White Platform Court

Just a quick post today as it's glorious sunshine here so I'm off outside in a bit armed with my notes and some highlighters to (hopefully!) do some revision for next week's exams.

I have got more than enough lace dresses but I love this red one from Dorothy Perkins, and the cream one from River Island would be perfect for lounging about in the sunshine with the tortoiseshell wayfarers. I need a pair of nude heels in my life as all of my going-out shoes are black, these ones from New Look are gorgeous. I also need a new pair of jeans and I love these Topshop high waisted skinnies. I'm a huge fan of the '50s style dresses that are around on the high street at the moment. Unfortunately this season's '70s trend really doesn't suit my figure, but the fitted '50s sundresses like this Dorothy Perkins one do! Rings are my favourite type of jewellery and this week I've got my eye on two more to add to my collection. I love the snake one, will be buying that ASAP!

What are you lusting after this week? I definitely need to stock up on some new summery clothes for this very unseasonal weather!

Gillian x

Outfit: Denim & Dancing



I have been wanting a denim jacket for the longest time, but could never seem to find one that suited me. I don't usually wear short/cropped jackets because they tend to make me look boxy, oh the trials and tribulations of having big boobs and big hips! But I saw this one in New Look a couple of weeks ago and decided I quite liked it. I think the fact that it's sleeveless helps to break the colour up a bit and make it look a little less box-like. I'm still on the lookout for something similar but with sleeves, anyone bought a nice new denim jacket recently?


I wore this outfit yesterday to go to a revision seminar at university in the afternoon, then to the pub in the evening. One or two pints inevitably turned into four or five, which then resulted in the urge to dance so my friends and I ended up going out to a nearby club. The best nights out are always the ones you don't even plan!

The dress is from New Look, which I bought last year. I love this dress as it's perfect for dressing up as well as dressing down, but it's starting to look a bit worse for wear so I'm on the hunt for a new one. It seems black jersey skater dresses are much more difficult to find than you would think!


The necklace is another recent purchase, and it is my favourite piece of jewellery at the moment. I'm loving turquoise accessories just now, a nice ring is next on my wishlist! The claw necklace is from Topshop, as is the ring I wore with this outfit.



The Rocket Dog boots were bought in the Office sale a few weeks ago to replace my dying New Look ones. They lasted me all winter but are in the bin now as the soles were becoming detached. Not very useful when trying to walk! These boots were originally £70 and reduced to £45, but when I got home and checked the receipt I actually only paid £35 for them. Score!

Gillian x

Outfit: I'M BAAAACK!!


Hello everyone! Sorry for being a terrible blogger and disappearing for months with no notice! When people say third year at university is a lot more busy and stressful than second year, they're not lying. Unfortunately I got lazy with setting aside time to blog and never quite got round to posting anything new. But never fear, I'm back! I missed blogging too much to abandon it completely, and I've been keeping up with lots of your blogs while I've been away so hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things pretty quickly. Any good new blogs you think I should check out?

Anyway, enough of that. Let's get straight to an outfit!


It was my friends' (they are triplets! and also the loveliest people ever ♥) 21st birthday this weekend, and this is what I wore to their party.


The dress is from Zara, and is in fact my first ever purchase from there. I never usually go to Zara but as I was walking past I noticed this dress beside the door and had to go in and buy it! I don't usually wear a lot of red but I probably should because I think it suits my pale skin and dark hair combo!


Sorry for the rather myspacey photo haha. I'm never sure how to take photos of rings without my hands looking mental, someone help?! The rings and silver hoop earrings are all from H&M. I've got a thing for these kind of big rings at the moment, not sure what to call them but I love them.



The belt and shoes are both from New Look. I forgot to take a close up of the shoes but they are my favourite going out shoes just now (comfy and also easy to walk in, HEAVENLY!) so they will no doubt be making another appearance soon!

Thank you to everyone who is still following the blog, hopefully you won't have forgotten me! I promise not to be naughty and disappear again haha. I've decided to enter the big bad world of Twitter, so I'd love to have some new friends to chat to on there, it's looking rather lonely at the moment! Find me @elevatormusik.

Gillian x